Unique items: A Morrowind Mod

Unique items: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

You know it by now, I review mods I am likely to enjoy and or from new modders.
This one adds loot here and there on Vvardenfell. Me like loot.

The review

Unique items
Author: Stonedonough5


This mod adds various artifacts around the world of Morrowind using only base game assets and textures (Morrowind and Bloodmoon). A few are added to NPCs already in game and others are spread throughout the game. I felt that after your character gets to a point in the game it becomes so unrewarding to venture out that I rarely do it. So I created this mod to make adventuring more rewarding and to give it more of a meaning.
This Mod Includes:
46 new pieces of armor that you can venture out and find,
25 new pieces of clothing hidden throughout the land,
50 new weapons hidden and on NPC's,
And a few other new items such as repair hammers, new lockpicks and collectable misc items.
None of the new items have unique textures or meshes, all I wanted to do with this mod was make adventuring more interesting and rewarding.

My views

A first mod full of potential.

  • it's very refreshing to travel Vvarednfell and discover something new, like an artifact. "Has this shirt always been here?" "What's that in the distance?"
  • I'm a sucker for mythology :3 Greek, Irish, Hindu, Norse, this mod has it covered.
  • Some attempts to bring RL lore and MW lore together.
  • Enchantments vary from amazing to utterly useless, depending on the RL artifact (more interesting when you know the artifact's story)
  • Naked Argonian in Seyda Neen :D (fixed)
  • no in game information of the artifacts
  • unsure about the selling value of some artifacts
  • maybe a discreet retexture of the items, there are unique, afterall.
  • I'm a vanity player, I must have better bodies versions of the armour and clothing.