Danae's Awesome Incremental Modlist

Danae's Awesome Incremental Modlist

After making countless Morrowind installs, and creating a bunch of modlist, I am trying to make a more or less definitive modlist with detailed installation instructions.

The list is made to be incremental: you can stop at various points depending on how you want to play the game.

You can find the guide HERE

Level 1: Vanilla (DONE)

As Todd intended...

Minus major bugs

Plus distant land and shaders

Level 2: Vanilla+ (DONE)

Optimized HD vanilla-like graphics

Grass & vegetation

Must-have bug fixes and QoL mods

A whole new continent to explore.

Increased replayability

Level 3: Vanilla++ (DONE)

Tons of graphic improvements focusing on making Morrowind more dynamic.

Soundscape improvement

UI mods

Level 4: Realism, balance and gameplay mods (WIP)

  • chargen mods (Done)

Level 5: new content (TBA)