Videl's Heels Redux: A Morrowind Mod

Videl's Heels Redux: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

I asked on my discord if anyone knew of underrated morrowind mods that deserved a review, and Onion suggested a mod with heels.
I did a quick searched and found only one Morrowind mod with high heels: Videl's.
Part of the mod-testing regiment is to check the mod is clean and bug-free. Videl's wasn't. I also noticed that only about half of the boots had been given the high heels treatment.
So rather than make a review that says mod is cool but puts big yellow !!! in your game and is incomplete, I decided to fix it and complete it!

The Mod

On the Nexus

Videl's Heels Redux by Videl and Danae

  • Way back when Videl deVoye made Videl's High Heels, sadly there were some issues (wrong filepaths resulting in big yellow ! , you know the ones and only a dozen boots were given high heels).

  • This mod simply corrects the filepaths for the exisitng high heel boots (adamantium, bonemold, daedric, ebony, glass, royal guard, imperial, orcish, teeel and templar) and gives heels to the most boots (bear, worf, snow bear, snow wolf, netch leather, apostle, chitin, dark brotherhood, fur and iron as well as a couple unique boots)

Yes, I know, heels? But as Videl said in his read me:

I know that it is in no way realistic wearing High Heels and fighting, but having a beautiful character with flat feet makes no fun.

A matter of opinion, of course, butI know a few people who are better Nerevarines with heels, so heels they shall have.

You may find the original mod here: