Risen: A review and a Let's Try

Risen: A review and a Let's Try

The Story

Risen is one of those them I just know I should have played: it ticks all the boxes: rpg, open-world, fantasy.
So one day, I finally gave it a go.
To my great shame, I haven't played it since but I really intent to play the whole series, eventually (it's up there with the Witcher and Two Worlds)

The video

# The review ## If you're only interested in the short version: Pretty good game that open-world game fans will enjoy even though your patience will be tested at times. I run Windows 10 and had no problems whatsoever lauching/running the game. Pretty graphics, funny moments at times because my character was witty, more often because he really wasn't :D

The longer version:

Personal remark

Unlike many rpgs, I didn't identify with my character: I didn't create him, oh, he's a him too. But that's all right as I often questioned his intelligence and was indeed quite happy to refer to him as my character rather than me.

the looks

Very pretty, npcs look fine especially for a 2009 game but I felt they all looked alike (only went to one region, full of men), the landscape is well designed. Animations looked awkward at times but really not a dealbreaker. Day and night cycles felt appropriately long (especially night that is proper pitch black, let me tell you, I used them torches).
Props to the game for immersion, letting you drink (a whole barrel), cook (an empty pan) take a bath (fully clothed). What I mean is, there was a definite effort to make the game immersive and it is successful for the most part. ;)

the sounds

No problem with the music or the effects. Voice acting is good, sometimes funny (they swear and come up with entertaining insults).

the story

Only 3 hours in so I have only seen a tiny bit of the main quest. I can tell there are factions which makes the game replayable. Occasionally I felt I was forced into choices I didn't want but that happens with rpgs.

the combat system

Fighting felt somewhat limited because my actions are click, double click to attack, right click to parry, possibly double tap to jump to the side rather slowly (so not a good dodge). To be fair though, it is more than Morrowind ever offered. It is also less than modern action games that give you combos and whatnots.

levelling up

From what I can tell, you fight, get xp, level up netting you learning points. You then use learning points (and gold) at trainers that will improve or teach you skills or train your stats.
There aren't too many skills and no skill tree. A shame as it may reduce how unique your character becomes. But then again, only 3+ hours in...