Let's Play: The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Let's Play: The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Story

It was only natural that I would try TES: Legends, being a fan of both The Elder Scrolls and Magic the Gathering.
Like most free-to-play card games, success depends on the time you invest and possibly the money. I invested neither. Nor did I hunt for the perfect cards to make the perfect killer deck someone recommended. Rather, I enjoyed trying different decks with the cards I had (and found pretty).
On top of that, these are some of my earliest streams: I was still on my laptop and had the chat on my iPad, that is to say, the few people that turned up got chat-zoned (tm Zeriver) every once in a while.

I did enjoy this game, I liked the gameplay (nothing groundbreaking, I admit), I liked the art and I loved seeing old acquaintances.
I will get back to it, especially now that they've added puzzles and Morrowind
themed stuff.

The Let's Plays

Here is the full playlist