Creature Companion mods

Creature Companion mods


Before we take a look at the mods themselves, I want to take a minute to talk about Grumpy who sadly passed away in 2005 but his modding legacy is still here. Most of the beast companions mods here are based on his script, improved on by other modders.

The mods are listed in alphabetical order.

Looking for NPC companion mods? Right here. Want mods that make any companion smarter? Right there.

Abigail's Petshop by Yati

An old mod but one that still does things no other mods does. This mod adds a pet shop just south of Seyda Neen. The pet selection is LARGE, it includes beasts you'd expect such as wolves and guars but also offers farm animals (chicken, ducks...) and even more exotic ones (elephant, dragon). The pets level up (and grow) as they fight, you can feed them to help them grow faster. The mod even offers a teleportation spell.

On the downside, the landscape south of Seyda Neen is heavily modified so compatibility is an issue. All in all, I would recommend this mod if you 1/don't have a heavily modded Seyda Neen 2/ want more unusual pets.

Avni the Ash-hound by Tewlowlow  

Avni is one of the more recent beast companions and has fancy Lua code to prove it :) Lua code means that Avni follows better than older beast companions, she can be teleported to you at the press of a button and does not have a clunky dialogue window. Avni is also adorable and requires food regularly. As she grows to trust you, you will be able to issue more orders. I also really enjoyed the lore: Avni is not just there waiting for you, there's a little bit of a story there.

Bear Companion by Baratheon79

Baratheon79 is another prolific modder of the PES-era. His bear companion mod makes use of Grumpy's beast script, so the bear will warp to the player and get stronger as the player levels up. Head to Frostmoth to find your tiny snow bear cub and watch him grow. Note that this is a fighting pet, not a pack animal, so no companion share feature.  

Jac made a similar mod, Snow Bear Cub that you can found in Seyda Neen.

Blasphemous Revenants by Fliggerty

#features #home

In this mod, you will learn to prepare corpses as per the instructions found in books. It is a gruesome business, harvesring body party, capturing souls in Blak Soulgems, in order to raise you own undead minion.

You can raise a whole army of brainless but intelligent collection of undeads: they will follow, wait and even level up. Warning, there is a known bug: do not ask your zombie what level they are, the numbers confuse them!

You can use the temple as a base of operations

Much like in Vampire Embrace, you can control all you undead minions all at once.

Cliff Racer Companion by Natakiro

Another beast companion based on Grumpy's scripts but with its own texture. Natakiro later released a Hulking Fabricant companion with the same colour scheme as the cliff racer. The mod places a big bell to recall your pet. The bell is not pretty. Keep in mind that cliff racers notoriously get stuck in trees, a companion cliff racer is no exception.

CM Partners by Cutthroat Mods

This mod adds more than 100 npcs willing to join you if they like you and if your level is at least as high as theirs. In addition, a few creatures are willing to follow you and fight for you regardless of your level. There's a cliff racer, and an ogrim, a goblin, a daedroth, maybe others, I forgot!

Creatures are hand-placed, so you'll always find the Ogrim on the road to Caldera and the Daedroth near Suran. Creatures don't level up but can be healed via dialogue. They have companion share.

The scripts are based on Grumpy's but heavily modified to add new features (I will outline those in the NPC companions modlist next week)

Corgi Companion by Melchior Dahrk

He's super cute and, you guessed it, based on Grumpy's script.

Dopey Necromancy by Dopey

This mod was recently updated and most of the issues have feen fixed. Much like Fliggerty's mod, necromency is based on the lore. In fact, to begin your journey as a necromancer, you will need to find and read Corpse Preparation, all 6 of them.

A very neat feature is that each minion you bring back to life will drain life form the Necromancer, making this mod very balanced. Guards won't like you carrying corpses or walking in town with a retinue of zombies.

Dragon Companion by Kagz

I personally don't like this model at all but I'm adding the mod in case someone likes it. Based on Grumpy's script, so expect a Spot, but much bigger ;)  

Durzilla by DonnerGott

Standard creature companion but with its own model, Durzilla is an armoured Durzog. By default, Durzilla appears when the player is high level (18) but there is an optional esp.

Emma and Grumpy's mods

Here are some common features for all of the beast mods: they warp to the player, they swim but don't levitate unless they are specifically beasts of burden, they will not carry your stuff. You can ask around if you have lost your pet, it will teleport back to you, some have a ring to summon them, some give more lines of dialogue to NPC/companions created by Emma.

Companionable Cats

They're cute and they'll follow you. That is all. I recommend my Peaceful Pets mod for those: you don't want your cute kittens to run to battle and their death.

Dog Companions

Same things, but with dogs. Companions like Constance will comment on the dogs.

Wolf Companion, Spot

Spot is THE reference when it comes to beast companion mods. You have 3 esp to choose from, one for each wolf model available (white, black and brown).

I have made a personal edit of Spot that moves Spot from the Bitter Coast to the forest west of Fort Frostmoth.

Pack Guar, Lulu

From Emma, on Emma's website

Lulu is a special mod. Even though we have newer and objectively better Pack Guar mods today, Lulu has a special place in my games.

Pack Donkeys

They're donkeys and they carry your stuff.  

Familiar Grimlock by MentalElf

Ok, all right, the models have aged but the concept is cool, you have an egg from which you summon your familiar. Pretty cool for a Telvanni sorcerer.

Also, shoutout to MentalElf who's given us some very cool and innovative mods (The Horror mod, The Trouble with Millie, Hazel and Rupert, mannequin shop) as well as TESFILES, which was up until very recently the best way to package a mod.

Nowadays, you'll want to use Greatness7's tool, availble on the Morrowind Modding Community.  

Fox Companion Rey by Abot

Another cute pet based on Grumpy's script. It's a Spot, but orange~

Friends and Foes by me

The scope of Friends and Foes is large, I basically wanted to have the best of Morrowind Comes Alive, Starfire's NPC additions and CM Partners. I think I managed it, but I'll let you be the judge of this.

As far as creature companions are concerned, I have modified and built on CM Partners:

  • A much large choice of creatures
  • removed the ForceGreeting you had when you approached the creature
  • Cleaned up the script
  • Creatures are not hand-placed, instead, they randomly will spawn in regions that make sense: the skeleton in tombs, the scrib in the Ascadian Isles, etc.

Gizmo the Guar Fabricant Companion by Melchior Darkh

He is the goodest boy. He's also upgradable via quests. He's smart too and pretty darn adorable for a fabricant creature! You will need MWSE to run Gizmo.
Gizmo can be shrunk or augmented, he can pacify nearby guars, he'll fight and carry your stuff, with upgrades, he can even forage and repair your gear.

Guars by Abot

The most sophisticated guar mod using MWscript. You can buy, or tame your own pack guar. Even better, you can buy or tame your own riding guar. Your companion npcs can ride with you. The guars can be summoned and they will get stronger/faster/healthier as you feed them certain ingredients.

Hircine's Quest by AliceL93 and myself

A quest mod on Solstheim, where you eventually get a pet fox (among other rewards).

Kolka the Wolf by Tizzo

Kolka is the third creature companion Tizzo has given us and all 3 are the best non-MWSE beast companions you can find. Kolka is based on Grumpy's script but Tizzo has made major improvements: she follows better, you can command her without entering the dialogue window, she can be summoned, you can easily swap places with her, she levitates and water walks, she follows when you teleport, and talking to npcs will summon her if, despite all the above, you still managed to lose her.

Much like a great-great-grandfather Spot, Kolka will do tricks for meat and she comes with 3 esp to choose her colour. In addition, Tizzo has taken great care to make her a balanced companion.

Tizzo was working on an addon for Kolka to make the bonewolf model availalbe as well as Hircine, aspect of Speed.

Little Hazel and Rupert by MentalElf

Together with Lulu, Hazel and Rupert are the major pack guar mods. A unique feature for them: you can send them ahead to more than 20 locations.  

Lord of the Dragons by Max

I have not tested this one, but I did use Pegas Horse Ranch, also by Max. The Dragons in this mods have similar scripts. As you know riding scripts can be a little janky but that's just the way it is for now! This mod uses the same dragon models are Reign of Fire (see below).

Make a Pet by Lord Berandas

A simple but clever way to make a pet using the base game only: you can purchase scrolls with a powerful and long-lasting Command Creature effect.

Mechanized Minions by Dinmenel

Your favourite Dwemer enthusiast and Telvanni will teach you how to create Dwemer creatures. You will need material to do so, hammers to repair your minions. The creatures follow and fight for you but they do not level up.

Morte by Jac

A mod for all the Planescape Torment enthusiasts that add Morte, the talking skull. Morte is chatty, you will recognise some of his lines from Planescape Torment. He has a one time upgrade as well. His script is based on Grumpy's and improved by Melian (Teleportation mod, Comes-By-road, Scripting for Dummies.)

Paxon, the Pack Rat by Tizzo

The first of Tizzo's creature companion mods and the best pack rat available. He has all of Kolka's features (technically, Kolka has Paxo'sn features). You can choose the vanilla pack rat model, or the Symphony model shown above.

Paxon will obviously carry your loot, he can also shed some light.

Reign of Fire by Razhkul and Gluby

This is a large and epic quest mod where you eventually get your own rideable dragon. A classic. One of the very few rare mods to have actual video cutscenes.

Shock Centurion by Vorwoda

This mod expands on the Telvanni quest where the player learns to summon a Shock Centurion. The Centurion you normally get is a glorified summon that lasts until destroyed. With this mod, you will gradually improve it to give it the features you expect of a follower: wait/follow commands, companion share, teleportation options, water walking and levitation as well as self-repair.  

TelShadow Companion by Safebox

A little Dwemer companion to celebrate TelShadow's birthday. TelShadow has been nicknamed the Modding A.I by DarkElfGuy on account of how quickly she can create interior and exterior cells.
TelShadow Companion used a modified script from Tizzo's mods

Tetra the Pack Guar by Tizzo

Tetra is the cute little white guar in the middle

Second companion creature and as good as the other two, but this time, it's a guar. Still hassle-free, still cute. Still no need for MWSE.

Tizzo was my guest during a livestream, we talked extensively about Paxon, Tetra and Kolka

The Construct by Endrek

This mods adds an animated suit of armour in the Dwemer ruin of Aleft. Expect a fight before the Construct agrees to follow and defend you. The Construct will level up with the player.

The Guar Whisperer by Merlord

The most advanced pack guar mod, powered by Lua. Those guars are gradually tamed to unlock features: name your guar, follow, fetch, carry a pack, breed, even and take you back to previously selected locations! The Guars level up as they fight and/or play fetch with the player.

The Guar Whisperer is designed to work flawlessly with Ashfall: you can see your ashfall gear (wood, tent, axe, bedroll) carried by your guar. They can also carry a lantern attached to their pack.  

Ulf, by Stripes

Ulf is a dog with features (warp, fight, tricks) much like Spot with an important difference: Ulf will grow up in size and stats once a day if you feed him rat meat. He also has his texture.  

Vaba-Amus Companion Character by TheDrunkenMudcrab

Vaba-Amus is a unique companion on more than one level: he talks, he's a little too keen on booze and he has a whole questline. Oh, and Vaba-Amus is a scrib you can carry on your head. Vaba-Amus is one of a kind! MWSE is required.

Waalx Guenhwyvar by Waalx

A special beast companion that you summon to your side when you equip a ring. Waalx is a black panther that will fight by your side for a couple of minutes before disappearing.

War Kagouti Companion by Melchior Dahrk

Mausi is a Kagouti that will follow you. She has all of the features we have to come to expect of a beast companion with a unique one: She can equip 4 different types of armour, each of them giving Mausi a special buff.

Way of the Necromancer by Balathistrius

A simple take on necromancy but a good one: scattered in tombs, you will find "recipes" to create various undead minions. As long as you have the required "ingredients" you can create an undead follower that will follow you until it dies (again).

I have recently updated this mod to use Cannibals of Morrowind: you now collect body parts from your victims to raise them as skeletons.


I recommend you check out Companion Management Mods, they make even the most basic follower (vanilla escort quest, anyone?) half decent.

Stay tuned as I put together a list of NPC companions. That will take a bit longer as companions tend to have more unique features.

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