Mod of The Month: First Seed

Mod of The Month: First Seed


Apologies, March has been hectic and I did not find the time to make a weekly post, so instead, you get all 4 mods of the month at once.

You're getting them in order of publication, so there is no actual ranking.

Mod 1: Sunflowers in Morrowind - For Ukraine by AliceL93

This mod adds Sunflowers (with their ingredient and Graphic Herbalism meshes) to the Ascadian Isles.

In addition to looking pretty, the Nexus DP (donation points) are sent to charity to help the people of Ukraine.

For more information, there is this article here.

Mod 2: Baar Dau - Ministry of Truth by Nwahs and Mushrooms Team

This mod overhauls Baar Dau, the moon floating above Vivec. It now has a new interior and exterior, it's inhabited by the usual npcs and some animated npcs for added immersion. If you are familiar with Nwahs and Mushrooms Team's work, you know to expect quality.

Mod 3: Companion Friendly Lava by AlandroSul

A must-have if you like to roam Vvardenfell with a companion, and/or, you have the patience to do escort quests. With this mod, lava won't hurt your companions, since they are normally too dumb to not walk on it. Warning, you, on the other hand, still die :)

Mod 4: Improved Spriggans by Lamb Shark

Another pretty replacer by Lamb Shark: looks great and fits with the vanilla aesthetics. I recommend you also check his Vivec, Azura, Almalexia, and races replacers.