Rishajiit - A companion quest mod

Rishajiit - A companion quest mod

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Ask about Latest rumors in Pelagiad to meet Latte.  

Basic companion features:

  • follow and wait, warp to player, levitate and water-walk with player, sneak with player
  • constant water breathing
  • move aside topic
  • companion share
  • companion level up (optional if you prefer to use a different mod such as companion leveller)
  • skill report

Unique companion features

  • Latte has unique voiced lines in the best Kahjiit voice ever (Vegetto's).
  • Latte purrs when idle or resting.
  • ask Latte to forage (he'll look for firewood, flint, and food).
  • tell Latte to sit down.
  • tell Latte to lie down.
  • quick equip topic: no armor, no helmet, no robe, gear up.
  • Ask Latte "Do you think...? he replies things like "Definitely, Yes, Not really, etc at random.
  • Ask Latte "Where to next?" and he'll make suggestions like rest, shop, explore, all of it based on where you are, your skills, your health, and your gold.

Unlockable features as the player levels up

  • Latte will train to learn new spells or improve spells he knows: he'll need a trainer and money most of the time, and some spells are tied to a simple quest.
  • Latte will improve his armour (5 short quests)
  • Latte will spar with the player with a staff (up to 5 times)
  • Latte will recall to his home with you. (Cave made by Vvardenfellstormsage)
  • Latte can cast detect animals and enchantments for you.
  • Latte will learn to cure diseases, first common then blight.

New quests (in addition to the quests that unlock the above feature)

  • Solve the mystery of mudcrabs attacking a settlement. 5-part quest featuring riddles and a dungeon by Seelof. (also a small one by yours truly)

Rishajiit are a subrace of Khajiit, a beast race native to the province of Elsweyr. They are known for their natural agility and stealth, as well as their magic which sets them apart from other Khajiit. Rishajiit are born during a rare lunar event and are considered to be more mysterious than other Khajiit.

Racial bonuses:  

Alteration, Mysticism and Sneak (+10)

Racial Powers:  

  • Night-eye (night eye)
  • Eye of Fear (demoralize humanoid)
  • Eye of the Kitten (calm humanoid)
  • Cat-quick (Sanctuary, speed)
Sample heads and ears
  • The gear is available in shops, it is otherwise obtainable through quests with Latte.
  • The Chitinetch armour set includes a cuirass. bracers and beast leggings. Chitinetch is lighter than Chitin and is a bit more enchantable
  • A headwrap with and without a scarf.
  • A mudcrab helm with and without a scarf.
Chitinetch gear


  • Audacity: Audio file edits
  • Archimaestro Antares: the sparring scripts, and dialogues (modified)
  • Bethesda Softworks: Morrowind and the Construction Set.
  • ChatGPT : dialogue improvements
  • Dimnussens: The Rishajjit race, body, hair, and faces, the chitinetch cuirass and bracers, the fancy headband model (modified). For starting all this <3
  • Emma: the detect dialogue topic and scripts (modified)
  • Kurp: portal effect
  • Melchior Dahrk: Azurah model
  • Merlord: the flint and firewood models
  • Nifskope: nif edits
  • Psychodogs Studio: Better bodies meshes for the Khajiit
  • Rubberman: the crab helm model (modified), the companion script (modified)
  • Seelof: Final dungeon for Latte's quest (Unmarked cave)
  • TheLys: skill report script
  • Vvardenfellstormsage: Cave Dwelling
  • Vegetto: Latte's voice
  • Vidi_Aquam: sitting and lying animations
  • Voicechanger: to edit Azurah's line