Ludum Dare 35

Ludum Dare 35

The story

Ok, I'll be honest, Ludum Dare and gamejams in general were not my scene until I met my boyfriend. But you know what they say: better late than never! Regardless, I took my gamejam duties seriously: bring moral support and food to Aurel while he makes a game in 48 hours. Almost as good as making a game myself, right?
The very idea of streaming at all didn't come from me, but from Aurel. Sadly, at the time, our Internet connection prohibited livestreams so instead we made videos of the top 10 games for LD35.
Full disclosure, I am simply not good at platformers, arcade games, twin stick shooters... and needed Aurel's help more than once to beat those games. It was a lot of fun to make the commentary while watching him play.

The games

  • 10 Murdershifter
    10 Abduckted
    10 Size matters
  • 8 Shieft
    8 Squircle
  • 7 Duality
  • 6 Endless Shipshiter
  • 5 Paperchase
  • 4 I have Brig Plans
  • 3 Spaceshifter
  • 2 The Ooze
  • 1 Windowframe

The videos

Here's the playlist with the top 12 games (as voted by the community).


This is Aurel's entry for LDJAM35. It is one of my favourite featuring a (space) (ninja) kitten.

And here's the LDJAM website with thousands of (free) games, some made it to Steam too!