Daggerfall Unity: A Let's Try

Daggerfall Unity: A Let's Try

The Story

I did try Daggerfall a long time ago when Bethesda released it for free. I somehow managed to get out of Privateer's Hold, the game crashed and I forgot about it.
Since I started the Elder Scrolls series with Morrowind, I guess I don't have any particular feeling about Daggerfall but I had been told enough times that Daggerfall is great to want to give it another go someday
Enters Daggerfall Unity a complete re-write using the Unity engine.
When I found out about this project, I decided to not worry about Daggerfall until they came out of beta.
That was the plan, at least, one sunny Friday, I decided to give it a go...

The let's try

This is the video from my livestream on the Girlstreamers_Inc channel, I encourgage you to check it out, our stream team plays pretty much any and every genre (even Daggerfall :3 )