Morrowind : Perma-death, the show must go on

Morrowind : Perma-death, the show must go on

The Story

After a few successful weeks, our Khajiit monk was doing well, she had reached level 15, had some semi-decent gear and the future looked good.
So much so, we decided to adopt a new rule:
Difficulty = levelx2
It really seemed we had reached a perfect balance

Shortly after, this happened:

We proceeded to creating a new hero.


  • No Intervention spells
  • Pacifist run


  • Collect 5 of each beverages
  • Collect all 36 Sermons of Vivec
    We decided to make a Breton witchunter and picked a very young looking face from Westly's face replacer.
    Karine de la Tour (yup, it's a girl's name: Zeriver forced me to play a male character and but a female name) (yup, it sounds French, Neb pointed breton names should sound French) was a young Breton teens, he had never fought in his life and never intended to: even at such a young age, he could summon more than a few creatures to come to his aid.
    He joined the Temple, dreaming of the day he could meet Vivec in person. Until that day, he would learn from books and prayers.
    Life in Morrowind is harsh, even more so for an aspiring Witch-hunter. Karine resolved to travel to Seyda Neen to try and make a bit of gold for a Risong Force potion, the first items he needed for his Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces.
    Travelling along the roads of the Ascadian Isles is rather pleasant: most creatures are friendly and the sights are pretty.
    Then this happened:

What next?

We'll meet a next character next week, of course.
I've also made a fresh install and tweaked the modlist a tiny bit.
These are the main changes:


Real Signposts
Almighty Artifacts
Better Dwarver Specter - Mer and Maiden Edition
W.A.R.G (weaponized Ancestor ghots)
Starfire's NPC addtion - Westly's FCOT
CM Partners
Protective guards
Fletcher Mod
Morrowind Inhabitants Freeform
Controlled Consumtion
Happy Harvesting
Sophisitcated Save System
Expeditious exit


Complete Morrowind
MCN : Aldr'hun

Full modlist with links