Ashlander Prophecies: A Morrowind Mod

Ashlander Prophecies: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

Ah, a mod that enhances role-play, totally my thing.
A mod that alters the main quest, yes please.
I liked this mod so much I put it at the very top of my next modlist. Enough said.

The review

Ashlander Prophecy
Author: CzarRedwall


Ashlander Prophesies is the version I decided upon for an Ashlander protagonist themed mod. Some of you may recognize my other mod concepts, such as Ashlander Tribes, which focused on the Ashlander clans. Ashlander Prophesies focuses on an alternate start for the player, where he or she can follow the main quest not as an Outlander, but as a native Ashlander to Vvardenfell. It cuts out a few of the filler quests in the beginning, such as the quests involving Casius Cosades. The player experiences strange dreams early on and seeks out a wise woman to decipher them. From there the main quest is picked up, with the player to pass the third, fourth, and fifth trials.


  • An alternate start
  • A pack guar to travel in between Ashlander camps
  • Enabled Ashlander heads
  • Fixed dialogue for immersion purposes
  • A new take on the main quest