Traders 300: A Morrowind Mod

Traders 300: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

This mod has been in everymodlist I've had for years, it's not new, it's not revolutionary, it's not super popular, but it should be.

The Review

Traders 300
Author: Byblos


To each shop was added a crate which contained random items based on the shop's type. EX a Clothes shop was added a crate which randomly generated a random amount of clothes, which belong to the owner of the shop for purchase. Also the quantity of randomly generated items is set to a negative value so they will respawn every once in a while, so if you shop at one shop. Go questing and come back the shop will be updated with items for your new level! To see what i mean right away, just go straight to your nearest shop and see all the new stuff. As an added bonus the Two acquirable shops in Raven Rock have large quantities of randomly generated things for you to look forward to and actually makes these shops useful. Adds to every shop in the game Exluding: Telvanni Cities and Vivec

My views

This mods makes shopping in Vvardenfell fun again :3
+More wares in shops
+Stocks replenish and change as you level up
+Stealing opportunities for thieves ;)
++Greater chance to find items added by other mods through leveled lists
-possible minor conflicts (someone also placed a crate in the shop)