Morrowind Challenge: Faargoth

Morrowind Challenge: Faargoth


With so many permadeath characters that come and die, some of them end up with a really good backstory (and possibly a very short life).
I hope this series gives you some ideas for fun characters to play.


Faargoth (or Farnot, according to different sources) is the result of a failed ritual. A necromancer, seeing his art forbidden decided to create life from living cells and various magical and gruesome artefacts.
The result was disappointed and he promptly abandoned the infant, sure it would die soon enough.
Faargoth survived, wandering, living on rats and roots, a mystery to himself. Imagine his shock when seeking shelter near a small Imperial port, he saw... himself! Only prettier, happier even.
The injustice of it all was too much to bear, Faargoth vowed to become the real Fargoth.


Think of famous feral children: Romulus and Remus, Tarzan, Mowgli, the Wild Smurf (?)... Social skills are inexistent, the body will be small but lean and strong, and obviously a strong kinship with nature.

  • Bosmer male, duh. The uglier the better.
  • Major Skills:
    - Unarmored and light armour: fur armour only for light
    - Blunt: zog zog boom boom, heavy stick hurts
    - Spear: jab jab, long stick good
    - Athletics: Faargoth got in great shape running away from Nix Hounds
    - Acrobatics: Faargoth learned to jump and climb to sleep safely
  • Minor Skills:
    - 2 school of magic of your choosing: Faargoth is a product of madness AND magic, some of it has got to show.
    - Sneak: When Faargoth could not outrun the Nix-Hound, he'd be super quiet instead (Faargoth blends smell-wise in the swamp so that's not an issue)
    - Hand to hand: sometimes the heavy stick or the long stick just break
    - Alchemy: at the very least Faargoth knows which plants are palatable.
  • Birthsign: The Steed or The Thief


  • no Admire, Taunt, Bribe or barter
  • no learning anything from books. Maybe keep ABC for Barbarian for the pictures
  • similarly, no scrolls
  • only the simplest form of alchemy with a mortar and pestle. I'd enable the "Healthy Appetite" option in Morrowind Code Patch
  • always wear the engraved ring of Healing
  • against all good judgment, sneak with a torch in hand cos that's how Fargoth does it.
  • Don't let Fargoth see you until you are ready to replace him.


Become a convincing Fargoth

  • Increase your speechcraft by 10 points and become literate: learn from ABC for Barbarians
  • Hide things in 20 different tree stumps
  • Gain 90 disposition with Arille, your future best (and only) friend in town.

Kill the necromancer that created you

  • Goris the Maggot King in Venim Ancestral Tomb


  • Once all the above is done, kill Fargoth away from prying eyes and move in his house.

Mods that work well with this challenge

Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands

Custom start is your friend, you gave distribute attribute points and skill points freely: 0 personality, 0 speechcraft? Why not. If you want to stick to the narrative, go with random starting location


Make the requirement to be able to read your intelligence +10, or 20.

Merlord's Character background

Blood of the Dremora, Street Urchin, Star Child or Rat King are all great for Faargoth.

Spuzzum's Starting Equipment

Especially if you start in Seyda Neen, you will be given a few pieces of gear and spells to get you started. Alternatively, with a randon starting location, go for Merlord's Starting Equipment and Tizzo's Useful Starting Spells

Complete ABC for Barbarians

More pictures to look at!

Not Clairvoyant Nerevarine

So that people, potions, doors and keys are unknown to Faargoth until he talks to, drinks, goes through and use all of the above.

Final Words

The image header on this page is KonradMW's who created a Fargoth Splash Screen.