Olyn Hleran a Redoran Companion: A Morrowind Mod

Olyn Hleran a Redoran Companion: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

For the Morrowind Modding Madness 2017, I decided to join and team up with a couple of modders.

For those who don't know, the Morrowind Modding Madness is a modding competition held every year and organised by DarkElfGuy.
Teams of modder produce a number of mods based on a theme, over a period of time. I know, this sounds all very vague, it's because the numbers tend to vary every year, until we find the best formula.
Kiramashu read out to me and was the first team member, shortly after LadyPhoenixRose contacted me and in the meanwhile, I had contacted Pseumonix.
We were very excited and started brainstorming on all the possible themes.
We used my discord as our HQ and before we knew it, it was time to mod.
That was my first time working with a time and I loved the fact that we could get so much done faster even though working with timezones was a bit complicated.
Olyn was the first mod we made, the theme was Redoran and Kira really liked a Redorna companion. Unfortunately, she got ill during the competition and wasn't able to contribute much.
For this particular mod, dialogues were tricky was Kira was the one most familiar with Redoran quests and was going to write most of it.
Instead, Pseumonix, Lady and I worked on a google doc and added lines of dialogues for quests whenever possible while I added them to the mod.
The idea behind Olyn, was to make a companion that would make Redoran quests better.
In addition to the dialogues, we gave Olyn a house, Lady did the exterior and me the interior.
I spent the most time creating the trophy display: with every Redoran quest done, a memento would appear.
Pseumonix had created some new models for gear and we gave those to Olyn, making some items a reward.
The very last minute addition was the gambling den: we wanted Olyn to have a back story but didn't go very far with it.
Still, the gambling den is pretty cool, Lady built the place and I added the Kwama Forager race: the very very best of my scripting ever!
We worked on Olyn for 2 weeks and we could have done more, especially with the dialogues but once we had implement what we had, playtested it all a dozen times, we were ready to move on.
I used the last of my energy to make the mod release page on the Nexus (Aurel helped with the graphics).
I discovered later we should have stressed a lot less about releasing the mod on time: all the other teams were late.

The mod

On the Nexus


  • Olyn will join you as soon as House Redoran adopts you.
  • Olyn will provide unique dialogue for a lot of House Redoran quests;this includes information on resolving quests or additional directions to quest locations.
  • Talk to him often as his dialogue is only available during the relevant quests.
  • Custom set of bonemold armour and weapons as well as the regular companion options.
  • Olyn can also aid you on the following quests by offering extra gear or bonus quest rewards (see spoiler section).
  • Olyn has a small house outside Maar Gan where you can rest and improve some of the gear you'll be receiving from Olyn (using the forge and anvil outside).
  • Olyn has had a bit of a gambling problem.
  • Help him out if you want / can to obtain an important family heirloom.
  • Olyn keeps his gear tidy on a mannequin and weapon storage (scripted to display / equip the gear).
  • Olyn will add a memento to his house for every Redoran quest you complete.
  • You can bet on a kwama forager race, somewhere in Maar Gan.
    (See spoiler section of the read me to see all the quests Olyn helps you complete.)