Morrowind Winter Modjam 2023

Morrowind Winter Modjam 2023

What's a modjam?

Fairly simple, there are a couple of themes voted on by the community, and there are 18 hours to make a mod based on the theme(s).

We vote for the themes during a live stream just before the jam begins (attendance is not compulsory but it's fun).

The themes are rated by an esteemed panel of judges and we week later, the winners are revealed during the Result Livestream.

This year, the themes were:

  • Dangers of Morrowind
  • Seas of Ghosts
  • Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Modders can use 1, 2, or 3 to make their mod.

All the mods from 1st to last

The Search for the White Wave by Melchior Dahrk

Requires OAAB & TD

A scientific expedition headed into the Sea of Ghosts has failed to report on their progress. An investigator from the Imperial Navy has been dispatched to locate the White Wave and is looking for a hand. Join his crew to unravel what happened to the White Wave in the frozen northern waters...

You'll love the story, the new galleon model, and a small frozen island to explore.

The Hand by JackimoffWackimoff

Requires OAAB

A short quest involving a strange gauntlet. Ask about rumors in Vivec to start.

You'll love some really neat animated events during the quest as well as very clever use of the journal.

(TES3MP) Custom Player Quests by Vidi_Aquam

Requires TES3MP 0.8+ and  TES3MP Data Files Loader

Allow players to create simple fetch quests through an in-game menu for other players to complete.

If you've been thinking of trying Tes3MP (an OpenMW fork that lets you play Morrowind with other players!) here's another incentive for you.

I'm a big fan of Vidi_Aquam's tes3mp server Ashes of Sharmat: it's modded beautifully, it has tons of custom features (factions, events, player-owned buildings/settlements), etc.

Here's a modder's interview Vidi did a while ago and a link to the Ashes of Sharmat discord.

Fort Ghostmoth by Markond

An unusual Imperial fort to the farthest north of Sheogorad.

You'll love discovering this play, you'll wonder who stole the pants (no, no, it is not a joke) and you'll wish there were quests to spend more time there.

Troubled Waters by Globemallow

Requires OAAB

Dive for secrets and uncover the mysteries of the Cliffracer's Roost in this short adventure.

You'll enjoy a very well written quest, a mysterious shipwreck to explore, and a great quest.

Goldbrand Reforged - The Quest for Eltonbrand by Discontinuous Qualia

Brave the dangers of Vvardenfell in this lore-friendly quest mod to reforge Goldbrand into the mysterious Eltonbrand. Speak to Sirilonwe in the Vivec Mages Guild while carrying Goldbrand to begin the quest.

You'll enjoy getting one of the best items in the game without jumping through (silly) hoops and traveling to places other quests ignore.

Prince of Fate by Remiros

Requires MWSE - OAAB

Seek out an old hermit and explore the sunken shrine of Hermaeus Mora, deep within the Sea of Ghosts

You will love the quest reward. Enough said.

Dagon Fel Lighthouse by MwGek

Requires OAAB + TD

A lighthouse has been added to the North-West of Dagon Fel. Meet Vigunn, the Nord lighthousekeeper.

You'll love how well it fits in Dagon Fel, you'll wish you could live there and you'll beg for a quest.

Hidden Sea Loot by XeroFoxx

Adds over 500 hidden containers for you to find in the sea for every region around the island of Vvardenfell. Each contains random items that change for EVERY playthrough. Randomization is weighted for balanced distribution.

You'll love finding a container while swimming in the waters of Vvardenfell. XeroFoxx went all around the island, playing one container + clutter in every cell.

OAAB Vertical Shipwreck by Dimnussens

Requires OAAB

West of Ald Redaynia and north of the Derelict Shipwreck is a small stony crag lies a shipwreck and the scattered remains of those misfortunate enough to have found themselves washed up on its bleak shore. There is a reason this rock is forsaken. Go forth with caution.

You'll love piecing out what happened while exploring the shipwreck. I know I loved the shiny shiny loot.

Telvanni Magister Robes by Ruffin Vangar

This mod adds unique robes for each of the Telvanni councilors including Baladas and Uvirith, Each one holds a special powerful enchantment but it won't be easy to acquire.

You'll love the robes but also question your humanity and morals when you realise you want to kill for the robes.

Ald Gash - a Redoran Lighthouse by Cyprinus/Istreddify

Requires OAAB + TD

This mod adds a Redoran lighthouse to the north-eastern coast of Vvardenfell.

You'll love a good landscape addition and an interior detailed with taste, you'll want a quest with it.

Blight Racers - Armed and Dangerous by Lamb Shark

Adds worrisome new racer variants to various leveled lists across Vvardenfell. It's never been more dangerous to walk the roads??

Cliff Racers are blighted and are turning into Corprus beasts. Arms, legs, and tentacles. The lot.

You'll remember regular cliff racers fondly. Blight Racers are creatures you love/hate.

Penguin Island by Lucevar

Requires OAAB + TD

Life feeling overwhelming? Ever wanted to get away from it all and just hang out on a peaceful, cosy island in the Sea of Ghosts with some feathered friends? Yeah, me too.

Warriors of the Ghost Sea by MISTERSMELLIES

People living along the shores of the Ghost Sea tell of the sound of battle carried upon the waves. Swords clash in rolling thunder and ghostly warriors fight upon the haunted the waters.

Best to install this mod, forget about it, and freak out when giants suddenly appear in the Sea of Ghosts during a storm.

Bigger Fish by Solthas

Requires OpenMW

Killing slaughterfish may attract bigger, scarier beasts.

You'll love/hate the mayhem. You might want to tweak the % chance a bigger fish appears to reduce said mayhem :D

Jump Air Dash (OpenMW Lua) by Solthas

Requires OpenMW

Try to jump while jumping (or levitating, or falling) and you'll dash! It costs fatigue, but gives you huge burst speed for a split second. Keeping jumping while out of fatigue, though, and you'll hurt yourself.

I'll have MassEffect: Andromeda / Slime Rancher / any game with jetpack flashbacks! Makes me wish I used OpenMW.

Legion Voice by Phoenix Rime

Two vanilla-voiced quests for joining and expelling from the Imperial Legion. Two voiced forсed greetings and four extra greetings when you're out of uniform.

You'll love not hearing "You are out of uniform" nearly as often :D

Swim Boost Drain (OpenMW Lua) by Solthas

Requires OpenMW

Try to jump while swimming, and you'll boost! It costs fatigue, but gives you speed. Also, swimming while out of fatigue hurts you! Fully tunable.

Handy if you want to play all the Modjam mods ;)

Spirits of the Sea by Stripes

Adds ghosts to the sea of ghosts: on the shores, above shipwrecks and in wilderness cells.

Bartholomew's Flying Circus by DaBean1188

Requires OpenMW

A Breton has set up a circus just south of Ebonheart, so why not stop by for a bit?
Entertainment awaits at Bartholomew's Flying Circus. That is if those blasted cliff racers don't act up again.

Unstable Soul Gems by JosephMcKean

Requires MWSE

Filled soul gems have a chance of exploding. The stronger the soul, the more likely it will explode. The enchanting business is indeed very dangerous.
A widget next to your sneak icon indicates the lowest tier, non-filled soul gem in your inventory. Only shown when a soul trap effect spell or soul trap enchanted weapon is equipped.

Tale of One Misled Feather Bird by Lastutin

It's normal day of adventuring. Enjoying the beautiful landscape of Ashlands Region and listening to the song of Cliff Racers.
Then you come across a Tomb: Omalen Ancestral Tomb. You decide to invite yourself in... Suddenly you are in the middle of a real adventure. Crumbling caves, Crazy women and missing people.

Jurgar's Treasure by Irisie

In the Sea of Ghosts lies the tomb of a great warrior, visit his grotto and enjoy his wealth.

The Icarian Incident by PeteTheGoat

Requires MWSE

Removes Tarhiel from his vanilla location, so he will instead fall near the player at a configurable, but indeterminate time, where ever the player happens to be.
Stay on your toes to stay safe from the dangerous falling Bosmer of Vvardenfell!

Morrowind Return of the bird-men by axelgustavlevi123/Guar

A quest mod about a tribe of bird-men coming to morrowind with a feather that they believe once belonged to Akatosh.

Recursive Rapscallions by Tizzo

Cliff Racers, Mudcrabs, Rats, Scribs, Shalks, Slaughterfish, Kwama Foragers, Nix-Hounds, and Centurion Spiders all now have a 50% chance to spawn two more of the same creature when killed.

Ghost Hunt - Domain of Ghosts by ZaMothman

Go to a door on the ground behind Big Head's Shack in Sheogorad at the Sea of Ghosts.  Surrounded by lamps. Find the ghosts to have a new home.

Scrib Ascension by TheDrunkenMudcrab

Tired of being able to bully the passive Scribs? Now they have all been imbued with the power of a god, and they are also hostile. Now, they will bully you.
Benefits: Scribs have souls as powerful as Vivec's now
Cons: They're honestly just horrible.