Morrowind Spring Modjam 2021: in the begining

Morrowind Spring Modjam 2021: in the begining

The third edition of the Morrowind modding competition "MODJAM" is upon us and it's back with a revenge!

So basically...

Come April 3rd, modders have 48 hours to make a mod based on a theme announced minutes before the jam begins. Simple enough, right?
Modders can work alone or in teams.
Modders' resources are allowed (with permissions and credits of course)

About the theme...

Weeks leading up to the Modjam, themes have been suggested by the community
The week before the jam, you can vote in the first voting round to shortlist 10 themes.
An hour before the jam begins, the top 10 themes will be revealed and the community will vote one last time during a livesteam on Twitch, hosted by DarkElfGuy and myself.
You don't need to join the livesteam to vote, it's just a lot more fun that way ;)

That's nice, but I don't make mods...

Aha, we've got you covered! We want the Modjam to be a fun, quick event for everyone who loves Morrowind: modders and players alike.
To this end, we have a couple of side-competitions:

  • Best Screenshot: while others make a mod, players can play Morrowind and take a screenshot that best illustrates the theme. Just post it on the Nexus before Monday!
  • Modjam Trophy Hunt: a very special mod by Merlord will be available during the Modjam only! Install the mod, read the clue, find the trophy, take a screenshot as proof. First to find the trophy wins!

That's nice, but I don't compete...

Aha, we've got you covered! In addition to voting on the theme and joining the Livestream, you can simply play the Modjam mods and endorse your favourite: a special Player's Choice Award will be given based on Nexus metrics.

Ok! Where do I sign up?

You don't :) The Modjam is all about being in the moment! Just tune in for the livestream, make a mod, play mods, take a screenshot. Publish you mod/screenshot and tag it "modjam". That's it!
We even have a nice banner to put on your Nexus page:

Gotcha, first weekend of April and we're done!

Not quite... A week after the jam, we'll meet one last time on Twitch to chat with the mod authors, look at their mods and of course to reveal all the winners!

Right, but after that, we're done?

Yup. Spring Modjam over. Get ready for the May Modathon!
But that's another story for another time :)

Official Reddit Announcement from DEG

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