Morrowind mods: August highlights

Morrowind mods: August highlights

Disclaimer: those are mods that I especially liked this past month and that found a permanent spot on my modlists. I do not claim they are the best mods, nor do I imply others are not good. I am in fact enjoying many other mods not listed here.

4NM_Training by Archimag

We're getting some interesting mods from Archimag, mods that may very well change how you play the game. With this one, your skill progression will vary depending on a number of factors: spell cost, enemy level, damage done, damage sustained. (Be warned, spamming cheap spells won't level your skill anymore!)

Morag Tong Polished by Caeris

Your one mod solution for the Morag Tong. This mod touches up, fixes, and improves most of the existing Morag Tong content. Keep in mind it won't be compatible with other Morag Tong mods (check out my Assassin Guide for a full list)

Security Enhanced by OperatorJack

A very nifty sexy mod to handle you lockpick and probe management. Much like Fliggerty's older Handy Equipping, you can assign a hotkey to equip a lockpick and another one for probes. You decide in the in-game menu if you want to equip your best, or worst lockpick. You can also set the mod to automatically equip your thieving tools when you activate a locked or trapped object. I personally enable this only for my expert thieves that have security as a major skill.

Morrowind Similar Word Generator by Wojtek

Hurray for a great modders resource! This nifty executable generated names for places based on existing names. Cherry on top, you can input your own set of words to get similar ones.

4NM_Antiwitcher by Archimag

I really like this! I've been a fan of NullCascade's Controlled Consumption since forever, but I really like Archimag's implementation. Basically, your stomach can only hold so much. Endurance, speed and alchemy will let you drink more potions faster. Even better, since this mod detects when I eat or drink in Ashfall, it's even more realistic. Not a great fan of the MessageBox "on-nom-nom", I would prefer a simple factual message but that's an easy edit.

Swiveller's Allsorts by Mr Swiveller

Oh boy oh boy, I was so thrilled to see Mr. Swiveller active on the Morrowind Modding Discord (You love mods, you love Morrowind, join already!). Naturally, I am delighted to see him revisit his old texture mods. The common tileset is possibly still my favourite to date. Fair warning, while beautiful the Imperial tileset is not to everyone's taste: check the screenshots.

Customizable MWSE Multi Mark and Harder Recall by Virnetch

If you are using Melian's Teleportation Mod you might want to try this instead.

  • New features:
    • limited/harder recall
    • number of possible marks based on Mysticism (also possible with Melian's if you use Abot's patch)
    • all of that can be configured in-game
  • Missing feature compared with Melian's:
    • store a list of companions and recall them to you at any time
    • companions do not teleport when intervention spells are cast.

Magicka Expanded by OperatorJack and RedFurryDemon

We've been waiting for a mod like this! For now, it comes with a bunch of bound spells as well as summon and teleport spells. But more importantly, it is a framework for spells so you can expect many more!(Melchior has already updated his good old Atronach Expansion to work with this)

Honourable Mentions

4NM_Combat by Archimag

I see a lot of potential in this mod. Right now, it needs polishing, less formula spamming and more documentation (I definitely need more feedback on what I am doing: did I perform an attack that gave me more crit? Did I get the bonus damage? Did I have any rage?...) Keeping an eye on this as it gets regular updates: the day we have MCM options, this will be gold!

4NM_Magic by Archimag

Lots of interesting game mechanics introduced in this! I especially like the fact that a creature that deals magical damage now has resistance to that damage to the point that they might be healed by it.
The other aspect is a form a skill synergy when it comes to how much damage is dealt. For example, the greater your Willpower, destruction AND restoration you have, the greater damage you deal with poison. Resistances to magic/elemental damage formula revised as well. All we need is the MessageBox with formula gone and clear message like 120% damage or 50% damage resisted.

TriangleTooth's Ecology Mod by TriangleTooth

A nice addition that makes a lot of sense: when a vanilla creature spawns, it may spawn a smaller version of itself (its offspring) or a dead creature (its prey). Most creatures are now less aggressive and will attack if you get close. Blighted creatures will attack anything that moves. I'd love to see the offspring with a slightly different texture: more realistic and easier to spot.

Realistic Healing and Injuries by Aracelliy

This mod is amazing. I LOVE how health regen is handled, and for that alone, it stays in my modlist. Maybe I feel the injury side of things needs a bit of tweaking: right now, a head injury will chop off 10 points of Willpower and you'll need to rest 8 hours to heal. I'd love to see the attribute damage vary (from 1 to 10 for example) and the recovery/resting time be proportional to the damage.

Skill-based Trap Detection by AdituV

Only an honourable mention simply because I haven't had a lot of time to play-test this. I am definitely keeping this in my modlist and a close eye on updates.