Ludum Dare 36

Ludum Dare 36

The Story

This LD was special for a couple of reasons: On a personal level, LD36 took place the very day we moved in our first London flat-share.
Imagine this: Aurel and I with our heavy suitcases, sitting at Gregg's (awful coffee, no wifi, never went again), Aurel working on his game, me keeping busy with to-do lists (I love those), waiting for our room to be available.
Fast-forward a few hours later, in our room, with nothing but a bed, a table and a chair, Aurel making a game, me unpacking things and checking Google Maps to find a store with food, pillows and blankets.
I can tell you are curious about that: it was a Saturday and I found no pillows, that first night we used towels as pillows and coats as blankets. Lucky for Aurel, he didn't sleep much because he was making a game.
The second reason that made this LD stand out is the fact that there were not going to be any ratings: LudumDare was transitioning from the old website to a new one and there were issues (for the longest time): a number of features were not implemented yet.

The Let's Plays

These let's plays are rather unique because I was playing, or trying to play all these games. Occasionaly I had to call Aurel to the rescue.
I keep saying I cannot play platformers, twin stick shooters... I should rephrase: I cannot play them well, and I feel that in the case of gamejams, people want to see their games played, not failed at.

Here's the full playlist
(links to the individual games are provided in the description of each video.


  • The LudumDare website with thousands of games waiting to be played and information on the future jams.
  • Aurel's game : A renowned archaeologist (and nothing else) inherits a family estate with an ancient temple.
    Explore, decipher, solve puzzles, play games, discover the secret of the Lastey estate!
  • My let's play of Aurel's game: