Morrowind mods: January highlights

Morrowind mods: January highlights

Disclaimer: those are mods that I especially liked this past month and that found a permanent spot on my modlists. I do not claim they are the best mods, nor do I imply others are not good. I am in fact enjoying many other mods not listed here.

Intelligent Textures by Remiros

You want a vanilla look, in HD and atlased? All in one download and courtesy of Remiros. Done.

Smart Journal by Abot

If you are a player who loves quest mods but hates how cluttered your journal gets ("who the heck sent me to get the thingy somewhere?"), you will love Smart Journal. If nothing else, much like Sveng's Journal Search and Edit mod, the date that normally appears before every entry is now only at the top of the page. My favourite feature is how the quest list is now more organised and shows the name of the mod the quest comes from.

4NM_Perks by Archimag

This mod is for players who like to further customise their character's abilities. There are three parts to this mod:

  • skill perks: reaching levels 50, 75 and 100 in a skill grants a constant ability (called trick) or a powerful spell and relevant to the skill.
  • tiered-classes: as you level up and gain reputation, you get legendary points that let you pick tiered-classes. The first tier is easy: mage, fighter, and thief. Tier 2 lets you specialise (mage > sorcerer for example) or choose a hybrid class (mage > battlemage). To clarify, the class you picked or created during chargen remains the same, these are more like titles or specialisations that come with perks: fighters get more hit points, mages more spell points...

MM - Enhanced Telekinesis and MM - Enhanced Detection by OperatorJack, Kurpulio and RedFurryDemon

New improved spells to add to your Magicka Expanded arsenal: telekinesis now works as you'd expect: the item you target will come floating towards you. and detection spells get the Oblivion treatment and then some: different effects for keys, enchantments and creatures but also for corpses, doors, npcs...

Realistic Repairs - Addon by Corsair

This is a companion mod for Merlord's Realistic Repairs. Merlord did provide us with a plugin that added anvils here and there but CS work is simply not his specialty. It is however one of Corsair's (check out his lovely Barrows and house mods). This addon uses LondonRook's superb models so that now, cities, forts, and Fighters Guild have proper workbenches.

Atmospheric Delights by Lucevar

If there's a place in all of Vvardenfell that you want immersive and atmospheric, it's got to be Desele's House of Earthly Delights. Now with red lights, extra moonsugar, suggestive dialogues, and new npcs.

Indexes of Morrowind by WanderRa

This mods adds a number of documents listing information on mines, shipwrecks, strongholds... Very handy for anyone who doesn't know Morrowind by heart yet and doesn't want to feel like a cheat looking things up in the wiki. You might also like the much older but very informative Shakti's book of secrets.

People of Pelagiad by Caeris

A mod for people who like the idea of LGNPCs but not LGNPCs Pelagiad, or simply want to try something new. Caeris has given the people of Pelagiad something to say about their lives and occupation. I love that npcs from Animated Morrowind were given lines of dialogue too.

Class Description Tooltip by Merlord

During the chargen, you can now read about the class you are about to select. Especially useful with mods like Playable npc classes by Atrayonis that makes all vanilla classes playable as well as Tamriel Rebuilt classes.

Ebonheart Chapel redo by Denina

A simple mod that makes so much sense: the service npcs are not standing in the place of worship or in the bedroom, they now have a separate hall.

Honourable Mentions

The G93 Vanilla Quest Tweaks RP Choices Consequences Super Mega Package - Ultimate Edition by Gavrilo93

This not a new mod, but all of Gavrilo's main quest mods bundled into one. Neat.


Not a mod, not even new, but recently uploaded to the Nexus and a must-have. Get it, learn to use it. Testool cleans mods and merges objects. It also merges dialogues, but generations of modders have confirmed that it should not be used for this. Testool also reports conflicts between mods. If you want to read up on Morrowind modding tools, head over to Abot's website and check his modding guide for smarties

Gnisis Expanded Remaster by Craigor and Zobator

Gnisis is one of my least favourite cities in Morrowind (close second after Molag Mar) and Craigor's expansion was good even though it has issues. Zobator did an excellent job of cleaning up the old mod. I am especially thankful the landscape edits are gone (that means less compatibility issues with other mods).

Beautiful Books by Von Djangos

Lovely new textures for a few temple books and scrolls. If you like your books pretty, do yourself a favour and grab Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts. Sataniel's patch for the two mods is highly recommended especially if you are using Switchable Scriptures.

Better Bodies - hand fixes

An old mod from Lizail brought to the Nexus. Will fix those weird hands you get with Better Bodies.

Just mentions

These are mods that I worked on, so it feels a bit conceited to put them in my highlights, I do feel however that they are worth the download but it's really fine if you feel otherwise.

Starfire's npc additions - Danae's Edits

If you liked Starfire's mod but felt that there were too many npcs in town, the lost packed guars were annoying, the commoners attacking out of the blue made no sense, or the Orcs' names untrue to lore was not acceptable; then maybe give it another go with my edits. They fix all of the above and it's modular. My hand in this was minor, credit goes to Starfire for the original mod, Neoptolemus for the original scripts, Abot for the teleportation fix and everyone who ever complained about the mod pointing out issues :)

Ajira's Alchemy Reports Randomised

A collab with Merlord who did the hard work (sexy lua script) to make this mod plugin-less and compatibility-full (yes, I just made that word up). Simply put, every time Ajira asks you to find her stolen reports, they will be hidden in two of 20 locations within the Mages Guild.