Mod of the Week: Sun's Dawn

Mod of the Week: Sun's Dawn

Week 1

Top-choice: Seph's NPC Soul Trapping by Sephumbra

What do we have here? Not much, just a flawless implementation of something we've been dreaming of for years! Using black soul gem (as per the lore) you can now soul trap npcs. The black soul gems can also soul trap creature souls, as any soul gem. The souls in black soul gems can be used as any other soul to enchant or recharge an item. Features an mcm menu so you can tweak to your taste.

Runner up #1: Camonna Tong by Caeris

Here's a faction that needed more love. In this mod, you'll be able to take over the Camona Tong and it all begins with a rumour in Pelagiad. Naturally, you can play this along with Caeris' other mods Morag Tong Polished and Vvardenfell Brotherhood but be warned that as a Thieves Guild member or representative of the Empire, you won't be allowed to join.  A shame, there are 40 quests waiting for your nefarious character.

Week 2

Top-choice: Smart Intervention by Abot

It's smart, it's magic, it's useful and it's immersive! Have you ever cast Divine intervention thinking you'd get to For Buckmoth in the blink of an eye, but landed in Wolverine Hall? With smart intervention, you have 2 options: once you have teleported to a place, you'll know if your spell will take you there again, or, if your mysticism is high enough, you can simply tell where the intervention spell will take you. Naturally, this is all configurable the in-game menu :)

Runner-up #1: The Dressing Room - Cloud Storage Compatible by The Wanderer

This mod adds a single room, but it is beautiful. It consists of three main areas: a lady's side, a gentleman's side, and a boudoir in the middle. There is tons of storage and like The Wanderer's recent mods, they are connected to his Cloud Storage system. That means that you can sort and access all your items from any containers connected to the system. No more "Oh no, I left my fire enchanted sword in my Pelagiad house, can't be bothered to run all the way back there!".

Last week, The Wanderer published another nifty mod that works with Cloud Storage: a Keyring. The idea is simple, all your keys are stored in your keyring. In addition, any key that is stored in your Cloud Storage will be automatically retrieved when you need it. No more "Why did I empty my pockets at home and leave all my keys there, I know there's always one key that I haven't used yet. sigh."

Runner-up #2: The magic rock of Maar Gan by DuoDinamico

DuoDinamico is RandomPal and Vegetto, and they deliver another immersive, lore-friendly improvement to a rather disappointing place in the game: the Shrine of Maar Gan. The rock itself has a new model (thanks to R-Zero), the shrine is reworked and the whole cell is improved to accommodate pilgrims. Warning, the mean Daedra is still there :D Because DuiDinamico aimed to please, you have multiple versions to choose from.

Both RandomPal and Vegetto been my guests during livestreams, here and there.

Week 3 and 4 (short week)

Top Choice: Wolverine Hall Overhauled by Heinrich Guil

A massive OMG for this mod and tons of <3. Some stunning new models arranged beautifully. The atmosphere is insane, make me want to sign up with every imperial faction just so that I can hang there more often. My only issue is this: all the other forts look sad by comparison, I can only hope Hein has plans to overhaul ALL the others. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Runner-up: Safebox's Compass by Safebox

This mod will be appreciated by anyone who plays modern games (i.e not 20 years old like Morrowind) and got used to having a compass.

Beyond that, it's also a pretty amazing achievement. We're not surprised, Safebox already delivered Onion - Layered Accessories a while ago, a mod that does the impossible (you can have a hat AND keep your hair!)

This compass is NOT a quest marker, instead, it has useful information such as where your companion is, where a key is (when using detect key spell) or where the nearest shop is.

You can even choose which style you prefer: Morrowind or Skyrim.

Runner-up #2: Slof's Muscular Skins for Better Bodies by AlienSlof

Vvardenfell is a harsh place, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Now your Nerevarine can be ripped and sexy. The piercing is a bonus. You're welcome.


On a different topic, I heard you, next months the newer mods will be right at the top of the article :)