Let's Play: OneHourGameJam

Let's Play: OneHourGameJam

The Story

Aurel has been a long time participant in [LudumDare] with quite [a few games] to prove it.
It so happened that one day, he fancied making a game but LudumDare was still weeks from then and having heard of [OneHourGameJam] on the LudumDare irc, he gave it a go.
It was later still that we were asked if we could stream the games at the end of the jam.
During longer gamejams, I am the support troups but Aurel and I don't really do anything together, likewise, when I stream, Aurel is around but we don't talk all that much, so streaming 1hgj was a perfect fit for us, to do what we like together <3
The stream themselves are short, typically between 1 and 2 hours, but they are always a lot of fun as some games are bound to be buggy or incomplete but mostly because the gamedevs are in the chat.
There are no ratings, no ranks, you make a game,someone plays it, comments are made, sometimes good, occasionally bad, but always in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
I will also add that the 1hgj community is truly a great place to be: the support and friendships are real.
All the info you'll ever need:
The website with all the games
The discord
Aurel's 1hgj games

The video

I exported last week's stream to have something to show you, it is not the longest, or the best stream, just the last one ;)