Morrowind Survival Mods: Which one is for you?

Morrowind Survival Mods: Which one is for you?

Role-playing and survival are very important aspects of my Morrowind. Luckily, we now have a bunch of mods to choose from. This article aims to help you pick the right one for you.
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Scroll down to get a breakdown of each mod's pros and cons.

Necessities of Morrowind by Taddeus

Food, Thirst and Sleep. Sleep can be disabled


+ Unique features

  • Cook with pots, pans, ovens, grills, knives, cutting boards, and rolling pin
  • Learn recipes from books
  • Brew teas (quest)
  • New fruit juices and alcohol
  • Food shops with dynamic displays across Vvardenfell
  • drunk mechanics
  • stamina mechanics

+ Many house mods have NoM functionality (UL for example)

+ Many patches over the years to make NoM compatible with other mods (Morrowind Crafting for example)

+ not MWSE-dependant


  • modifies landscapes so not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth and other mods that modify landscapes (look for patches, chances are there is one).
  • imported foods such as cheese and fruits might not suit a purist game.

The Bare Necessities by Destructor36 (WandeRA edits)

Food, Thirst, Sleep. All can be disabled


+ unique skooma addiction mechanics

+ simple approach: consume suitable vanilla ingredients to eat, get water to drink, and a bed(roll) to sleep


  • MWSE-dependant
  • bottles are consumed with the water, get this patch

Frostwind by Merlord

Food, Thirst, and Sleep (only bonuses), and temperature. All can be disabled


+ Craft your camping gear

+ simple recipes to cook while camping

+ not MWSE-dependant

Water and Thirst + Cooking and Eating + Bad Weather Matters by Ian/Racerplume

Weather effects, Hunger, and Thirst. Weather optional, hunger can be disabled


+ purist approach and simplicity of use

+ simple recipes to cook while camping

+ inn-keepers can serve food and drinks

+ not MWSE-dependant

Ashfall by Merlord

Food, Thirst, Sleep, and Temperatures. All can be disabled


+ Tons of features, many of them unique, some visually stunning

  • frost breath
  • visual effects when too hot and too cold
  • smart placement of tents and campfire (gravity is a thing)
  • visual effects for cooked/burnt food, steaming cooking pot and kettle
  • Dynamic backpack that show some of your camping gear

+ Unique gameplay mechanics

  • chop trees for firewood
  • drink clean water or risk dysentery
  • eat cooked meat or risk food poisoning
  • stay warm and dry or catch the flu
  • survival skill that contributes towards your levels and makes you more resistant to adverse effects
  • share your food with companions
  • basic needs, weather, temperatures, food are all connected and influence one another.
  • Dynamic replacement of all firepits, grills, fireplaces and oven so you can use any of them to cook.
  • Tea-brewing mechanics
  • Bushcrafting: using only resources found in the wilderness, craft anything you need to survive, from a wooden spoon to a bed, a backpack, a chest.

+ QoL features

  • in-game menu to fine-tune your experience
  • major mod-added water sources and ingredients fully integrated (TR, UL, Water Life, Creatures IX, Cannibals)
  • fulfill your needs in the wilderness (camping) or in town (services)


  • MWSE-dependant
  • Can be overwhelming because of its many many features but it's all super intuitive, I promise.

Taddeus's Foods of Tamriel

This is my attempt to bring elements of Necessities of Morrowind that complete Ashfall.

  • Most NoM foods added
  • Fruit juices kept but wine and beer removed
  • Shops kept
  • Oven to bake bread kept
  • some water sources (compatible with Ashfall) kept
  • Cutting board recipes kept

Last words

It is no secret that I love Ashfall to pieces, do let me know if you feel I have missed pros of the other mods ;) Or cons of Ashfall.