Bardic Inspiration: A Morrowind mod

Bardic Inspiration: A Morrowind mod

The Story

A Morrowind mod, for a bard character? And you really thought I wouldn't be all over that?

The review

Bardic Inspiration
Author: Merlord


This mod adds a lute in Halfway Tavern, in Pelagiad, that lets you perform in taverns and earn gold. Higher speechcraft increases payout amount.
Includes 10 beautifully recorded lute recordings to choose from.
You can also perform on the road to give a slight boost to fatigue.

Other bard mods mentioned:

Xar's Better Lutes
IllTempered's Complete Lute

I loved

  • Simple and balanced mod that allows you to role-play a bard with benefits.
  • 10 songs to choose from or to accompany you in your travels

I'd like to see

  • more than 10 songs?
  • Could have a small quest to acquire the loot ( matter of personnal taste)

!! Not compatible with Xar's Better Lutes as lute ID and script ID are the same.