POTD paintings: A Morrowind Mod

POTD paintings: A Morrowind Mod

The story

Oh, you know the story... I was making this house for Morrowind and then I realised I needed some paintings for my walls.
There were quite a few resources out there, I loved the banners with dragons and other fantasy themed decorations but for my house, I needed something that fits, and nothing fits better than Vvardenfell itself.
This was the glorious time of Planet Elder Scrolls, and one of its feature was the "Picture of the Day" where people with gorgeous Morrowind installs posted the most beautiful screenshots.
All the authors happily granted me permission to use their screenshots and since I had mastered the art of applying a photoshop filter, it was easy to give my painting a canvas look.
I then used my mad nifskope skills to stick my new screenshots on Tommy Khajiit's painting mesh and voila!
I added Dracus's script to be able to place and move the paintings.
Later on, I wanted to be able to make the paintings in game and added the easel. Come to think of it, I've never used that in my own games...
With the avid collector in mind, I make sure everytown had a couple of paintings petrtinent to the town / region.
I did have plans to add a museum but that fell through. Hm…

The mod

  • Adds 70+ unique paintings, each of them in 2 different sizes in various shops of MW.
    The regular paintings can be placed / rotated / moved
    The miniature paintings can be placed on shelves and tables.
  • The paintings are screenshots taken by the community (see credits section for details) and were originally uploaded on Planet Elder Scrolls website as Picture of The Day.

There are 3 esp. to choose from (use 1 only):

  • POTD Paintings.esp: Adds the paintings to shops across the land. Traders will have paintings of their region.
  • POTD Paintings-easels: In addition to the paintings in the shops, 17 easels have been placed across the land. With paints and paint brushes (bought from Ravir in Balmora), you can create your own paintings. The easels disappear once the painting is done.
  • POTD Paintings-resource: Adds nothing to the game. The CS has a new cell called POTD paintings with all the paintings
    as static objects. The miniatures are in the misc tab.