Light Elves [beta]: A Morrowind Mod

Light Elves [beta]: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

By now you know how I pick the mods I review: fairly new modder, or a mod I would play myself.
In Morrowind, I love creating my characters and finding the mods that will make that character fun, so a race mod with RP in mind was right up my alley.
It was obvious the author had put a lot of thought in his mod and had greats plans for it.
Sadly, the mod has been pulled out of the Nexus, a shame really, there was some potential there.

The review

Name: LightElves
Author: Psalmist


Light Elf or Ljósálfr
The Light Elves are descendants of the Aldmer and ancient friends with the Psijic order. The obligations of the seliffrnsae (grave and faithful counsel) to the rulers of Morrowind, still has a part in their culture. However they will only rise to fulfill that duty during times of crisis. The manipulation of nature and spiritual awareness are the forces that gather their power rather than commonly understood action of magicka. They have only a small fraction of the power taught them by the Psijic order, but are willing to use it to rescue Morrowind. Persecuted in ancient times by other elves, they fled to Jerral Mountains where they live hidden and cloistered lives. They reject both the Imperial cult and the Temples' teaching, though are friendly toward both, and may join either as needed. They seek instead the "Unknown God." They are race of cenobites that have dedicated themselves to spiritual things, nature, and helping others. Prayer, meditation, and service to each other (sometimes other races if urgent), has made them spiritually adept. Sequestering themselves away in the woods has made them hardy and handy with an ax. They fight best without armor as it tends to restrict their spiritual weapons.
The idea of a race that can play through without armor or weapons, that uses magicka exclusively has always appealed to me.
This mod is an attempt at that.