The Third Annual Morrowind Writing Competition

The Third Annual Morrowind Writing Competition

Just like last year, the Morrowind Writing Competition will be organized by AliceL93 in 2024 as well. From the 5th of February, 2024 until the 12th of February, 2024, you can submit one or more pieces of literature about Morrowind in the #submissions channel of the Morrowind Writers' Guild server with the chance to win tangible prizes. The competition will start and end on the indicated days, at 00:00, according to UTC. (Coordinated Universal Time.)

Any written work, in any genre, such as fan fiction or essay will be accepted for this competition.

This year mods that include writing will NOT be accepted, because there are several modding competitions, and this time we want to give spotlight to literature instead.

Why should I participate?

Just by participating, you might gain an audience for your writing, along with feedback from the members of the server.

In addition to which, the author of the writing that gains the first place will win a gift card with the value of 10 USD that can be spent at several popular brands, such as Amazon, Disney, eBay.

The winner will also win the “Champion of Writing” vanity role in the server.

The rules of the competition:

If you have something grandiose planned and really need extra time, you can start working on your piece of literature before the 5th of February, but it must be published during the indicated time period to be considered for this competition.

Every writing that you submit must be in English. Works submitted in any dialect of modern English are acceptable.

Since we have a limited capacity to read and give feedback on writings, this time we introduce a word limit of 3000 words. However, for longer projects, such as novels and plays, the submission of an excerpt instead of the whole work is totally acceptable.

Works submitted must be about Morrowind and they absolutely should be, at the very least in part, some kind of a written work.

There are no restrictions concerning the theme (as long as it fits the broader theme of Morrowind). We believe that one of the most important functions of art is self-expression. Works exploring sexuality, trauma, grief, violence or other sensitive topics are okay, but the usage of content warnings before posting is highly recommended.

Your work can be published on any platform that is NOT a site of a deep web, as long as you provide a link in the ⁠#submissions  channel for us to access it. We recommend using AO3, but any site on the surface web is fine.

For anything that you submit, plagiarism is forbidden: your writing must absolutely be your own, original work.

However, since there is no way to catch anyone who would cheat with ChatGPT at this point, its usage for the sake of this competition is tolerated, but not endorsed. Just try to use it for brainstorming and inspiration instead of making it write the whole thing, okay?

The winners will be based on the vox populi: members of the server will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece of literature once the competition ends.

Since it’s a competition organized by only one person, only members of the server can participate, by submitting their work in the #submissions channel. If you wish to join our server, please click here.

How about a completely optional theme, just to get us inspired?

Okay. Tribunal Temple. A story about the heroism of the Tribunal? The personal story of a priest, an Ordinator or a Buoyant Armiger? A writing exploring the theology and the politics of the organization? It’s up to you, your possibilities are endless with this theme! But note that this theme is completely optional, for the sake of those who don’t have any ideas.