Let's Play: Diablo 2 medianXL

Let's Play: Diablo 2 medianXL

The story

Diablo 2 is one of these games that I feel like playing (again) every once in a while.(like Civilization and Dungeon of the Endless )
The last time that happened, I was in a let's play frenzy (it was brand new and I actually had some free time) so I naturally recorded my progress.
The Diablo 2 let's play met the same fate as Pillars of Eternity: I couldn't keep up the pace (work) and recording was starting to feel like a chore.
Rule numnber one of let's play: you gotta have fun, otherwise there is no chance your viewers ever will.
Only closely followed by rule number 2 : don't let your viewers hanging, if you start it, finish it!
I have been wanting to get into this let's play but there are a couple of obstacles: 1/the game is modded and install on my old laptop, getting it to run on my desktop is feasable but annoying 2/I don't remember where I was at, what i was planning, why on earth was I keeping this armour? Which runes did I want to use...?
I'm not saying never because I hate unfinished business, but Diablo 2 is resultely on the back burner for now.
Please notice the amazing thumbnail: Aurel spent a lot of time recreating the diablo font for this one.

The let's play

Full playlist here

I fancied playing a bit of Diablo2 ~ Here is a link to MedianXL, this mod adds tons of content: new skills, mobs, items, recipes, quests... http://forum.median-xl.com/