Mods of the Week: Sun's Dusk

Mods of the Week: Sun's Dusk

Week 1

Top Choice: Morrowind Crafting by Drac and Toccatta

Morrowind Crafting is a complex, extremely well-thought-out mod that lets you craft pretty much anything you see in your game: it introduced 9 new skills, they will improve as you craft various items, those skills contribute to your level (and multipliers) as miscellaneous skills do.

Suddenly, you could role-play a fletcher, making living hunting cliff racers for raw material, crafting arrows and selling them for a profit.

Once crafted, items, can be placed in the gameworld with great precision, they can be used, labelled, removed, placed elsewhere, etc.

If you are curious to see the mod in action, there's Drac's interview, Toccatta's interview, as well as a whole livestream about Morrowind Crafting.

While you are checking out Morrowind Crafting, take a look at Drac and Toccatta's Ancestor Companion mod ;)

Also, shameless plug, Ahead of the Classes adds 100+ classes, some of them really work great with Morrowind Crafting. For example, if you pick the class "Artisan", you start the game with a few tools from Morrowind Crafting.

Top-Choice: New Ilunibi by Seelof

I CANNOT decide between those two, ok? They're both great and should be on your modlist.

Remember Ilunibi?... Not really, right? Something... main quest... killed a dude... made you sick... but the place, not that memorable.

Seelof to the rescue! This Sixth House base is now a major dungeon, with vistas and dangers like we like them.

Is the eye-candy and the verticality not enough for you? Not a problem, 4 new quests await you in this massive overhaul of Ilunibi.

Full disclosure, Seelof's mods are great, I'm a big fan, but don't take my word for it, here's a showcase from DarkElfGuy of Seelof's previous mod, ReadMe, Library of Vivec Overhaul . I'd also like to take bets on how many times DEG will say "verticality" and he does showcase this mod ;)

Runner-up: S'wit Out Of Luck by Stripes

You might know it by now, I am a sucker for mods that make my game full of surprises, good or bad, and this is right up my alley. Each day, you have 10% chance to have a lucky day, or 10% to have an unlucky day.

Luck is an interesting attribute that contributes a little bit to the success of every action you do. So having a lucky day will not make you a god, nor will an unlucky day condemn you to certain doom.

I'd recommend using my own mod Lucky Loot together with this: for every 10 points of luck above 50, your loot from levelled lists thinks you are one level higher, potentially giving you better items. (I know, what's up with all the shameless plug today??)

A quick mention for Safety in Numbers that was published on the 31st of last month and I missed it. It's a cool little mod where your sleep in the wilderness cannot be interrupted if you have a companion watching over you. In fact, do take a look at Stripes mods, he's always like "here's just a little mod that does this simple thing" but they tend to be really nifty things ;)

Week 2

Top Choice: Privileges And Services by ArcimaestroAntares

A behemoth of a mod, now updated with new features. In a few words: a number of npcs will now offer services based on their class (agents will sort faction and bounty related issues, alchemists will brew specific potions, enchanters will find filled soul gems, scouts will take you to places, etc).

In addition, as you reach higher ranks in factions, you will be able to order lower rank members (send Mages to collect ingredients, send acolytes on pilgrimage, send Hlaalu to negotiate prices, send a Blade to spy on someone, etc.) You can also train guide members for money and help them reach the next rank. As they level up, they will perform their duties better. That's the very short version, there's loads more to discover!

I love, love, love this mod to pieces.

Arci spent a few hours on stream talking about his mod, we tried most of the factions. He's also done an interview.

Runner-up: Henwen the Pack Piglet by Tizzo

You'd think I'd be happy enough with Paxon, Tetra and Kolka, but no, I also need a pack Bristleback.

Henwen has all the features of Tizzo's other beast companions: warps to you, carries your stuff, fights for you, can be healed with the right food, etc.

Week 3

Top choice: Cloud Storage Warehouse by the Wanderer

I'll be honest, this is a mod I've wanted badly enough that I was making it. The Wanderer beat me to it and his mod does everything I wanted. This is in fact a modder's resource as well as a core mod. Very simply, it allows modders to place activators that look like themed containers. Those activators will sort items from the player's inventory and store them in a different cell. This means that it doesn't matter where the activator-that-looks-like-a-themed-container is, it will always access that central storage. For the modder, all you need to do is add those activators to your house and voilà, your house is part of the network. For the player, it means that you can own multiple houses, but still have access to all of your items.

The Wanderer has already made a few houses and inns work with cloud storage:

The Wanderer has been modding a lot lately, a few weeks ago, he also shared a number of modder's resources:

  • Statues. Very reminiscent of the classic Roman and Greek style, a good match for an Imperial home.

Runner-up #1: Fashionwind by Ruffin Vangarr and Safebox

Those glasses and goggles look cool because Ruffin makes cool models, but even better, you can wear them AND keep your hair or helmet. So far, due to engine limitations, goggles, hats, glasses would either take the helmet slot (and replace your hair and ears, or use the neck slot, or chest, or pauldron, often making other clothes and armour not compatible. We owe this to Safebox who did some coding magic, the mod is called Onion - Layered Headwear, it is a requirement for Fashionwind and I really hope more modders use it.

This week is pretty much Ruffin's: he'll be doing the interview and the livestream, keep an eye on the blog for the interview and YouTube/Twitch/Facebook for the livestream.

Runner-up # 2: Dwemer's Vestige by Vegetto

The image shows it all. Personally, I can't wait to get rid of those Mabrigashes and make my own camp there.

Week 4

Top Choice: Complete Duke's Guard Silver by Ruffin Vangarr

Ruffin again! What can I say --November– Sun's Dusk has been a good month :) A new armour set inspired by Skywind concept art, hot from the Imperial forges!

I won't repeat what's been said about/by Ruffin these last few days, check out the Livestream we did last week and/or the written interview.

Runner up: Starwind Enhanced by Billyfighter

While I don't play Starwind, I want to highlight both Starwind, a total conversion of Morrowind inspired by StarWars, and Billy's contributions to it. In this case, it's a collection of bug fixes, icons Better Bodies races. If you've ever done any of these for Morrowind,  you'll know how super tedious and time-consuming they are.

A while ago, BillyFighter released Starwind Endor, adding a little something the size of a plant, just that ;)

Runner-up #2: Daedric Primer by BjornTjockPals

A simple mod, but one never has enough lore-friendly books, especially when you can learn from them. In this case, learn Daedric.