Staff Agency: A Morrowind Mod

Staff Agency: A Morrowind Mod

The story

Well, we are back in the thick of things: a very important part of Pegasus Estate is the staff, that they would move around, actually perfom services, cost money and look the part.
With Hold it done, I had the tools, I still needed to work out how to recruit the staff, what script to give them, what services they could perfom for me.
To do all that, I looked at a bunch of mods, chief among them : A Lord's Men that's where I saw the recruitment dialogue, Emma's Constance mod that showed me how to add a day counter and Morrowind Comes Alive where I saw how to implement a once a day dialogue.
The Staff for Pegasus Estate have quests to improve their services and a few more features connected with the Estate.

The mod

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The player can hire various staff through a new NPC in Ebonheart great hall.
To recruit your new staff, you will either need gold or items.
For example, to recruit a fisherman, you will need a fishing rod while to recruit a guard, you will need 600 septims.
Additionally, all staff members will have a monthly wage (200-400 gold) and will refuse to perform services until they are paid (they will stay where you put them though)
Once you have recruited someone, they will

  • follow you (to your home, presumably)
  • perform daily services
  • perform improved services after a pay raise.
  • carry and hold tools of their trade.
  • share lore related to their trade.
    As an example, to hire an alchemist, you need a mortar. The alchemist will then hold a mortar and give you a selection of potions daily. After a pay raise (from 200 to 400 monthly) the potions will have a greater quality. He will tell you about the alchemical properties of plants.

Other remarks:

  • each employee actually carries a number of tools, some of them set up as a shield, or as a light (those will be used in darker rooms), remove the items you do not want them to use from their inventories.
  • you can fire your employees at any time.
  • you can hire any number of the same type of employee
  • you can lower their wages back if you do not like their improved service.
  • the names of classes have not been changed: your staff is compatible with Archimaestro Antares's Bigmod (highly recommended).


Alchemist: gives a selection of potions.
Mage: spellmaking, travel to Mage guilds, random soul gem or scroll.
Necromancer: restores magicka
Smith: repairs, give a hammer
Healer: heals, cures and restores
Merchant: has 2500 gold to trade
Guild guide: offers travel to Gnisis, Molag Mar, Fort Frostmoth, Mounrhold
Ashlander scout: offers travel to the 4 Ashlander camps. Fully fledged companion.
Butler: gives a drink of your choice
Cook: gives food.
Maid: grooms the player (personality buff)
Farmer: gives a variety of crops
Miner: gives a variety of ores and gems
Housekeeper: adopts cats and kittens
Fisherman: gives scales and dreugh wax.
Dancer: is a ballerina.
Bard: plays songs
Gardener: gives potted flowers (harvestable)
Librarian: gives a random book
Courtesans: massages (restore fatigue, fortify endurance)
Herder: breeds guars, possibly a pack guar.
Hunter: gives meat and hides
Sailor: updates world map with port towns, sings for a beer.
Agent: fully fledged companion
Seamstress: gives shirts, creates new (female) outfits.
Magician: trades an empty soul gem for a filled one, enchanter service, fully fledged companion.
Trainers: ... Train.
Guards: ... Guard, companions


Unzip in you Data Folder. You will be prompted to overwrite the meshes, textures and icons folders. Do so.


None I can think of, no cell has been changed.
The items, dialogue topic have their own IDs
No ingame npc or object has been modified.