August Morrowind mods: highlights

August Morrowind mods: highlights

The story:

I've been checking out new Morrowind mods weekly and quite a few mods released in August found a spot in my modlist. Here's the list and why I love them (in chronological order).
Disclaimer: This selection of mods is based on personal tastes (aesthetic and gameplay). Mods in this lists are by no means must-have mods for everyone and conversely mods not on the list are not de facto bad.

Morrowind 2

Possibly the biggest joke mod ever created for Morrowind. Don't get me wrong, I like my Morrowind immersive and sensible but the first 30 minutes I played of Morrowind 2 made me giggle enough that I will play the whole mod eventually.
Warning, you will see floating objects, texture seams, the humour is not sublte, it is definitely not lore-friendly or even logical but a lot of work went into this nonethess.
+fun if you don;t try to make sense of it
-doesn't always make sense!
-not the greatest care went into creating assets (see screenshot)
+a lot of assets were created to tell us a fun story

Improved Argonians

Author: Red Furry Dragon Demon
Category: Body, Face, and Hair
It took ESO to make me like the look of Argonians: I am a shallow vanity player and could never bring myself to play an Argonian in Morrowind. Until this mod. Now with a red or a green variant for extra eye-candy while still being immersive. The addition of Liztail's better bodies with matching skin tones is great. This mod made it to the hot files, not even surprised.
+Argonians look good, what else do you want?
+No nonesense booby Argonians
-I will have to get used to not having Slof's better beasts.

Balmora Blades Safehouse

Author: Reditz86
Category: Player home
All right, I know house in Balmora, big deal, it's only the 9 million's mod like that. But I like this one. Even though it is free, it is a single room, no fancy scripts, just enough containers,decorated with simplicity and taste. Balanced and immsersive. The house is small enough that it should work with most Balmora mods.
+super convenient location
-Will conflict with some Balmora mods

Ownership Indicator

Author: Petethegoat
Category:User interface
Behold the first of many MWSE-lua modsin the list! This one does not reinvent the wheel but it has a few new options over its predecessors. Chances are you used the good old Ownership indicator when it was released, naturally you would have been pleased to see it bundled with MGE, so why update? This newer version comes with the handy in-game Mod Configuration menu (MCM) where you can change the icon on the fly (previously you would have to overwrite the crosshair art in your data files), tweak its size and toggle the autohide for the crosshair.
+New handy features
+As all MWSE-lua mods, super easy to install
-As all MSWE-lua mods, better keep your MWSE updated, NullCascade updates it every night, I personally suspect more than once.
-MWSE so not OpenMW

Tamrielic Lore Tooltips

Author: PhDinSorcery
Category: User Interface
August was the month of MWSE and even more so, the month of the tooltips. Enter Tamrielic Lore Tooltip, a mod that magically gives you so information about an artifact right there in its tooltip. Pluginless and educational: adopted.
The information comes straight from Yagrum Bagarn's book Tamrielic Lore, served to you bite-size and weightless.
+The lore you wanted without opening a book.
-MWSE mod, won't work with OpenMW.

Ingredient flavor texts

Author: Remiros
Category: User interface
If you liked learning about artifacts in their tooltip, you are bound to like knowing a bit more about ingredients the exact same way.
+Fun, pluginless and educational.
-MWSE mod, requires latest version

Service Refusal Expanded

Author: Caeris
Category: Immersion
This mod does what a few other mods did separately and then some when dealing with illegal and/or questionable goods in Vvardenfell and trading in general.
+Realism while shopping
-you will forget you corprus weepings, human flesh, ebony on counters right next to the usual moonsugar and skooma.


Author: Abot
Category: User interface
More tooltips! This mod gives you the information you've always wanted when deciding what to loot and what to drop: the weight/value ratio of every item in game!
+really handy
-MWSE mod, you know the drill: keep MWSE updated, does not work with OpenMW.

Equipment Requirements

Author: Remiros
Category: Gameplay effects and changes
There I was wondering how I could make my game just a little more punishing and Remiros gave us Equipment Requirements. So what does it do? Simple: you know where to find that sweet daedric dagger at level 1? Good on you, but you won't be able to equip it until your short blade is at level 70. With this mod, the better the quality of a weapon or piece of armour, the greater the skill requirement to use it.
Skill levels are not just numbers anymore, they are achievements with sweet rewards.
+Meta-gaming won't do you much good.
-MWSE, don't make me repeat it ;)

Clutter HD

Author: qwertyquit
Category: Models and textures
Confession time, I rarely endorse texture mods because I feel they get a lot of love already (so basically I am bitter and jealous) but every once in a while I have no choice... Since I first tested this mod, it has been updated and got even better to the point that I betrayed some age old favourites. Currently the mod includes septims and dumacs, brass clutter, ceramic pots, decoative bowls, drums, metal clutter, redware, wicker to name a few.
+Modular or all-in-one files, get the textures you like only
+pluginless, be sure to use ModOrganisor2 or Wrye Mash to install/uninstall easily.

Descriptive Description

Author: Remiros
Category: user Interface
"Oh come on!, she said, what more information do you think I need in my tooltips?!"
"Proably a weapons reach and speed, an item's enchantment value, a soulgem's capacity or a torch's duration, replied Remiros."
Just install the mod, you need it, you want it, the gods of LUA demand it.
+No need to alt-tab out of your game for info.
-Guess what, you need the latest MWSE and it won't work with OpenMW.

MWSE 2.1 Pursuit Revisited

Author: Svengineer99
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
You cheat death by going through a door leaving your enemies confused? No more!
You figured you'll have time to escape and avoid arrest after you break the law? No more!
You never die because survival is a quick intervention spell away? No more!
Interventions spells are miracles, earn them!
NPCs discovered they have hands and master the door opening techniques.
Citizens are snitches and will call the guards before you can say Nerevarine.
+More challenge, more fun
-MWSE mod, you know what to do.