Lucky Coins: A Morrowind Mod

Lucky Coins: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

It had been a while since I had modded anything new, I was of course, still working on Pegasus Estate from time to time but inspiration had not struck for a while.
And then: Modathon! It was almost the end of the month and I only had a few days (a weekend, really) to publish a mod.
I had recently played Diablo 2 and I liked the charms very much, in fact I had already created the scripts for the lucky coins in Adanumuran Reclaimed so it really was a matter of expanding on that and finding a way to keep the whole thing balanced.
In addition to the scripts, I needed a special texture for the coins and used True Gold which I also tweaked.

The mod

On the Nexus

  • This mod adds very rare coins that will grant you minor buffs so long as you have them in your inventory.
  • There are 90 different coins in total with a total of 45 effects
  • The coins have a very small chance to be found in containers where you would normally have a random amount of gold.
  • The lucky coins have their own retexture.
  • The buffs come in 2 flavours, minor and major but are kept small so as to not being unbalancing.
  • You now have the choice between 3 esp to decide how rare the coins are.

Not cells were modified in an way but you will need to merge your leveled lists