Containers: A Morrowind Mod resource

Containers: A Morrowind Mod resource

The Story

Care to guess why I created this? Yup, Pegasus Estate . While I wanted a place for everything in my house, I didn't want everyroom to look like a cellar full of crates and basket.
I felt that creating object that looked like a pile of books to tidy books in was a double win: it was easy to find my books (unlike rows of labelled chests) and, the room would look like it has books in it.
Making the mod was rather simple as I used nifskope to cobble up the pieces I wanted, I even re-modified some ovjects from hold it to make then sit nicely on a flat surface


The mod


This mod is a resource pack for modders and adds nothing ingame.

The new containers look like what they are meant to contain, for example, the container called “Shirts” is actually a pile of shirts; the one called “fruits” is a basket full of fruits, etc.

The complete list of containers is as follow:

For the study:

• soul gems
• scrolls
• apparatus
• books (a pile and a line)
• All qualities of potions
• Writing set (version 1.3)
• Smaller soul gems containers (version 1.4)
• Animated (filled) soul gems (version 1.4)
• Blackened soul gems (Blashphemous revenants) (version 1.4)
• Various salts (version 1.4)

For the closet:

• robes
• shirts
• pants
• shoes
• accessories
• jewellery
• perfumes and cosmetics
• light armour
• medium armour
• heavy armour

For the pantry and the household:

• various cookie jars
• dairy and cheese
• meat
• fish
• fruits
• vegetables (redone for version 1.3)
• sacks
• plates
• bowls
• cutlery
• glasses (2 versions, 1 added with 1.3)
• bottles
• key box

For the artisan:

• logs
• resin and wax
• cloth and spool
• ores and glass
• straw
• clay
• sand
• hides and pelts
• ingots
• hammers

For the cellar:(new in version 1.3) Hanging baskets containing...

  • fish
  • logs
  • bottles
  • apples
  • flowers
  • haystacks
  • bolts of cloth
  • tubers
  • comberry
  • kwama eggs
  • bread
  • pillows

for the armoury: (new in version 1.3)

• Set of light armour
• Set of medium armour
• Set of heavy armour
• Mix of clothing
• Swords
• Spears
• Staves

Hand baskets containing... (version 1.4)

• accessories
• bread
• skooma and moonsugar
• corprus meat
• gems, hides
• scrap metal
• bones
• kitchenware
• writing supplies

Open baskets containing... (version 1.4)

• bathing supplies
• bread
• clothes
• flasks
• alchemical supplies
• flowers
• juices
• utensils
• sweing supplies
• toys
• logs
• scribe's supplies
All the containers start with the name ‘aa_” and an interior called ‘ Containers’ shows them all.
I heartily recommend Phaedrus’ animated containers as some of my container were made to fit in his.


Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon
If using the TR containers: Tamriel Rebuilt
If using the Com containers: Children of Morrowind
If using the MoreGems container: More gems
This is because Containers does not include the textures from these mods.


Unzip in your Data Files directory
Launch the CS, tick Containers.esp, make the more you are working on active.

Known issue

You will get an error message if you use the TR, CoM and More gems containers without those mods installed.


Version 1.0: original release.
Version 1.1: 2 new books containers and a series of MC containers
Version 1.2: 7 new containers for potions (all qualities plus a mix of potions)
Version 1.3: writing set, new bottles, armour set (chitin, bonemold and ebony) weapons racks (swords, spears and staves), vegetables redone, and brand new hanging baskets
Version 1.4: handbaskets (bathing supplies, bread, clothes, flasks, . alchemical supplies, flowers, juices, utensils, sweing supplies, toys, logs, scribe's supplies) and open baskets (accessories, bread, skooma and moonsugar, corprus meat, gems, hides, scrap metal, bones, kitchenware, writing supplies) , animated soul gems, smaller soul gems, blackened soul gems, various salts