Immersive Seyda Neen: A Morrowind mod

Immersive Seyda Neen: A Morrowind mod

The Story

A mod I fell in love with and now my go to Seyda Neen mod. Enough said.

The review

Immersive Seyda Neen
Author: DremoraLord98

Description from the mod page

Immersive Seyda Neen's goal is to make Seyda Neen more Immersive by adding more Clutter, detail, and an overall better feel to the village. This mod does not aim to expand Seyda Neen, only to add more detail to what is already there. I tried to keep this mod as friendly to the Vanilla game as possible.

My view on this mod

Extremely promising, DremoraLord98 said he would be updating the mod based on the feedback he got and I am looking forward to the update.
This version of Seyda Neen is just right, detailed but not over-cluttered, simple but eye-candy nonetheless. Does what it says on the tin :)