Companion Mods

Companion Mods

If you are looking for a pet companion, look this way.

Trust me, you will want some of these mods from my Companion Management Mod list.

Mods in alphabetical order. I am using a bunch of tags to help you spot the highlights of each mod.

A Lord's Men by Lord Gildor

#BlastFrom ThePast #MoreThanOne

You can hire a variety of npcs for a price. These npcs cover many different classes going from maid to guard and they will follow you and stay at your home. There are also 4 proper companions (heroes) that you can hire.

A Lord's Men is the mod I used before making my own Staff Agency: I was very disappointed that my fisherman had a fishing pole in his inventory, that I couldn't see the pole unless I specifically looked into the inventory, and of course, that my fisherman had no fish for me. Read on to find out if Staff Agency is a better option for your game (or not!)

Arvesa - An Armigers Tale by Orion

#quest #writing #personality #beta

Arvesa is still being developed but she's already one of the most complete companions available in terms of features and dialogues. She has a whole story with her own quests and she has a lot to say especially regarding the main quest.

Ashlander Huntress by Stripes

#features #unique #home #mwse

Yara does not have much in the way of dialogue and chatter. However, she comes with the classic companion features (warp, levitate, etc). Yara has a yurt.

She has 3 unique features that are really cool:

  • Yara will pick up plants as she walks past them. The Ashlanders are a nomadic tribe, after all, foraging while walking is probably second nature to the women.
  • Yara knows Ashlander recipes to make simple brews Healing, Light and levitation potions if you have the ingredients.
  • Yara will cast a restore fatigue spell on you when combat start

Yara uses standard Morrowind face and hair so she will use whatever face replacer you have (if any).

Belial – A Dismal Daedric Companion by HangHimHigher

#personality #quests #writing

Let me tell you right away what the problem is with Belial: there's not enough! Belial is great to have around, of course, he will fight for you, but mostly, his unique (depressed) personality and quality dialogue are what sold me on this companion. Belial has a custom race.

Blade Quest: prophecy of the Lost Heir by Emma

#MoreThanOne #quests #BlastFromThePast

A large quest mod takes place after the main quest. Janicia will accompany you during (and after the quests, there are also more Blade agents you can recruit. All companions have standard features and a fair bit of dialogue.

Blim-Dim Getting an Upgrade by ThatDwemerGuy

#personality #quests #home

Blim-Dim is rather insolent, some would say obnoxious but he certainly has personality! He is based on a character created by TheDrunkenMudcrab, Blim-Dim's adventure span many decades and continent. You can watch his adventures here. There is a quest to make Blim-Dim a better companion and he has a shack in Seyda Neen. Blim-Dim has a custom face.

Boyfriend, Imperial by Emma

#BlastFromThePast #home

This companion is not entirely balanced. Indiana James is strong, has an Ebony Sword and a full suit of Ebony armour. You can pretty much sit back and let him do the fighting, especially at lower levels.

That being said, he had at the time so many features: you could borrow money from him, he'd give you a hammer and he also had quite a bit of dialogue (some of it quite corny).

I still use this mod from time to time, especially if I want to role-play a character who's not a fighter, like a healer, a poet, etc.

Comes-By-Road by Melian

#features #unique #BlastFromThePast

Comes-By-Road is a unique companion: he has a unique face but more importantly, he is a healer, an actual smart healer. As long as he has Magicka, he will keep you healthy. Better still, you can ask Comes-By-Road to watch over your whole party. Don't ask him to fight though, that's just not his strong suit.

CM Partners 2.9 by Cutthroat Mods

#MoreThanOne #features #unique #BlastFromThePast

CM Partners is a large mod that adds more than a hundred companions. Clearly, those companions are not going to have much personality and they all share the same topics (follow, etc).

Each of them however has a journal giving them a bit of a back story.

When you first meet a potential companion, you must first earn their friendship (through dialogue), then their Companionship, and if you get along really well their partnership. Depending on your current relationship, you can ask your companion to chat with you, dance for you, kiss you or make love to you (simple fade in and fade out + sound effects)

NPCs will join you only if they like you, if your level is at least equal to theirs and if you share the same alignment. The alignment system is inspired by DnD, and simply put, if your alignments are too different, the NPC will not join you.

In addition, Partners comes in 3 different types: magic, stealth and combat. As they level up, they will gain new abilities based on their type

Speaking of levelling, it is handled differently than other mods: when you are 2 levels above your companion, you can agree to train them. They will then gain a level every 24 hours until they reach your level.

CM Partners also comes with a cantina on the Bitter Coast with pirates, skooma, wrenches (that you can pay for the night) and skooma.

All the companions have their unique heads, usually from the mod Better heads.

Finally, it is relatively to create your own companion using CM Partners, just create your npcs, give them the partner faction and script et voila.

I have used CM Partners for a very long time, until I decided to make my own mod, taking what I felt were the best features. Read on to find out about Friends and Foes

Dance of the Three-Legged Guar by Kateri and Princess Stomper

#quest #personality #house #MoreThanOne #writing #beta #BlastFromThePast

Two big names of the Morrowind community. Princess Stomper gave us many house mods, always crafted with taste, while Kateri is the author of the most popular companion ever: Julan. The two ladies teamed up to give us a large quest mod, with fun characters and funny situations. The main companion is Arnand, but you can also team up (and romance) his sister.

The mod is still and forever in beta, but Arnand is fully playable as are the quests.

Arnand is available as a standalone companion without quests.

Drow Companion Xarinia by Baratheon79

A standard companion with an unusual rare. You will need the Drow race mod as well for this to work

Elisamsi Follower by AliceL93

#personality #writing

An ordinator companion with a back story and quite a lot to say, especially about the Temple questline and religious matters. Standard companion features and quality dialogues, as expected of Alice.

Fligg's Slave Mod by Fliggerty

#BlastFromThePast #unique

Much like the more recent Live Free mod (below), Fligg's Slave mod lets you clam slaves as long as you have the key, but it also lets you sell slaves to the Slavers found in the game in Suran, Sadrith Mora and Tel Arhun.

Slaves have Grumpy's script, and as such, they will follow, fight, level up, etc.

Friends and Foes by me!

#MoreThanOne #features #unique #house

This is my vision of Cm Partners, Starfire's NPC, The Hostiles and MCA with some extra bits on top.

I will focus only on the Companion add-on only to remain in the scope of this article. There are some 30+ creature companions that you may encounter in the appropriate regions/cells as well.


I kept the companions and their journals but fixed the scripts (especially the abilities they get). The friendship/companionship and partnerships dialogues only have minor tweaks. I changed the heads back to vanilla and made the companions move about.


I kept the companions and preserved their unique heads if they had one. I switched to CM Partners scripts so that companions can now level up and have a speciality. I removed their OP gear such as Daedric and Ebony. I preserved the „meet me in“ and „need anything“ from an older MCA 7.0 which I liked (and gave those topics to CM Partners).

New things

A number of companions have a minor feature: they might refuse to join you based on your faction, they will not let you take the precious glass boots they nearly died for, they'll be impressed if you complete a quest, or appreciate a pet you have found for example.

In addition, some 20 vanilla npcs connected to miscellaneous vanilla quests can become companions once the quest is over. For example, Nels Lando when you meet him again in Pelagiad, Umbra if you can convince him, Foryn in Seyda Neen and Hides-His-Eyes in Suran.

All companions have randomised gear. Like any Friends and Foes npcs, the items they may get depend on the mods you have installed.

Grumpy and Emma's Companions


As mentioned in my previous article about creature companions, Grumpy, with the help of other modders such as TheOtherFelix, .... write the scripts many companions are based on. As a result, we have a few companions released by Grumpy himself or very often, together with Emma. Some of these companions have quests and a backstory, so they get their own entry. I will list here the companions that would be described as "Standard companions based on Grumpy's script" except that they actually are THE companions based on Grumpy's script.

Companion Beryl and Companion Hurd

Grumpy's last NPC companions mod, Beryl and Hurd have Grumpy's script (duh) that he modified a bit more. Hurd was released later on by Emma. Both companions are compatible one with another.

Cally and Gabran

A.k.a the ancestors of all companions. They both need to be added to the game via console and don't play too well with other companions. Once upon a time the best companions one could have in terms of scripting, I'd use them only for the nostalgia.

Buddy and Holly

They actually are companions from the larger quest mod Blade Quest: Prophecy of the Lost Heir, so don't run both mods together. Besides the features we've come to expect from companions, they will also stay out of fights if you ask them to, a feature not seen too often in companions.

Gwen of Riverspire by Rubberman

#personality #features #unique #writing #mwse

Gwen is really one of a kind. She has a lot of character and Rubberman wrote her in such a way that she is rather mean at first, and grows to like you eventually. There is a real sense of achievement when Gwen truly becomes your friend or girlfriend.

Unlike most companions, Gwen does not let you dress her up (try, and see what she has to say about that :D) but she changes her clothes dynamically, depending on where you are and the weather.

Gwen is unique in the way she will comment on things and people she sees without you actually talking to her and opening the dialogue window. For example, in Balmora, you will see a MessageBox [Gwen: "Hello Hul."]

Into the Void - Sabrina Companion by HangHimHigher

#writing #quests #beta

This is HangHimHigher unfinished companion mod, but she is amazing. There are issues (most notable dialogue loops where your only option is to reload and pick a different option), but if you can look past them, you will have a companion with TONS of quality dialogue and many quests.

Jasmine by Jac

#writing #quests #home

Jasmin is, together with Julan, one of the companions with the most content in terms of dialogues and quests. She has a backstory, a family and friends that you can meet. She interacts with the main quest, and anything that spices up the main quest is a plus in my books. Jac's writing is good and Jasmine is a pleasant companion to have around.

Julan, Ashlander Companion by Kateri

#personality #writing #MoreThanOne #quests #features

Do I really need to introduce Julan? He is basically the reference, what every companion mod strives to be. He's funny, and a smart companion too! He is balanced: he'll cast spells as long as he has Magicka, you can train him with skill books, or trainers, you can train him yourself if your skills are superior to his. He makes the main quest fun, enough said. There is version 3.0 but it is a beta that adds dialogues for the Bloodmoon main quest.

Lady Death Companion by Korana


This companion is based on Chaos Comic's character. So no, she is not lore-friendly but she has a hell-hound (Durzog) pet! Her companion features are standard though she knows how to take you back to her lair.

Laura Craft, Romance and Adventures by Emma

#BlastFromThePast #home #quests #features

Laura came after Indiana James and as a result, is a better companion, more balanced and with quests of her own. She is written as a girlfriend and sometimes is a bit hard to please. Laura has 4 faces/hairstyles you can choose from. Some interesting features such as sparring and kissing (in any order!)

A unique feature across most of Emma's NPC: she assigned a local variable to them so that one npcs can refer to another. very cool and very clever.

Liar yes, Idiot no by me~

#home? #features

A rather simple mod that adds a few things to M'Aiq's island, just enough that he can survive there. In addition, he's been given the Friends and Foes script so that he may join you and have the standard Friends and Foes companion features. M'Aiq's "home" consists of a tent, a fire camp and a nice spot to smoke skooma.

Live Free by Apoapse


With this mod, when 'freeing' a slave, you can claim them as your own slave. When that happens, you get to decide what skills they specialise in (Something Fligg's Slave Mods doesn't let you do). In addition, the slaves get a much better companion script, making them viable followers.

Mage Companion Kendra by Baratheon79


Kendra is a mage who will heal you and herself when below 50% health. She doesn't look like much now, but at the time, she was a favourite companion of the community. She's still good to have around, especially with modern mods that improve companions.

Baratheon gave us a few companion mods (NPC and creatures) including Arya, Corana and Ulfgaar, both Skaar warriors and both with a pet wolf.

Meadow Fae Companion by Korana


Another companion mod by Korana where the companion has a custom race and custom clothes. Standard companion features and a cute nature-inspired home.

Morrowind Comes Alive by Neoptolemus

#MoreThanOne #unique

MCA adds both citizens to towns and bandits to roads as well as some 40 companions.

The companions are hand-placed (always in one cell) and do not level up.

They do have a neat feature: they keep track of the value of the items you give or take from them, so you cannot just take their glass boots unless you give them something of equal value.

MWSE Enhanced Healer Companion by Stripes

#MWSE #unique

Much like Comes-By-Roads, this follower will heal you and your companions. Thanks to the power of lua, he can even choose to give him magicka regen or not. Your healer will actually teleport from a fight to save his life if needed. He uses a vanilla face and will therefore change according to your prefered face replacer (if any).

Ninja Girl, Kumiko's Revenge by Wildman


Kumiko is a standard follower in terms of features but she has a unique feature: her looks. Besides a custom face and hairstyle, she also has a different set of animations (jump, sneak, attack, idles, etc)

Olyn Hleran, a Redoran Companion by Team Mythical Beasts

#house #unique

A special mod for me as it is the result of my first participation in Morrowind Modding Madness competition. Olyn has standard companion features but he will make Redoran quests a little less boring by giving advice or suggesting alternative ways to finish the quest. He also has his own house. It's a pretty cool little house, with a bathtub, a scripted mannequin to display Olyn's unique gear and a special display of mementoes for each Redoran quest you have completed. There's also a gambling den in Maar Gan where you can bet on a scrib race. Olyn has a vanilla head.

O'zaar the Wizard Companion by MatthewTheBagel


O'zaar has a backstory and standard companion features, where he really shines is that he can teleport the player and himself to a few cities of Vvardenfell. MatthewTheBagel had previously made 2 other companions: Taryn, a warrior and Alaros, a Telvanni Spellsword. Both have a backstory and standard companion scripts.

Playable Dawn  by Korana


Dawn is another companion mod by Korana character, this time inspired by the comics of Joseph Michael Linsner. She does not have unusual features but she does have a very unique look as well as a few sets of custom armour.

Publius Claudius Follower by AliceL93

#writing #personality

Publius is a member of the Legion who will join you just as soon as you, yourself become a legionnaire. He has extensive dialogues on the Imperial Legion quests as well as all the standard companion features.

I would recommend you download Alice's Imperial Legion Expansion mod that includes Publius Claudius, new quests, various fixes and QoL changes and your own quarters eventually.

Romance by Fandorn Delavie

#BlastFromThePast #MoreThanOne

A classic. With this mod, you can strike a conversation with ANY npcs, gradually become friends, and more if all goes well. Go on dates, get married, have a child, break up, it's all there. It is recommended to use logic when dealing with npcs added by a companion mod: they will have their own follow/stay topics. Some companions, like Constance, don't care one bit about Romance, so just let her steal in peace, ok? Your life partner will follow you but has very limited abilities: no level up, no healing spells, no levitation, etc. REALLY really get the companion management mods I listed unless you plan to be a window very quickly.

Slave Warrior Jessica by UlfGeir & Drake Elvin


The original mod is UlfGeir's, Drake Elvin updated it to take advantage of the Tribunal functions to share and warp. I honestly don't use Jessica anymore, not for years but back in the days, she was one of the first viable companions we had.

Staff Agency by me

#unique #MoreThanOne

Here's the scoop, I wanted npcs in my house to serve me. I could easily add them, even bring companions home and leave them there but they would just be there not actually serve me. Sure, I could make some npcs traders, but seriously, I am not going to buy bread from my own cook?

So, taking heavy inspiration from A Lord's Men, I created scripted npcs with various skills. The cook would give me food once a day, the alchemist a potion, the enchanter a soul gem, etc. The catch is two-fold:

  • to recruit the staff, I need tools specific to their trade: a fishing pole for the fisherman, a mortar for the alchemist, etc.
  • to keep my staff, I need to pay them a monthly salary.

The employees include the following trades: Alchemist, Mage, Necromancer, Smith, Healer, Merchant, Guild guide,  Ashlander scout, Butler, Cook, Maid, Farmer, Miner, Housekeeper, Fisherman, Dancer, Bard, Gardener, Librarian, Courtesans, Herder, Hunter, Sailor, Agent, Seamstress, Magician, Trainers and Guards.

Some of the staff are fully-fledged companions based on Grumpy's script. The others will follow you as far as your house but are not suited for adventure.

You can give most staff a raise to get higher quality items from them, you can also fire them at any time.

Supreme Follower System by WanerRA


A simpler alternative to The Romance mod: no need to have a relationship with an NPC, just tell them to follow you. They also get a companion share topic (actual topic rather than in the top menu of the dialogue window. You'll want to be careful about who you recruit: actual companions but also quest npcs are not recommended.

The Followers by Rubberman


This mod adds 10 mercenaries across Vvardenfell. They will follow you and share their inventories for 100 septims. They have a simple and efficient script from Rubberman himself: they will follow and warp smoothly but they do not have dialogues.

The Redoran Bard by RingComics

#quests #unique

This is a companion with a story: you will have to do a quest before she'll join you. Nirie Silleth has special abilities (spells) as a bard. She has a vanilla head that will change depending on your face replacer (if any).

Thief Companion Constance by Emma

#quests #features #BlastFromThePast #personality

Sure, she's a blast from the past, but she's also totally relevant today. Constance is fun and smart. She',s got character and useful features. For example, she crafts lockpicks for you, or she'll scout ahead to detect creatures. She is especially good with Abot's Smart Companions because, with it, you can ask her to open locks and disarm traps.

Vampire Embrace by Cortex

#unique #features #BlastFromThePast

The super classic. Feed on npcs, turn them, adventure with them. The mod makes some improvements to vampires' (un)life: you can convince mortals to talk to you, charm them to let you feed on them. This means that even as a vampire, you can do quests on any quests, as opposed to vampire quests and a handful of mage quests.

Uvirith's Legacy by Stuporstar

#MoreThanOne #quests #features #BlastFromThePast

Do I really need to introduce this mod? Once you gain control of House Telvanni, a whole bunch of quests usually tied in with your Stronghold. You will unlock new rooms, new services, new features and new companions. These companions are usually rewards for quests. There is even an MWSE-addon to improve them some more. Uvirith's Legacy is the stronghold mod we wish we had for the other houses.

War Leader Nerevar by BillyFighter

#MoreThanOne #features

A very neat and lore-friendly idea: as you progress through the main quest, representatives of Great Houses, Ashlanders and Ordinators appear at the Ghostgate to defend against the plague unleashed by Dagoth Ur. After you have talked to Vivec, these NPCs will follow you into battle. Until then, they will set up a small camp close to the Ghostgate.

Witchgirl Adventure by Emma

#quests #house #MoreThanOne #BlastFromThePast

Morgana is a Breton witch who needs your help. She has, you guessed it, Grumpy's scripts but also a whole bunch of features and options, like telling her to use summoning spells or not. This is a classic quest mod, well-worth playing even today.

Yashga Orc Companion by AlandroSul


Yashga is a level 10 companion that you will find somewhere in the Bitter Coast. She has a backstory and will offer comments depending on where you are. She doesn't level up but has all other standard companion features.

Final Words

It took forever to compile these but most NPC companions are here. Let me know if I missed one, I'll make edits as needed.