Let’s Play: Pillars of Eternity

Let’s Play: Pillars of Eternity

The story

As we moved to London, I found myself with quite a bit of time until my timetable got filled with classes. As a result, I had more gaming time and since I was having such a good time with Morrowind, I decided that recording Pillars of Eternity was a great idea (also, it made me feel like I was a bit more productive, I think). Being a long time fan of Baldur's Gate, I knew I was going to love PoE, not to mention there is an exciting class to play akin to the bard: the chanter.

Pillars is everything I hoped it was, the dialogues are beautifully written and often witty, the story is good and the companions fun. Why then is the let's play incomplete? Because I started way too many let's plays at once (I was releasing one hour episodes everyday) and as soon as work picked up, I couldn't keep up. Naturally, I want to return to Pillars of Eternity, but that will have to wait as all of my gaming time is livestreaming, and most livestreams are Elder Scrolls...

The videos

You can find the whole playlist on YouTube.