Morrowind Mod: Cannibals of Morrowind - Updated

Morrowind Mod: Cannibals of Morrowind - Updated


We've been playing with Cannibals of Morrowind in our permadeath Morrowind because it adds role-playing options ranging from cannibalism, of course to creepy rituals.
The mod is however very broken and it was not uncommon to see traders sell their brains, eyes, etc.
In addition, the price of the body parts were too high (400 septims a skull, in a land where necromancy is outlawed?)
As a result, I decided to update this otherwise fun mod. You will find it on the Nexus

Original mod:

  • NPCs, when killed, will have in their inventory an ingredient, just like creatures. These ingredients have properties befitting the race. All parts act as food, restoring fatigue.
  • Also, every NPC now has a skull, for those of you who enjoy collecting trophies. Each skull can act as a Mortar & Pestle of varying qualities.

Changes compared with the original mod:

  • Body parts removed from all trading classes.
  • Value of all ingredients reduced to 1
  • Values of most skulls reduced to 1. Vampire skull are worth between 200 and 400.
  • Halved drop chance for body parts.
  • Updated some graphics with more recent assets

Additions compared to the original mod

  • Sleeper, Ash Ghouls and Ash Vampires now have skull.


  • Drop in your Data Files or use you favourite Mod installer
  • Be sure to merge your levelled lists and objects.

!! Mod-added NPCs do not have body parts


  • Morandir Nailo for the original mod
  • Svartalfar for the vampire, Khajiit, ascended sleeper, ash ghoul and ash vampire skulls. Please endorse!
  • Rubberman for the Nord Leg replacer and the Orc skull. Please be sure to endorse his mods and visit his blog.

From Morandir's read me:

  • Elton, whose Edible Nord Leg mod inspired this.
  • Cow Guru and Argonian Warlord, for being adventurous and trying new...cuisine. (i.e. Testing!)
  • Smight Plight for the cat ears.
  • Barabas for the Argonian Skull
  • The brain, intestine, and eyeball meshes/textures are from Shannon's "Return of Hellhouse" mod.