Recettear: A review and a Let's Try

Recettear: A review and a Let's Try

The Story

I think I eventually got this game from a bundle or it had been wishlisted for a very long time and finally had a 70% off sale.
I enjoy some cute on occasion (see Ragnarok Online and Slime Rancher) and this game its the bill. I honestly has no idea what to expect but was quite pleased overall.
I have played the game some more since this let's try but did not complete it: that would take quite a lot of time, and dare I say: grind.

The video

# The review A lovely game! I guess the word would be Kawaii. Stay away if cute annoys you, if cute Japanese voices annoy you.

The graphics and sounds are good, the gameplay is enjoyable but can get a little grindy (you start over if you can't pay your bills, though you keep whatever money you had)
Some of the dialogues were quite funny albeit a little cliché.
I really enjoyed both aspects of the game: organise my shop and buy goods (the sim part) and the dungeon runs to get some free loot.