Mods of the Week: Frostfall

Mods of the Week: Frostfall

Week 1

Top Choice: Arvesa -  An Arminger's Tale by Orion

While the mod is still being developed, it already shows great promises. Quality companion mods are too rare to pass up. Julan has been a major inspiration for Orion, the quality of this one is on par. Arvesa is fully playable right, now, and you can expect more quests soon.

Runner up: Morrowind Bodies Reimagined by Lamb Shark

To use a body replacer or not to use a body replacer, that is the question... that will forever divide the community. If like me, you cannot stand the segmented vanilla body but want something that fits in your game better than say, Better Bodies, you might want to give this mod a shot.

Runner up: River Rock Falls by TheWanderer and Denina

I realise house mods are not the most popular but this one stands out: the exterior is extremely pretty and the interior is perfect for organised pack rats.

The Garden is lovely: it has a definite Cyrodiil feel to it with its vibrant colours and cows. I imagine whoever commissioned the garden paid a pretty septims to have the flowers and cows imported :D I also love that the house is in a cell of its own, so there will be no conflict with other mods.

The interior is sober but pretty, leaving ample space to display and store just about anything in the game. Denina's use of modders resources is always tasteful. You will find all the amenities you'd expect of a house: kitchen, library, display area, bedroom, etc.

Week 2

Top Choice: Izi cities - Ald'ruhn by Izi

Izi has given us a number of city overhauls, some of them actually inspired RandomPal to make Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.

This version of Ald'ruhn is very vanilla friendly and the additions are very atmospherical. It includes a (reasonable) amount of lanterns, a few decorations, some street vendors, a whole manor for the player, and under-skar improvements.

The manor is also a standalone mod if you prefer that.

Runner-up: Ald'ruhn-under-Skar by Nwahs and Mushrooms Team

Another take on Skar, this one with more lanterns, banners, a few new platforms, and extra planters.

The 2 mods above will conflict with each other since they both change under-skar. Vegetto's Skar-face should be compatible with Nwahs' mods because it uses their mesh for under-skar but conflict with Izi's.

Runner-up: Tattoo Shirts for male characters by AlandroSul

This one will not appeal to everyone: first of all, you need better bodies and secondly, it adds "naked" clothing and sexy tats.

That being said, the mod is well-done, the tattoos are lore-friendly and it adds something to the game that we couldn't have otherwise.

Previously, the only way to get tattoos on your character was to replace the body of the whole race, meaning every other npc also had the tattoos.

Week 3 (22/10)

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