Morrowind Challenge: The Full Random

Morrowind Challenge: The Full Random


This article gives you mods and/or spinning wheels to create a totally random character from stats and looks to goals and handicaps.
Results vary from fun to non-sensical but more often than not, very challenging. Every once in a while, you will get a character that makes perfect sense and everything that happens in game (including bugs) add to your character's story beautifully.
This is the quintessential "Elder Scrolls: When life gives you lemons, make limonade".

Chargen: race, gender, class, birthsign

Randomized Chargen (MWSE mod)

Perks of Randomized Chargen: races, classes, birthsigns, hair and heads added by mods can be randomly picks.

The Wheels

Spin for a number and click the left arrow as many times as the wheel says

Chargen: Name

MWSE Character Creation Name Generator (MWSE)

Super handy since the name is generated right there in-game. Also the names are very lore-friendly.
Argonian names in particular can be very funny. Extra points for Dunmer names AND traditionnal Ashlander names.

Elder Scrolls Name Generator Website

Pretty good, the names are less lore-friendly but a good substitute if you are using OpenMW rather than an MGE/MWSE install.

Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands

We are using this mod to randomise the following:

  • attributes values
  • skill values
  • starting spells
  • starting inventory
  • starting faction
  • starting location
    You could roll for a chance to start as a vampire werewolf.
    Optional companion too.

Merlord's Character Backgrounds (MWSE mod)

Totally optional but well worth the download. This mod give your character new traits and the effects are visible in your game. Backgrounds can (and in this case, should) be picked randomly.
No non-MWSE alternative I'm afraid!

Other mods that make things random

Abot's deleveller

This mod is hardcore but so much fun (especially at low level): all the levelled lists are delevelled. This means that regardless of the player level, the stringest enemies might spawn, but also the best loot might drop. Thanks Abot!

The Morrowind Randomizer

This mod by Mort moves major artifacts around for every new game you start. Quest items are untouched and there's an oracle (shrine) on the Southern Azura's Coast that whispers artifact locations.

More Traps

Another mod from Abot: every time you open a door or a container, there is a chance it is locks and/or trapped.

Raym's Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements 4.0

With this mod, the clothing of all vanilla npcs is different with every game. Warning: Caius may have a shirt!

Random npcs

Starfire's npc additions

This mods adds npcs to towns and cities as well as on the roads.
Daytime npcs in most city exteriors: commoners, workers, nobles...
Vampires, thieves and assassins in most city exteriors during the night.
Pilgrims and traders with their pack guars on the roads.


Shameless plug, this is my mod, it adds random npcs on the roads, some good (commoners, traders, companions), some bad (highwaymen, pick-pockets, muggers). You get to pick which npcs are added to your game or not. Works great with Starfire's mod.

Morrowind Comes Alive

Another popular npc addition mod, this one by Neoptolemus. Adds npcs to cities, including interior cells as well as on the roads and in dungeons. Features companions, wrenches and drunks.



These are optional and either go to RP or gameplay. Warning, it's really hard to forbid yourself things with out a mod! The only way I can do it is because I am livestreaming and the chat would call me out if I cheated :D

Other wheels