Gnisis Imperial Trader: A Morrowind Mod

Gnisis Imperial Trader: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

Now this mod is from a seasoned modder that I really appreciate.
Crankgorilla is a master of using Morrowind resources and giving them life.

The review

Gnisis Imperial Trader
Author: DAWW Crankgorilla


This mod adds a store to Gnisis, in the foothills to the left of the pavilion. A merchant with 8g will see to most things. There's another trader inside the store selling ingredients under the guise of a hunter. He has some scripted items in an animated chest. His money is less so for ingredients there's room for another better trader elsewhere. The 8g for the main trader will be good for regular use but is not more uber than the mudcrab. Not tested their disposition too much but it's probably close to neutral. Both traders have a combined total of 45 lines of dialog which is triggered each time you greet in random assignment. Also in random assignment is what the main merchant will sell. Out the back is a variety of crates which are leveled list crates. That means the get assigned random stuff when the area loads. There are some set items as well, new things like tapestries or decorative items which have scripts for accurate placement. The script needs Tribunal. There's potions and a new ingredient and plant. There's also a globe of Morrowind and mounted heads and lanterns for light and rare gemstones and paintings and plants for sale to decorate your home. Hmm, what else? There's some included things to do, scripted things and repeatable opportunities for payment. All the associated scripts can be looked at for modders and the resources within used in other mods. Credits are included for ease of tracking and can be updated if any missing. If one wants to use the items as is, ID and all that's fine but if any changes are made, change the ID so it doesn't over-ride my settings. It would be good too as I'll be doing another mod not related to merchantry, so the items may float around somewhat, as they would in a trade environment.

My views

I always love a bit of variety and Gnisis is such a boring place. Some items to decorate your home, miniquests for a bit of cash, travelling to Gnisis is not such a drag anymore :)

  • something new in Gnisis
  • clever use of modders' resources
  • good wares
  • miniquests
  • informative trader, will give you info on miniquests.
  • the counter is a bit too high, but I'll live.
  • dwemer pipes a bit out of place, I'll still live
  • Clavis' medalions, while gorgeous, stand out too much (a matter of personnal taste)
    I'd recommend Crankgorilla's other mods as well, he has a knack for using modders' resources and making Morrowind yet more interesting to explore.