Black Mirror: A review

Black Mirror: A review

The Story

The Black Mirror series is something I played with Aurel (we usually play point'n'click adventures).
The games were fun enough that I felt they deserved a review on Steam.

The review

I enjoyed Black Mirror enough that I am playing Black Mirror II and III as well.

  • Graphics look a bit dated but are far from off-putting imo.
  • Sounds contribute to the creepy and mysterious atmosphere of the game with one noticeable exception: voice acting! The main character in particular is so bad it's funny. The lines are corny at times too but again, it was all rather funny.
  • The story is engaging even though, as many players, I found the ending somewhat disappointing and the aforementioned voice-acting and dialogues sometimes broke immersion.

Overall, a good point'n'click adventure game with the pitfalls of its genre: you will occasionally walk back and forth trying to find the bit you missed to move on with the story or conversely, you will find a hammer conveniently lying there to solve a puzzle you’re currently dealing with or having to enter a room five times to trigger the next bit of dialogue.

Note: the voice-acting is better in the second and third game.