The Imperial Dwemer Society: A Morrowind Mod

The Imperial Dwemer Society: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

Part 2 of the Morrowind modding madness, DEG surprised us with a double theme: Dwemer and Magic.
We were very enthusiastic about these themes. We also agreed there wouldn't be too many dialogues...
Lady created the guild itself: a stunning mixture of Common and Dwemer architecture. I then decorated the interior.
Pseunomix modelled the Dwemer Machinery that I used to create the museum.
I tinkered in Nifskope myself to create the exhibits of the museum: broken centurions, plates, new schematics (thank you DaVinci).
Lady then worked on the teleporter rooms in a few Dwemer ruins while Pseumonix added a large new area to a ruin.
I was kept busy with the dialogues and quests as well as a few scripts. Fortunately, I knew what I was doing as some of it was similar to Pegasus Estate (sorting and display scripts).
After adding the new dwemer items to various ruins, all that was left was ... playtesting and mod page. Again, Aurel helped with the graphics while i did the readme.
This round of the MMM was very inspiring and the reason why my next Morrowind character HAD TO be a Dwemer enthusiast.

The mod

On the Nexus
by The Mythical Beasts: LadyPhoenixFireRose, kiramarshiku, Pseunomix, and Danae

  • When another Dwemer ruin was discovered buried in the mountains east of Hla Oad and directly south of the Odai plateau, the scholars of the Arcane University saw this as an opportunity to research the Dwemers and their many secrets. They excavated a somewhat small ruin and built the guild hall for the Imperial Society right next to it.

  • The guild has a large public area where food and drinks are served to visitors. Upstairs, cosy living quarters for the scholars. You will be given a room as your prestige increases with the guild. To do so, help the various scholars of the guild in their research.

  • A few specialists have now moved in, eager to pursue their specific fields of research,be it the mysteries of the anumunculi, large steaming machines, cryptic schematics,or what seems to be an ancient teleportation system.

  • Find schematics (new and old) to understand how to use the three machines as well as to have known dwemer equipment improved.

  • Bring anything dwemeri you find: mundane items, arms, books, centurion parts and schematics.

  • They will not only bring you prestige but also the guild as its museum is filled with wonders.

  • The guild guide of the Imperial Dwemer Society offers transport to the Guilds of Mages but is more interested in restoring what appears to be an ancient Dwemer teleportation system.

  • The resident enchanter offers enchanting services though you can use her desk directly.
    You'll also find her notes on how to enchant unique Dwemer staves capable of holding 2 enchantments.
    Sadly, they will require unique and rare components.