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About me

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My name is Aurelie, I am French.

IRL, I teach French, a job I love. Languages are fascinating once you get to know them :3
My hobbies clearly include playing video games, I started playing with my brothers on a SEGA MasterSystem and my world tipped over when we got our hands on Phantasy Star and Ultima IV in a garage sale. This is where I learnt the games with RPG in their description was my thing.
A few year later, we got a second-hand Amiga 500 with a shoe box full of floppy disks, whereupon a second revolution happened: Dune. From the game to the books, I learnt that a book with sc-fi on its cover was my thing.
Fast-forward to the dial-up Internet era and the discovery of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Blessed are the years when I played Morrowind, oblivious to the fact that mods existed!
You guessed it, the whole modding scene was the third revolution with the discovery of Planet Elder Scrolls.
The final revolution happened a couple of years ago, when my boyfriend suggested streaming, the rest is, well not quite history but you get the idea :)

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