Friends and Frens

Friends and Frens

Friends and Frens is a large companion mod with NPC companions, creature companions, and quests.

1/ New Companions

Notes on NPC companions

You will recognise some companions from MCA and CMPartners. Most of everything has been changed, apart from the names, the face/hair (if any) and the general background (again, if any). This is a nod to MCA and CMPartners, two mods that I've used and loved for years.
  • All NPC Companions have a default spawn location. If you have MWSE, Companions can spawn in 4 different locations every game.
  • Basic companion features include the "meet me in" topic.
  • There are 3 types of NPC companions: Stealth, Combat and Magic.
  • When your level is higher than your companion's, they will ask you to train them. If you accept, they will level up once every day they spend with you.
You can refuse to train your companion if you are using Kleidium's excellent Companion Leveler.
  • At levels 5, 10 and 15, companions get new spells/abilities depending on their type.
  • All companions have a unique feature: conditions to recruit them, personal quest, likes and dislikes, unique items, pet synergy...
  • Most quests begin by talking about "Background". Most quest progress with the topic "Conversation".
  • For mods that make Companions more manageable/useful, see my guide here.

Akul (4) Argonian Bounty Hunter (Combat)

  • Found in Slave Markets
  • Won't join you if you have recruited Daric Bielle but can help with Daric's quest
  • Training service
  • Quest starts when Akul is in Tel Arhun at level 7.
  • Reward: Stronger companion, gets stronger as you free slaves.

Amalie (10) Breton Mercenary and former Priestess of Akatosh

  • Found in Tel Mora
  • Lawful, Amalie will not stay with a known criminal
  • Quest to uncover Amalie's past
  • Reward: Stronger companion

Ana Indoril (14) Dunmer Ordinator (Combat)

  • Found where Ordinators hang
  • She won't join you/will leave you if you have freed Shareel.
  • She won't join you/will leave you if you have a large bounty (500+) on your head.
  • Can be re-instated as an Ordinator.

Anjoli (2) Bosmer Sharpshooter (Stealth)

  • Found at Imperial Forts
  • Wants a promotion in the Imperial Legion
  • Stronger companion with unique gear.

Annah Indaren (14) Dark Elf Drillmaster (Combat)

  • found in Redoran manors
  • will not join / will leave  if you are Hlaalu or Telvanni
  • her quest starts if you are Redoran and she trusts you.
  • training services: Blunt, Long Blade, Axe
  • reward: a stronger companion with a new cuirass

Annika (6) Nord Smith (Combat)

  • Found in Smith shops
  • Avenge Annika's sister, starts in Imperial/Nord settlements.
  • Repair service
  • Reward: A stronger companion with a new weapon.

Aria (2) Breton Mabrigash (Magic)

  • Found in Grazelands outcast camps
  • Spellmaking services
  • Won't join you if you are a high-ranking member of the Temple.
  • Quest starts at level 7 and continues after you meet Sul-Matuul.
  • Reward: A stronger companion with new spells (in addition to the ones she gets as she levels up).

Arran (14) Dremora Reaver (Combat)

  • Found in Bal Fell
  • Will anger Edward

Chari (3) Breton Spellsword (Magic)

  • Found on the roads between Ebonheart and Hla Oad, by way of Seyda Neen.
  • Won't join you if you are an Orc, and will leave you if you pick an Orcish companion.
  • Sells spells

Cornelius (8) Redguard Artificer (Combat)

  • Found near Dwemer Ruins that begin with an "n"
  • repair and enchant services
  • Can upgrade Clicker, the Spider Centurion.
  • Show Cornelius Dwemer Schematics to start his quest.
  • Show Cornelius a special Dwemer book to teach him a spell.
  • Reward: A stronger companion with better armour and able to summon a Sphere Centurion

Covis (4) Breton Spellsword (Combat)

  • found in Telvanni towns
  • quest starts if the player is House Telvanni
  • won't join you / will attack you if you are Mages Guild
  • Reward: stronger companion

Driyami Akaasul (4) Dunmer Spellsword (Magic)

  • found where Propylon Indices can be found
  • Quest: unlock the secrets of the Propylon Chambers
  • Reward: Sriyami can teleport you to any Dunmer Stronghold

Edacsacl Lun, Breton Battlemage (Magic)

  • found in Telvanni Lord towers
  • quest: help Edacsacl Lun study soul gems
  • some information on Enchant and Soul Gems
  • reward: stronger companion

Edward (14) Breton Witchhunter (Combat)

  • Found near Daedric ruins in the Azura's Coast region
  • Will attack / will not join you if you have freed Arran and/or Zharna
  • Quest starts at level 16
  • Reward: stronger companion

Elira (14) Dunmer Necromancer (Magic)

  • Found near tombs in the West Gash region
  • Helps Erik
  • Won't join members of the Temple
  • Can be ratted out to the temple

Erik the Rotten (5) Zombie Veteran (Combat)

  • found in Bitter Coast tombs
  • Erik rots over time (slower and weaker)
  • Elira can help him

Gharsh (14) Orc Savant (Stealth)

  • Can only be recruited via Kagha's quest
  • Needs help tracking down a book
  • Reward: Bonelord pet and stronger companion.

Grimm, (1) Breton Mage (Magic)

  • joins in Seyda Neen if you want him instead of Jiub or Nolob gro-Koot. (latest rumours topic)
  • sells spells
  • Grimm is in Seyda Neen looking for an artifact and a mentor. Can he find both?
  • Teach Grimm a new ability based on your skills
  • Reward: A stronger companion with a new ability

Hognard, (10) Nord Veteran (Combat)

  • joins in Dagon Fel
  • wants to earn a seat in Sovengarde
  • reward: Reputation / Stronger companion

Ilditt "FancyCat", Khajiit Thief (Stealth)

  • found in Pelagiad jail
  • quest: help Ilditt get the hat of his dreams
  • Ilditt sits when he feels like it
  • reward: a better companion with a fancy hat, Ilditt will sit if you ask him to

Jiub, (1) Dunmer Assassin (Stealth)

  • Joins in Seyda Neen if you want him instead of Grimm or Nolob gro-Koot. (latest rumours topic)
  • has a Dead Cliff Racer counter
  • quest after 20+ racers are killed

Kargha (10) Orc Master-at-Arms (combat)

  • in Fighters Guilds
  • quest starts if you have 65 intelligence or more
  • reward: a new companion and Kargha is stronger.

Nobul gro-Koot, (1) Orc Marauder (Combat)

  • Joins in Seyda Neen if you want him instead of Grimm or Jiub. (latest rumors topic)
  • needs help to find cloth sacks hidden in the bitter coast
  • reward: companion buff + gear for him.

Shareel (14) Winged TwilightBattlemage (combat)

  • Found in West Gash, in ruins
  • Reward: Stronger Winged Twilight pet

Varthaal Drolrem Dunmer, Hunter (Stealth)

  • found in the Grazelands
  • quest: help an Ashlander
  • Knows A LOT about bushcraft and how to survive in the wilderness
  • Occasionally give crafting material.
  • Reward: Stronger companion

Yara, Dunmer Apothecary (Magic)

  • Found in her Yurt, Grazelands
  • Quest: ??
  • Yara will harvest plants as she walks (MWSE)
  • Yara can brew a few potions
  • Reward: Stronger companion, better Restore Health potions and a pet Shalk

Yarinil: Altmer Healer (Magic)

  • Found in Imperial Cult shrines
  • Does not tolerate Daedra worshippers
  • Heals the player (MWSE)

Zharna (14) Dremora Succubus (Magic)

  • Free her from Tel Branora Dungeon
  • Will anger Edward

2/ Vanilla NPC companions

Daric Bielle (8) Breton Hunter (Combat)

  • Suran, House of Earthly Delights
  • Complete "The Drunken Bounty Hunter" quest to recruit
  • will turn on you if you have a high bounty
  • find a cure for his drinking problem

Hides His Eyes (7) Scout (Combat)

  • Suran, Tradehouse
  • Complete "The Drunken Bounty Hunter" quest to recruit
  • offers training
  • refuses to join / leaves if Akul is with you

Gilvas Barelo (14) Dunmer Priest (Magic)

  • Holamayan Monastery
  • Training services: Long Blade, Destruction, Block
  • Complete the Blades quest Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies to recruit him.
  • He gets stronger once the player becomes the Nerevarine.

Gindrala Hleran (5) Dunmer Commoner (Stealth)

  • Ald-ruhn
  • kill the ash creature in her home after you have defeated Dagoth Gares in Ilunibi to recruit her.
  • personal quest
  • reward: ancestral ghost pet, stronger companion and a unique amulet for Gindrala.

Fargoth (2) Bosmer Gambler (Stealth)

  • Seyda Neen
  • Return his ring, of course
  • has a special pet

Umbra (20) Orc Warrior (Combat)

  • Near Suran
  • Convince Umbra to live
  • Fight him to death for his sword

Zennammu (14) Dunmer Mabrigash (Magic)

  • Shashurari Camp
  • Complete the Imperial Legion quest Rescue Jocien Ancois to recruit

3/ Vanilla NPC companion without quests

Nedhelas (5) Bosmer Archer (Combat)

  • Caldera
  • Complete "Imperial Cult: The Haunting" quest

Novor Drethan (8) Dark Elf Battlemage (Combat)

  • Dissapla Mine
  • Complete "Fighters Guild: The Dissapla Mine" quest

Rasha (7) Argonian Trader (Combat)

  • West Gash Region, west of Ald-ruhn
  • Complete "The Shirt of His Back" quest.

Sosia Caristiana (13) Breton Healer (Magic)

  • North-west of Caldera
  • Complete the Recovering Cloudcleaver quest

Pania Cadiusus (8) Imperial Mage (Magic)

  • In Nchuleftingth
  • Complete the Mages Guild quest Nchuleftingth Expedition

Only-He-Stands-There (13) Argonian Healer (Magic)

  • Balmora
  • Complete the Mages Guild quest Unsanctioned Training

Okur (2) Argonian Shaman (Magic)

  • Hla Oad
  • Complete Imperial Cult quest Restless Spirit

Minabibi Assardarainat (5) Dunmer Wise Woman (Magic)

  • Favel Ancestral Tomb
  • Complete the Mages Guild quest Meeting with a Wise Woman

Listien Bierles (2) Breton Sorcerer (Magic)

  • Maar Gan
  • Complete Mages Guild quest Huleen's Hut

Iveri Llothri (15) Dunmer Witch (Magic)

  • in the Grazelands
  • complete the quest Widowmaker

Tsiya (4) Khajiit Acrobat (Stealth)

  • home in Blamora
  • bring her skooma pipe

Tinos Drothan (8) Dunmer Trader (Stealth)

  • Ascadian Isles, north of Vivec
  • Complete quest The Angry Trader

Nels Llendo (6) Dunmer Thief (Stealth)

  • south of Pelagiad
  • agree to his demand

Bugrol gro-Bagul (7) Orc Thief (Stealth)

  • Near Caldera
  • Complete the Favors for Orcs quest

Aeta Wave-Breaker (4) Nord Bard (Stealth)

  • East of Caldera
  • Complete the Aeta Wave-Breaker's Jewels quest
  • quest missing jewel

4/ New Creature Companions

Notes on Beast Companions

Unlike npcs, Creature companions do not level up. They have basic follow/stay commands, some have an inventory.

Most creatures can be found in the wild, and few can be bought from Tamers (in towns, camps, or roads near towns.

Some creatures have a synergy with a companion: they get a permanent buff to their stats.

You can heal your pets to their full heal if you have a pet treat. Buy those from Tamers, traders, publicans and alchemists.

Clicker, Dwemer Spider Centurion

  • found in Dwemer towers near Dagon Fel
  • can be improved by Cornelius

Mauve, Winged Twilight

  • found near Daedric Ruins in the West Gash region
  • becomes stronger with Shareel

Nibbler, Rat

  • recruit via Companion Fargoth

Spook, Bonelord

  • recruit via Companion Ghrash

Turyo Hleran, Ancestral Ghost

  • recruit via Gindrala Hleran companion quest

5/ Creature Tamers

  • Alit tamer: Ascadian Isles, near the roads between Amaya Lake and Suran.
  • Nix-Hound tamer: West Gash region, near the roads between Balmora, Caldera and Ald-run.
  • Scrib tamer: Ascadian Isles, in egg mines
  • Wolf tamer: Solstheim in halls and drinking places.
  • Shalk tamer: near Ashlander camps
  • White guar tamer: in the Grazelands
  • Pack guar tamer: at Drulene Falen's, west of Ald-ruhn.
  • Pack rat trainer: Vivec, St olms, Yngling Manor.