Mod of the Week: Rain's Hand

Mod of the Week: Rain's Hand

Week 1

Top choice #1: Spines of Madness by Malbogatra

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air in your eyes (what?), this mod is for you. Explore the Sheogorad region anew with much verticality. If you've enjoyed  Rocky West Gash, you'll love this one too.

Top Choice #2: SM Morag Tong Armor by Shadow_Mimicry

A new Morag Tong Armour set, directly inspired by the concept art. Cherry on top, the MWSE version of the mod gives the armour sets to members of the faction. You get your own set when you officially join, beast races also get their helmet.

Runner up #1 and #2! The Spellmaker - an MWSE mod by Spammer and Staff Casting by midknightblu

These 2 mods are going to make your mage even more fun to play, possibly more powerful, and definitely more immersive. Finally, using a staff is more rewarding for a mage and you can create your own spells.

Equip and ready your staff, based on its quality, your chances of successfully casting a spell are improved.

Spellmaking is for true mages only: you'll need to have at least one major skill in magic and you cannot create a spell for a given school of magic if you are not proficient in it.