Morrowind Permadeath: New rules!

Morrowind Permadeath: New rules!

After a few months of playing permadeath, I feel comfortable making a few changes to make the gameplay more enjoyable.
Naturally, we do not reload the game, especially if we died or if an outcome was not good (got arrested, triggered a trap, companion died, kicked out of a faction...). In fact the only times we reload is due to a crash or serious bug)

How we play permadeath

A new character spins the wheel twice to get 2 handicaps.

(A specical handicap is +1 handicap making it a total of three. As you can see, some handicaps are simple annoyances (Colovian fur helm!!) others a serious problem (no potions, no intervention!)

A new character gets 2 goals (win conditions)

Mods have been carefully chosen to make these goals possible or simple more interesting)

Difficulty mods

Survival aspects (hunger, thirst, sleep, cold, heat, alcoholism), increased difficulty slider as the player levels up, new nasty creatures, new rules for potions and teleportations (even if potions and teleportation are allowed, their use is very limited), delevelled enemies, enemies follow through doors, diseases, more enemies, much harder barter, miscast mod, equipment requirements and a bunch of balance mods that remove well-known exploits.
We cannot access the inventory, or loot bodies while in combat, we cannot sleep in owned beds unless the owner likes us, we cannot repair gear without an anvil, there is a cooldown to use enchanted items.

Role-play, gameplay and quest mods

poisons, fletcher, birthsigns, more Daedric quests, new guilds or expanded guilds, vampire mods, backstabbing, better slavery...

What's new

New mods in 2019

Find the complete modlist with links and descriptions here

  • Sixth House mod: we now can accept Dagoth Ur's invitation.
  • Miscast mod: failing at spellcasting now has consequences.
  • Stinkers: bath regularly or npcs will hate you (more).
  • Dopey's necromancy: we can now embrace necromancy because simple summons are for n'wahs.
  • Inscription: not a drop of magic in your blood? Fear not, you might be smart enough to write you own magic scrolls.
  • Clothiers of Vvardenfell: because I tried to be strong and make do without the fancy outfits but I am weak.
  • The Five Toes Guild - a new faction with more quests.
  • The Sanguine Rose: more ways to worship the Daedra.
  • The Demon of Knowledge: more more ways to worship the Daedra.
  • The Forgotten: more more more ways to worship the Daedra.
  • Tamriel Rebuilt: because that way we have so many news ways to die.
  • Indybank: because septims are scarce and every little bit helps.
  • Live free: where you can become a slave's new master or indeed free them.
  • Free the slaves : unlock slave bracers with a lockpick or open spell.
  • Julan, Ashlander companion 3.0: I've just missed him, ok?
  • MUSE : musis tracks vary based on location
  • Disturb the Dead : to make tomb raiding more perilous
  • Flies : those dead bodies stink and it shows
  • Race mods by Westly (lore-friendly) : More Khajiits, half-breeds, Daedra, sea elves.

New wheel: boon

A new character will get a single boon ranging from a nice meal to an extra life.

New rule

We will spin the wheel a game if the new character lands on the same handicap or goal as the previous character.