Morrowind Permadeath Modlist

Morrowind Permadeath Modlist


This is my permadeath modlist, sort of an all-purpose modlist that lets me role-play as many different characters as possible.
You may find these spinning wheels of interest: they let you randomly pick goals and handicaps for your character.

The list

  • 4NM_RANDOMIZER (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Stats of creatures are set at 80-120% of the norm.
  • Adanumuran Reclaimed (Quests and Adventures) - Clear Adanumuran (North west shore of Lake Amaya) of the smugglers and Nix-Hounds to start your own smuggling operations.

    I've had reports of scripts not playing nicely with OpenMW

  • Advanced Persuasion (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod adds the ability to bribe guards to let you go with all your stolen goods, and to apologize to NPCs whom you may have offended, as well as being able to ask them - or threaten them - for money.
    When threatening an NPC, the amount of gold and the chance of success depends on your strength.

    Mod needs cleaning (GMSTs)

  • Almighty Artifacts (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Changes most vanilla artifacts from the book Tamrielic Lore to more powerful versions worthy of song and glory.
  • Altaran by Westly (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - This plugin adds a new playable race, the Altaran (Altmer-Breton)
  • Animated Morrowind merged (NPCs) - A merge of Animated Morrowind I, II and Brigands by Arcimaestro Antares, Animated Morrowind - Expanded by Wikart, with some changes for better compatibility with MCA7.x, also you can donate to beggars & more bard music from guitarists
  • Animation Compilation (Animations) - Combines the Almalexia casting animations with Dirnae's running animations and fixes the errors that were usually accompanied with them. It also enables the player to see the casting animations in first person.
  • Antares' Big Mod (Miscellaneous) - With this mod you have special privileges with the lower ranking members of your faction.
  • AntiWitcher (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - No more drinking over 9000 potions! Your belly isn't made of elastic! + food
  • AOF SKIES (Models and Textures) - Simple texture replacer for most of the clouds.
  • Armored Robes Compilation and NPC changes (Weapons and Armour) - Compilation mod of my other armored robes mods: adds them to NPC and to some traders
  • Ashfall - alpha (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Ashfall will be the new Frostwind.

    Available on Morrowind Modding Community discord

  • Ashlander Rebels (NPCs) - As the main quest goes on, some ashalnder outcasts will join the 6th House.
  • Atronach Expansion (Models and Textures) - This mod adds eight new types of monsters as summonable creatures: Air Atronach, Bone Golem, Flesh Atronach, Iron Atronach, Swamp Myconid, Telvanni Myconid, Ash Golem, Crystal Golem
  • Armor Auto-Balancer (Weapons and Armour) - Pluginless mwse-lua armor rebalancer using properties based on hollaajith's Armor Overhaul.
  • Automated Ammo Equip (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Switch between bows and crossbows without having to change ammo manually.! This mod automatically equip the first ammo of the correct type from your inventory when equipping a bow or crossbow, unless you already have the right ammo equipped.
  • Bardic Inspiration (Immersion) - Pick up a lute, any lute and perform in taverns and earn gold. You can also play a tune as you travel to restore fatigue
  • Baron's Partners 3.0 - personal edit (NPCs) - This is an edited version of Cutthroat's Partners 3.0. This allows same sex relations, fixes some bugs, and changes a few things here and there.

I would actually recommend CM Partners 2.9 rather than 3.0 + Baron Edit as I've had to make a few changed to Baron's edit to make it work.

  • Beauty Scrolls (Models and Textures) - Replaces magic scrolls icons with lua
  • Bed Buddies (Immersion) - Bed Buddies prevents you from sleeping in owned beds unless the owner really likes you. Disposition requirement is based on your Personality. Attempting to sleep in an owned bed no longer triggers a crime, even if the owner doesn't like you.
  • Better Dialogue Font (Miscellaneous) - A high resolution replacer for Morrowind's Magic Cards font, used in most of the UI - menus, dialogue and the journal.
  • Better Dwarven Spectres - Mer and Maidens Edition (Models and Textures) - This mod adds the long desired female Dwarven Spectre to the leveled lists and replaces one unique spectre with the new model. In addition, this mod is also a BB conversion of the original Dwarven Spectre. And in addition to THAT, the mod also adds the robe worn by the spectres as a random drop from them; complete with male and female versions!
  • Better Enchantments (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Improves many enchants in the game by replacing Cast On Use with Constant Effect variants. But with discretion and rebalancing some unique enchants.
  • Better Waterfalls (Models and Textures) - New effects and textures for TES3 Morrowind waterfalls.
  • Better_Clothes Official Version (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Better Clothes replaces most of the default clothing from the standard Morrowind game with new non-segmented versions designed to work with Better Bodies. This improves the visual appearance of most items of clothing that are available in stores, and worn by NPCs, and in your inventory.
  • Blight Bounties (Quests and Adventures) - The Temple is now issuing rewards for those who kill blighted creatures. The rewards can be collected by visiting one of the three specialized Temple representatives either at Molag Mar, Maar Gan or Ghostgate (Tower of Dusk).
  • Blight Storms Restored (Bug Fixes) - Restores the function of catching blight disease while out in a blight storm.
  • Blood & Gore v2.14 (Graphics) - Blood & Gore makes all creatures and characters, including player, BLEED and other effects like emitting smoke or get on FIRE during combat! + Blood and Gore Retextures

    Mod needs cleaning (GMSTs)

  • Bloodmoon Rebalance (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod rebalances Bloodmoon as if it shipped with Morrowind.
  • Boats (Miscellaneous) - You can travel by boat, ship and river strider in real time, and dismount anywhere in between trip starting and ending points
  • Bonemold Armor Replacer (Models and Textures) - Bonemold Armor Replacer. And also adds bone gloves to the guards of Redoran.
  • Book Pickup (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Enables picking up books by default, instead of opening them. This can be disabled by holding shift. The behavior can be inverted using the mod config menu.
  • Brutal Backstabbing (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Introduces a backstabbing mechanic - do more damage when stabbing an enemy from behind (based on Agility/Sneak).
  • Caldera Mages Guild Expanded (Guilds/Factions) - Lore-friendly and balanced expansion of the Caldera Mages Guild, with some quests and new NPCs.
  • CanadianIce robe replacer (Models and Textures) - Replaces all female robes with HudyGurdy models.

    Download from CanadianIce's website

  • Cannibals of Morrowind - Upadated (Items, Alchemy) - Adds body part ingredients (brains, hearts, flesh, etc.) to all NPC inventories in the game, which restore fatigue and have further properties which reflect the race (for instance, Dunmer Flesh can be eaten, or used in a potion, to gain fire resistance).
  • Carelessly Crazy Caldera Community (Towns and Villages) - Adds a new shop, 2 new NPCs, 17 new quests to Caldera, and adds unique background, personality and dialogue to most of the NPCs of the town.
  • Cast on Strike Bows (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - "Allegedly created and used, like its sister Auriel's Shield, by the great Elvish demi-god, the Bow can turn any arrow into a missile of death and destruction." --Author Unknown
  • Cave Drips (Miscellaneous) - Adds a visual effect to all vanilla cave drip sound emitters.
  • Census and Excise Office Faction (Guilds/Factions) - This mod gives you the opportunity to join the Census and Excise Office and do quests for them.
  • Chapels of Vvardenfell v2.1 (Factions) - This mod add's an Imperial Chapel to the following Villages: Caldera, Pelagiad (The priest can be found at the excisting Imperial Altar), Seyda Neen, Dagon Fel and Wolverine Hall. (far east of Wolverine Hall).

    Mod needs cleaning (junk cells)

  • Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands (Miscellaneous) - Customize/randomize your starting attributes, skills, spells, items, companion, faction, and location on Vvardenfell, Solstheim, Mainland Morrowind (TR), Skyrim (SHOTN), or Cyrodiil (PC)
  • Cheat Menu (Cheats and God items) - Cheat menu in MCM.
  • Children of Morrowind (NPCs) - Adds children, playgrounds and mothers to Morrowind
  • Chrysopoeia (Magic and Spells) - Using MWSE Lua and Magicka Expanded, embark on a short quest to gain the power of transmuting items into gold: Chrysopoeia. Search for the most learned alchemist on the island of Morrowind to find it. But, remember, nothing is free.
  • Class Abilities (Miscellaneous) - Adds new special abilities and powers to the PC dependent on class. Necromancers start with the ability to summon undead servants and curse their foes, Paladins inspire courage and heal the wounded, Monks may enter a martial trance, Witchhunters can sap the magicka from their sorcerous quarry, leaving them defenseless, and so forth.
  • Clear Your Name (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - In vanilla Morrowind, you have two options for clearing a bounty: turning yourself in to the guards or joining the Thieves Guild and paying them to make the problem go away. This mod adds more options, all RP friendly.
  • Cliff Racers (Creatures) - Travel to the Erabenimsun Camp in the Molag Amur region and talk to a warrior in chitin armor named Tinti. He is interested in selling a well trained war kagouti to a worthy companion. Take an armored kagouti into battle with you as a companion. Change out her armor to give her different abilities. Send her hunting for rats.
  • Clothiers of Vvardenfell (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - All my Morrowind mods in one place.
  • Clutter Retexture (Models and Textures) - Replaces clutter textures in high resolution.
  • CM Minor Quests (NPCs) - Adds 48 NPC?s who will offer the player work in 10 different jobs: herb collecting, exterminating, fishing, gathering, ghosting, crab hunting, cliff racing, smuggling, skinning, and nix hunting.

    WanderRA made a more immersive version of this mod called Radiant Quests of Morrowind where the CM Minor Quest npcs are in inns and the like and a notice board tells you where to find them.

  • Companion Health Bars MWSE Lua Script (Companions) - Companion Health Bars is an MWSE lua mod that will add health bars for your companions and summoned creatures to the Morrowind HUD.
  • Concept Art Scrib (Creatures) - Makes scrib appear as they do in concept art.
  • Connary's Textures - Creature Compilation v 1.0 (Models and Textures) -
  • Consignment Chests Expanded (Miscellaneous) - Adds consignment chests to several traders in Vvardenfell that allows them to save over time in order to buy more expensive items from the player.
  • Consistent Main Menus (User Interface) - New high-quality replacer textures that homogenize main menus so that MWSE's MCM and Petethegoat's Continue Mod menu items don't look out of place. Especially useful for those using alternate UI's and/or alternate main menu images. OG version also included for those that roll old school.
  • Continue (User Interface) - Adds a continue button to the main menu, to instantly load your most recent save.
  • Correct Meshes (Models and Textures) - It is idle time Replacer, correcting lacks of standard models in the form of UV mapping, ledges and cracks.
  • Correct UV Mudcrabs (Models and Textures) - A fixed Mudcrab mesh, reducing distortion and other UV errors.
  • Corsair's Harder Merchant (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Merchants use their mercantile skills to rob you blind (more)

    Personnal mod by Corsair

  • Creatures Version XI - lore friendly (Creatures) - Lore friendly creature expansion and balancing mod.
  • Customizable MWSE Multi Mark and Limited Recall (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - An Overhaul of the mark and recall system using MWSE 2.1 to allow multiple marks, limited recall, as well as companion management.

    Virntech has updated this mod to the point that it is superior to Melian's + Abot's patch

  • Dahrk Mods by Melchior (Miscellaneous) - An assortment of small mods, tweaks, fixes, and resources.

    mushroom particle only

  • Darknut's Creature Textures (Models and Textures) - Replacement textures for all but a few of the creatures in Morrowind. (not Tribunal or Bloodmoon)
  • Darknut's Creature Textures addendum (Models and Textures) - This is an addendum to the creature textures
  • Darknut's Creature Textures BM (Models and Textures) - Replacement textures for all but a few of the creatures in Bloodmoon.
  • Darknut's Creature Textures TB (Models and Textures) - Replacement textures for all but a few of the creatures in Tribunal
  • Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins. Greater Dwemer Interiors (Models and Textures) - Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins, Greater Dwemer Interiors 1.2
  • Darknut's Little Weapons Mod Complete (Models and Textures) - This mod replaces all the Weapon Textures in Morrowind, Tribunal & Bloodmoon.
  • De-outlandered main menu and Daedric UI textures (User Interface) - Modular replacer for main menu, menu buttons, and journal buttons. Compatible with MWSE Mod Config and Continue.
  • Defensive Stance (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Crouching with a shield equipped increases your block and reduces your speed.
  • Delayed DB Attack V2 (Miscellaneous) - Based on original Avenger's Delayed DB Attack. Makes Tribunal main quest start only after significant progress in MW main quest. Optimized for performance.
  • Descriptive Shrines (Immersion) - Adds brief descriptions to temple shrines.
  • Desecration (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - early alpha: loot in tombs, forfeit your right to use the temple shrines

    beta by Merlord

  • Detailed Dungeons (Dungeons and Locations) - Adds more detail to bring morrowind's dungeons to life.
  • Detailed Tapestries (Models and Textures) - Texture Replacer for the Tapestries in Morrowind
  • di.Still.ed Lights (Immersion) - A lighting overhaul project with an alchemical approach...
  • Diseased Creatures v.1.0 (Creatures) - This mod implements all 16 common diseases to creatures according to the lore. The original game only implemented a handful of them.
  • Diverse Blood (Models and Textures) - 8 new blood textures for NPCs and creatures. 1k quality.
  • Djangos Dialogue 1.4 (NPCs) - Hundreds of new lines of text dialogue for all NPCs,
  • dopey Necromancy (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Learn the art of Necromancy

    Issues reported with version 6a, stick to 6.0

  • Dragon Statue Replacer - option 1 (Models and Textures) - This mod will replace the dragon statue found in Ebonheart with a new model and textures. There are four different texture options to choose from, refer to the included screenshots to pick out the one you like best.
  • Draugr Diversity (Creatures) - Creates many different types/power rankings for Draugr (with differing appearances), and allows them to use various weapons and shields.
  • Dreamers Expansion (NPCs) - New types of dreamers, reflecting their corprus progress stage.
  • Dremora Overhaul (Creatures) - One more replacer of dremora. Gives them more unique appearance based on dremora races in Oblivion and TESO. 88 new types overall, both male and female.
  • Dunmer Lanterns Replacer (Models and Textures) - This mod replaces all of the Dunmer lanterns (including the paper lanterns and streetlight) from the original game with smoother, more detailed versions (yet not with a ridiculous amount of new polies: they're optimized).
  • Dura gra-Bol's House Reclaimed - And the Grab-All Gang (Player homes) - This mod started as a simple house mod and expanded into an entire smuggling faction - while still allowing you to choose the high road and be rewarded for killing Dura as instructed. Get to work with Larrius Varro again as he sticks his nose into more of Vvardenfell's dirty business. Or choose the profitable path of a smuggler and climb the ranks.
  • Dwemer Engineering (Creatures) - Pluginless Replacer for Yagrum Bagarn and all vanilla Centurions.
  • Dwemer Plans and Schematics (Models and Textures) - This is a pluginless replacer for the six dwemer plans and schematics found in Vvardenfell.
  • Dynamic Difficulty (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Changes the difficulty slider as the player levels up or moves through the world.
  • Easy Escort (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Ensures that your followers get warped to you if they get too far away. Compatible with any follower from any mod, without any special script attached to that NPC.
  • Ebonheart Underworks (Towns and Villages) - Ebonheart now has its own sewage system. With filth, rats, people and quests.
  • Emma's local face replacers (Body, Face, and Hair) - replacer for Khuul, Tel Mora and Dagon Fel
  • Enhanced Economics+patch (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - This mod focuses on object variety. The different objects are present in chests and in urns, in cupboards and in drawers, the random item drops will offer much more in variety to your loot collection.

    Personnal edit: removed heaps of misc items.

  • Enhanced Water Shader for MGE XE (Graphics) - An improved water shader for MGE XE.
  • Epic Dagon Fel (Towns and Villages) - The fourth installment in my Epic Cities mods, it expands the presence of Dwemer ruins surrounding the village to play up Dagon Fel's unique attractions and charm.
  • Equipment Requirements (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Adds skills requirements for weapons and armors.
  • Expanded Birthsigns for Purists (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - This has been on PES for a year now, I figured it was about time to put it up on TES Nexus. Expanded Birthsigns for Purists rebalances and expands the original birthsigns while retaining lore-purity, based on the in-game text 'The Firmament', and the birthsigns available in Oblivion, doubling the number of birthsigns from thirteen to twenty-s
  • Expeditious Exit (Patches) - Have issues with the game crashing on exit? This might help!
  • Fake Gold (Gameplay) - With this mod, you can purchase a cheap bundle of fake coins from Habasi Sugar-Lips of the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora for use in trade - but beware! There is a small chance you will be discovered by merchants and reported to the guards.
  • Fargoth in Distress (Immersion) - This simple mod lets you become the knight of Fargoth and end his persecution by Hrisskar.
  • Farmers and Miners (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Gives farmers and miners baskets and tools depending on where they are.
  • Faylynn's Daedric Texture Replacer 2 v2 (Models and Textures) - retexture for the Daedric architecture.
  • Fine Clothiers of Tamriel (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Add clothes to clothiers
  • Fix those bastard rope fences (Patches) - Sick of getting caught on those bastard degenerate rope fences? No more!
  • Flash's Minor Retextures - mist (Models and Textures) - Collection of small retextures.
  • Flies (Miscellaneous) - Adds a visual effect to all vanilla flies sound emitters.
  • Full-fledged_Dagon_Fel_Mages_Guild (Factions) -

    beta testing Half11's mod

  • Gatanas Markynaz Dremora Companion (NPCs) - A mod (new playable Dremora race, textures, armor and quest) by Westly, with a contribution (companion) by Princess Stomper
  • Give a Gift (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - The player can now also bribe NPCs with items, instead of just gold.
  • Glow in the Dahrk (Models and Textures) - This is a modern, pluginless replacement of the old Windows Glow mods with many more features besides! Windows Glow suffered from every mod needing a patch to work with it. Glow in the Dahrk handles this automatically through the meshes themselves with a powerful code by NullCascade which can switch the visible portion of meshes on the fly.
  • GMST Menu (Utilities) - Edit literally every GMST in the game, while you're in the game!

    Edited this to reduce slow down misc.skills progress

  • Go Fletch (Skills and Attributes) - Go Fletch adds a brand new Fletching skill to the game, utilising the latest skill and crafting frameworks in MWSE to fully integrate it into the vanilla UI.
  • Go to Jail (Gameplay) - when you choose "go to jail", you will go to the closest jail or to an Imperial Ebony Mine.

    Mod needs cleaning (duplicate objects)

  • Gondoliers (Immersion) - real time travel Vivec gondoliers
  • Graphic Herbalism - MWSE Edition (Immersion) - MWSE Graphic Herbalism harnesses the power of lua and mesh switchnodes, allowing this mod to be run without an esp or standard scripts. This dramatically optimizes performance compared to older graphic herbalism mods. It also comes with an Easy Mod Configuration Menu to allow you to change settings and blacklist/whitelist containers.
  • Guars (Creatures) - You can find ashlander guar tamers in Ald-ruhn, Gnisis, Khuul, Ahemmusa Camp, Zainab Camp. Pack Guar and Guar mounts.
  • Guars replacer - Aendemika of Vvardenfell (Models and Textures) - My texture replacer of all Guars.
  • Guild of Vampire Hunters (Guilds/Factions) - This mod allows you to role play as a vampire hunter, finally. Quests, new characters, unique dialogue, equipment and a lot more.
  • Handsome Boy Model Vivec (Creatures) - This is the version of the BB vivec replacer (orginally by Psymoniser)
  • Harder Barter (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Dynamically adjusts how much merchants will pay for items. Pluginless, compatible with everything.
  • Hide the Sugar Hide the Skooma (gameplay) - Auto-hides your skooma or moon sugar when trying to barter with NPCs who don't want any trouble
  • Heartthrum (Immersion) - Now you can hear what lies benath the Red Mountain.
  • HELLUVA Awesome Armor (Weapons and Armour) - Massive co9llection of armour made of the years.
  • Higher Faction Requirements (Guilds/Factions) - Makes factions have higher requirements for advancing, as the title says.
  • HiRes Robes (Models and Textures) - This mod replaces all vanilla robe textures with new HiRes ones based on the original textures.
  • HiRez Armors- Native Styles V2 (Models and Textures) - Armour retextures
  • Hirez Better Clothes (Models and Textures) - Early work in progress - high resolution texture replacer for Better Clothes and More Better Clothes Vol. 1
  • Hold it 1.95(TR update 2018) (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Gives NPCs items to hold/carry based on their class and gender.

    TR addons needs to be redone

  • Holy Art (Models and Textures) - Replaces all Velothi frescos in the game, which only had two designs, with eleven new high-res ones from Lukkar, and one from Myzel.
  • HQ Weapons (Models and Textures) - HQ weapons replacer.

    unique weapons only

  • Illiterate (Immersion) - Read is hard. Me not read until me brain get bigger. Need MWSE nightly. Me like pictures, no need read.
  • Illuminated Books v1.0 (Models and Textures) - This mod changes the textures for all the books in Morrowind to look a more hand made medieval codex.
  • Illuminated Order (Faction and Quests) - This mod adds a whole new guild to Morrowind, which will have you questing for knowledge and rare artifacts, long lost. You eventually gain the knowledge on how to become a Lich.

    Mod needs cleaning (junk-cells)

  • Immersive Alcohol (Immersion) - Get drunk, black out, lose your pants, become addicted, suffer withdrawals, get clean.
  • Immersive Madness (Quests and Adventures) - A quest mod. Makes Sheogorath cultists a joinable faction.
  • Immersive Mining (Immersion) - Mine ore by actually swinging a pick axe at it. Uses latest MWSE+Lua
  • Imperial Legion Expansion v.1.3.2. (Final version) (Quests and Adventures) - This mod is a complete overhaul of the Imperial Legion faction. New quests, items, NPCs and more.
  • Imperial Noble Titles (Guilds/Factions) - This mod lets you to earn titles of nobility from the Empire.
  • Imperial Studded Armor (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Finishes the set of Imperial studded armor and distributes it throughout the game. Inspired by Quorn's original resource.
  • Improved Kwama Eggs and Egg Sacs (Models and Textures) - A mesh and texture replacer for the kwama eggs and egg sacs with optional pulsing animation and bump maps.
  • inom - Inventory mouse wheel (User Interface) - Tired of the drag and drop? Add mouse wheel control to the inventory/container interface to simplify inventory management!
  • Insanity's (Dwemer) Weapons of Morrowind - For Morrowind (Models and Textures) - Port of InsanitySorrow's Dwemer weapons to Morrowind. Includes Spear and Halberd by Remiros and reflectionmap by starwarsgal9875
  • Join the Camonna Tong - Camonna Tong Faction Mod (Guilds/Factions) - This mod lets you join the Camonna Tong and includes more than 40 quests. Only available for Dunmer character.
  • Julan, Ashlander Companion BETA (Companions) - Julan Kaushibael is a young Ashlander man you rescue from getting pasted by Daedra outside Ghostgate. He wants you to take him on as a companion in order to train him into becoming a better warrior.
  • Khajiit Diversity Revamped (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - This plugin adds 3 new Khajiit races
  • Kill Command (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Adds a configurable hotkey that will send all companions to attack whatever you are currently looking at.
  • Kogoruhn Expanded (Dungeons and Locations) - An expansion mod for Kogoruhn, the capital of House Dagoth.
  • Lazy's Guild Rewards - Abilities (Guilds/Factions) - Adds abilities to players who advance through the guilds. Part one of my Guild Rewards mod.
  • Less Bulky Pauldrons (Models and Textures) - Makes pauldrons less bulky
  • Limited Intervention (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod limits the number of times you can cast Divine and ALMSIVI Intervention, based on your ranks in the Divine Cult and Tribunal Temple, respectively. MCM settings allow you to choose how many interventions are granted to you per rank. Scrolls and enchantments are not affected.
  • Live Free (Companions) - Live Free attempts to make Morrowind's slave system as useful as possible without putting the burden on the player to sift through menus and micromanage your companions. You can now buy or steal any slaves you come across, and they have advanced AI to control their behavior as companions.

    Personnal edit to make compatible with Nevena's Nevena's Twin Lamps & Slave Hunters.

  • Lock Bashing (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Adds the ability to bash open locked doors and chests, as was an option in previous TES games.
  • Long live the King (Queen) (Quests and Adventures) - This simple quest mod lets you become the new King (or Queen) of Morrowind.
  • Lootable Spellbooks (Magic and Spells) - Adds spellbooks to the loot tables so that they can be found in various containers and held by NPCs. Reading a spellbook teaches the player the spell associated with the spellbook, offering an alternate method of learning spells instead of only acquiring spells by purchasing them from spell merchants.

    Personnal edit to lower the drop chance.

  • Lorkhan's Lunar Legacy (Models and Textures) - Highly-detailed, vanilla-style textures for Masser and Secunda, the moons circling planet Nirn in the ethereal plane of Mundus.
  • Lucky Coins (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Adds rare lucky coins that grant you small buffs as long as you have them with you
  • Lucky Strike - a Critical Hit Mod (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Add as Luck-based Critical Strike mechanic reminiscent of one in Daggerfall.
  • Mage Robes (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - The concept behind the mod is to provide both an immersive experience by adding a uniform to mages guild members as well as to improve gameplay by providing a useful alternative to armor for mages; such as is offered in Skyrim. Many Mages Guild members will now wear the new robes and the player can acquire the robes through quests and purchase.
  • Magic Mechanics (Magic) - Introduces new magic mechanics including homing projectiles and cast-on-swing enchantments.
  • Magicka Expanded by OperatorJack (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - A lua-based framework for creating new, fully functional magic effects. Currently adds 103 new magic effects.
  • Magicka Metamorphica (Magic and Spells) - An Argonian enchanter, in his researches, has stumbled upon the method once commonly used to create soul gems. For a small price, he will teach you a spell that can be used to convert existing matter into all manner of soul gems
  • Main Quest Overhaul (Overhauls) - This mod overhauls the Main Quest. For a full list of features, please see the mod's page.
  • Mamaea Awakened (Dungeons and Locations) - In vanilla Morrowind, Mamaea is a dull maze of caves with nothing remarkable about them aside from the spine of bone down the center of the cavern network. This mod aims to make Mamaea a more memorable visit for the player.
  • Marksman Rebalanced (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Takes into account the distance to target when calculating the hit chance for ranged weapons. This applies to both the player and NPCs. Crouching also provides a boost to hit chance.
  • Masters of Abilities (Quests) - This mod adds two NPCs that can grant you several different abilities. Unlike my previous version, in this one you must do quests in order to gain the abilities and is much more balanced (I've outgrown cheating). One NPC is somewhere in the Telvanni Underworks and the other is inside the Molag Mar Temple. New Quests, New Monsters and 'New' Dungeons.
  • MCC Leveler (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - A levelling mod, GCD realism + MADD simplicity + zero performance impact.

    enabled options: slow magicka regen and skill decay.

  • Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts (Models and Textures) - Model replacer for all of the vanilla books.
  • Memory Monitor (Utilities) - This simple mod provides an in-game alert if the current game is approaching the 4 GB memory limit.
  • Merlord's Character Backgrounds (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Select from 26 different backgrounds, each with their own unique effects.
  • Meteorite Ministry (Miscellaneous) - Turns Baar Dau into a proper meteorite.
  • Ministry of Clarity (Quests and Adventures) - A sprawling questline full of action and intrigue with a fully radiant quest system, new loot and more!
  • Mines and Caverns (Overhaul) - This mod improves several vanilla dungeons aesthetically and/or expands them.
  • Miscast Mod v3.1 (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod makes morrowind magic more dangerous by adding 20% chance that something bad will happen when you fail casting a spell.
  • Morag Tong Expanded (Guilds/Factions) - This mod adds a various new questlines for the Morag Tong faction which are given by the masters in Balmora, Ald-ruhn, and Sadrith Mora. Now you can perform four new quests in service of the Night Mother of Vvardenfell.
  • More Better Clothes Vol I - Vanilla (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Finishes Better Clothes - adds better versions of shirts that were missed
  • More Realisitc Dwemer Armor (Models and Textures) - More Realistic Dwemer Armor
  • Morrowind Achievements v0.5b (Beta) - This mod adds a Record Book that can be found in Caius Cosades' house in Balmora. This book can be used to keep track of various statistics that can be viewed in-game
  • Morrowind Advanced (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Morrowind Advanced 1.82
  • Morrowind Battlecry (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Before you run into battle, pull out your weapon and let forth a wild battle cry! Throughout the history of warfare, the battle cry has been used to instill fear in the opponent, and inspire heroism within yourself.
  • Morrowind Content Restoration (Miscellaneous) - Restores a lot of content cut from the final game.
  • Morrowind Inhabitants: Freeform! (Volume 1) (Quests and Adventures) - This mod adds unique challenges with each quest type. Vow a Sacred Oath, then travel to a randomly-chosen ancestral tomb and purify it. Participate in monthly bounty hunts to gain the favor of Imperial Guards. Assist alchemists in creating experimental potions by foraging for new, unique ingredients. Track down and obtain rare items for pawnbrokers .
  • Morrowind Screens Redone (Splash Screens) - New main menu and splash screens replacer, based on official concepts.
  • Morrowind UI Revamped (User Interface) - HD New look and overhaul to Morrowind's UI with keeping to the base design scheme.
  • MUSE 2 - Morrowind Music System Extended (Audio - Music) - Extended and flexible music system for Morrowind, allows to easily customize your music as well as make new music mods.
  • mwse Alchemy Filter (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Enhances the alchemy interface by enabling the ability to filter ingredients based on their magic effects.
  • MWSE Character Creation Name Generator (User Interface) - UI overhaul allowing generate random name for you character upon character creation.
  • MWSE Clock Block (User Interface) - Adds clock to UI that displays either game world time or real time (depending on settings).
  • mwse Containers (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Adds portable containers for the player's convenience.
  • Netch Bump mapped (Models and Textures) - Retexture with bump map of the Netch
  • Nevena's Twin Lamps & Slave Hunters v1.5 (Quests and Adventures) - This plugin includes: A complete fleshing-out of the Twin Lamps faction, building on the few existing quests that shipped with Morrowind and leading up to Abolition in Vvardenfell. Also, introduces the Slave Hunters faction.
  • Nix-Hound Replacer (Models and Textures) - This is a mesh and texture replacer for the Nix-Hound creature.
  • No Combat Menu (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - No Combat Menu prevents you from accessing your inventory menu, as well as preventing looting containers/corpses, while you are in combat.
  • No one is Above the law (Immersion) - If the guards catch you, all your contraband (drugs, ore, and Dwemer items) will be confiscated, regardless of whether they are stolen or not. Compatible with Service Refusal Expanded.
  • No Shield Sparkle (Magic and Spells) - Removes sparkle effects from Shield.
  • Nordic Mesh Improvements (Models and Textures) - Replaces the meshes for all nordic weapons.
  • NPC Enhanced (NPCs) - The mod does this by giving NPCs new items (level based potions and marksman weapons) and abilities (hearing, sneaking, weapon switching).
  • NX9_guards_complete (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - The complete merged version of my guard mod.
  • OAAB Tel Mora (Towns and Villages) - OAAB Tel Mora enhances the city of Tel Mora by adding new buildings, new quests, detailing the landscape, and more. It accomplishes all this while staying lore friendly and without (in my opinion) going over the top by making the city too big.
  • OH! My Goddess! Almalexia Replacer (Models and Textures) - A new BB adaptation for the Almalexia Creature models, while maintaining a few key details of the original Almalexia, the rest has been "reimagined" by the author of this mod for a decidedly stylistic approach for the Mother of Mercy.
  • Old Dwemer Books (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Replaces textual descriptions in old Dwemer books from Bamz-Amschend with actual images
  • One True Faith - Saints and Frescoes Retexture (Models and Textures) - Retexture for saints, Tribuns and TT-frescoes
  • Orcish Retexture v1.2 (Weapons and Armour) - Orcish Retexture by Joe
  • Ownership Indicator (User Interface) - Uses MWSE Lua to add an Oblivion style ownership indicator, when you look at owned items, beds, and more.
  • Palladin47 - The Artifacts (Quests and Items) - Search Vvardenfel for the lost artifacts! Start your journey in the Balmora Guild of Mages by talking to the Breton girl, Rianele.
    > Mod needs cleaning (duplicate objects)
  • Patch for Purists (Patches) - Patch for Purists strives to be an all-in-one patcher for everything in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition that is considerd a bug, without introducing debatable and unnecessary changes.
  • Paxon the Pack Rat (Companions) - Paxon will fight by your side and carry your stuff.

    A nifty lua script from NullCascade prevents Paxon from fighting at all.

  • Pincushion (Immersion) - The life of a marksman is one of advantage. Distance, time, initiative. But, when it's all over there is no trace of your work. Wouldn't it be satisfying to see your arrows, bolts and darts sticking into men, mer, tavern doors, and signposts alike? This mod is for you. Place an arrow right between their eyes.
  • Plaguebearer (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Enables PC - > NPC disease transmission.
  • Plangkye's Partial Female Cuirass Replacer v1.0 (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Boiled-Netch-Leather, Daedric, Ebony, Glass, Imperial Dragonscale and Lord's Mail.
  • Playable NPC Classes (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - All classes playable for Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and Tamriel Rebuilt.
  • Poison Crafting (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Opens up an entire new facet of gameplay by granting the ability to use potions offensively, as poisons applied to your weapons. Supports all potions, including those added by other mods or crafted by the player. Additionally includes new HUD elements and various other improvements to the alchemy system as a whole.
  • Project Atlas (Models and Textures) - The goal of Project Atlas is to identify the most performance heavy areas of vanilla Morrowind and some popular mods and target high usage/strain meshes in those areas for atlasing. This effort involves reworking the UVs for those meshes and creating texture atlases to cover various sets.
  • Properly Smoothed Meshes (Models and Textures) - This graphic replacer covers tons of misc items, furniture, lights, and some containers. They are manually smoothed vanilla meshes or remade from scratch, keeping the same UVs (with fixes) and footprint of the original meshes.
  • Protective Guards (Miscellaneous) - Anytime you are in combat with an NPC, and you did not initiate the fight, the guards will come to your aid...if you're not a wanted criminal
  • Putting Power In Willpower (Bug Fixes) - Makes the Willpower stat less fucking useless by fixing the spell resist mechanics. Requires MWSE 2.1-dev.
  • Quest Rank Requirements (Quests and Adventures) - Faction leaders will give you quests if you meet the rank requirements.

    BETA from Pianobadger

  • Quick Loadouts (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Quick Loadouts adds hotkeys for equipping entire sets of gear. You can customise whether a loadout includes weapons, armor, clothing and accessories in the MCM menu.
  • R-Zero's Throbbing Meat - a Corprus Meat Replacer (Models and Textures) - Replaces corprus meat models with animated, twitching ones ones.
  • Random Missions (Quests and Adventures) - When you are able to get normal Morag Tong writs go to Morag Tong Master and spek about topic "Morag Tong Writ", he/she will then tell you the town that your target is in.
  • Randomised Chargen - Lets you randomise your race, appearance, class, and birthsign.
  • Raym's Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements 4.0 (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Gives randon clothes to NPCs using vanilla and FCOT
  • Realistic Healing and Injuries (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Adds realistic healing - out of combat health regeneration, better healing the more health you have left and fatigue + Adds injuries - take or cause to NPCs injuries in combat that require resting properly to heal.
  • Realistic Repair (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Realistic Repair overhauls the repair mechanic, by making it so that repair hammers can only be used by activating an anvil, and prongs used by activating a forge.
  • Redreach (Dungeons and Locations) - Deep beneath the Molag Amur region, Nirn is riddled with caverns and lavatubes. The Deep Elves once ruled this Subterranean realm, but with their disappearance in the first era, knowledge of this fiery realm was lost. Can you rediscover the secrets of Redreach?
  • Remiros' Ascadian Isles Trees 2 (Models and Textures) - Replaces all of the trees in the Ascadian Isles region.
  • Remiros' Groundcover (Miscellaneous) - Adds groundcover to almost all regions
  • Remiros' Tombs Expansion + urnest loot (Dungeons and Locations) - Remakes and expands several tombs on Vvardenfell.
  • Roleplay Options for Great House Hlaalu (Quests and Adventures) - Adds immersive dialogue options to Great House Hlaalu quests.
  • Royalguard better armor (Models and Textures) - This is simple armor replacer for Royal Guard, made by Hedjehog-12 and Tyddyner.
  • RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats (Models and Textures) - New models and textures for ships and boats
  • RR Mod Series - Ghostgate Fortress (Models and Textures) - New models and textures for Ghostgate and Ghostfence pylons based on Morrowind concept art.
  • RR Mod Series - Holamayan Monastery Replacer (Dungeons and Locations) - Holamayan Monastery replacer, based on Bethesda Softworks original concept-art
  • RR Mod Series - Melchiors Mudcrab Merchant (Dungeons and Locations) - This mod is a model and texture replacer for the Mudcrab Merchant, making him stand out against the other mudcrabs in a classy way.
  • Scrollmaker (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Create your own (blank) scrolls using a simple deckle and mold.

    testing this one still

  • Scrolls of The Nine Barriers (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - This is the mod you didn't know you needed which overhauls the Scrolls of The Nine Barriers in Morrowind (e.g. Scroll of The First Barrier, Scroll of The Second Barrier, etc). This mod adds the missing 7th and 8th barrier scrolls, adds a quest to find the (now rare) 9th barrier scroll, adds new lore surrounding The Nine Barriers, and much more!
  • Scum Retexture (Models and Textures) - Retexture of the scum in the Bitter coast
  • Security Enhanced (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Using MWSE Lua, adds hotkeys for lockpicks and probes, as well as hotkey cycling options, ordering options, and auto-equip options for activating locked or trapped objects.
  • Septim Gold and Dwemer Dumacs (Models and Textures) - Morrowind Septim Coin Gold Replacer now With Dumacs (Dwemer Coins)
  • Seven Graces Shrines Enhanced (Dungeons and Locations) - Redesigns the shrines associated with the Seven Graces pilgrimage, making them look more important and like actual pilgrimage sites.
  • Shrine of Mount Assarnibibi (Dungeons and Locations) - This mod aims to improve the general area of the Mount Assarnibibi shrine - adding some new flora, clutter as well as more signs that it is actually an important place of pilgrimages and not just a random shrine in the middle of nowhere. Mostly a visual mod though, don't expect any new unique items or quests.
  • Signposts Retextured (Miscellaneous) - This makes the signs in Vvardenfell readable with vanilla friendly textures. No sign looks the same. Colors, font and resolution blend in with original MW graphics.
  • Silt Strider replacer (Models and Textures) -
  • Silt Striders (Miscellaneous) - I wanted to travel Morrowind on top of a real Silt Strider so strongly, and after years waiting for some similar mod to be completed, I decided to try myself.
  • Sixth House v2.03 (Factions) - Join the malevolent Sixth House and serve your Lord Dagoth Ur
  • Skill Based Magicka Bonus (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod implements a new system that gives the player a dynamic Fortify Maximum Magicka multiplier based on his total casting aptitude. No longer is race a massive factor in playing a viable mage!
  • Skill-based Trap Detection (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Makes trap detection a random chance based on the player's Security skill
  • Skills Module (Skills and Attributes) - Skills Module is a framework for MWSE+Lua mods that allows you to easily create new skills in Morrowind with just a few lines of code. Leveling and UI are handled automatically, with new skills added seamlessly into the stats menu.
  • Skooma Addiction (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This plugin makes skooma into an addictive substance, every time you quaff a bottle of Skooma here is a chance that you will become addicted.
  • Slof's Better Beasts (Models and Textures) - This gives the Morrowind Beast races a much-needed facelift. They now all have new textures and better bodies.
  • Slof's Vampire Faces (Models and Textures) - New hand-painted, prettier faces for vampires.
  • Small Skyrim Crosshair (OpenMW compatible) (Miscellaneous) - Adds small skyrim-a-like crosshair with ownership mod compatibility
  • Smooth Glass Weapons (Models and Textures) - These lightly smoothed glass weapons are as vanilla as possible, just less chunky and with translucent glass.
  • SneakARS (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This plugin gives the player several different scripted abilities, accessed via the 'Sneak' button.
  • Sophisticated Save System (Utilities) - This mod changes how saves are handled by Morrowind. The goal of the mod is to provide more types of autosaves, as well as a rotating list of quicksaves/autosaves so that the player always has a save to go back to.

    Abot's edit

  • Soulgem Replacer (Models and Textures) - This is a mesh and texture replacer for the soulgems.
  • Spell Tomes (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Find powerful spell tomes and charge them with your mana! An option for less magically inclined characters to utilize their mana points, tomes allow your character to store her mana for later use in form of charges. Each spell tome produces different effect and has its own charge limit.
  • Spriggans and Twiggans (Creatures) - A model and texture replacer for the Spriggan creature and its unique ingredient: heartwood. Also adds a new Spriggan variant: the Twiggan, a forest spirit which takes on a more masculine form.
  • Spuzzum's Starting Equipment (FULL) v5.0 (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - A basic starting equipment plugin that gives new characters gear to starttheir long journey to Red Mountain. It's simple, balanced, clean, tested, grammatically- and typographically-correct, true to the Morrowind atmosphere, and almost completely certified to be compatible with any other plugin.
  • Starfire's NPC Additions v1.11+patrol addon (NPCs) - This mod aims to add npcs to various settlements and parts of the wilderness. It has the aim of adding NPC'S that blend in and maintain the feel of vanilla morrowind and its expansions. This mod was designed as a standalone NPC adder but is completely compatable with MCA. I highly recommend running it with Children of Morrowind and NoM.
  • Starfire's NPC Addon - Westly's FCOT (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Adds Westly's Fine Clothier of Tamriel mod to levelled lists.
  • Stinkers (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - You need to bath regularly
  • Subtle Magic Glow (Models and Textures) - Subtle Magic Glow replaces the 'plastic wrap' around in-game magic items (those equipped by characters or on the ground) with less-obtrusive versions. There are three available: A more transparent version of the Bethesda original, one that is faint, but nonmoving, and one that is nonmoving but slowly fades in and out. Texture replacer; no
  • Take my place (Miscellaneous) - Dialogue option to switch places with npcs
  • Tales of Ald Velothi (Quests and Adventures) - This mod sets out to make Ald Velothi not so underwhelming like in Vanilla, enjoy two new large quests, a clutter touch up of the village as well as a basic clutter pass for the nearby daedric ruins.
  • Tamriel Rebuilt (New Lands) - Tamriel Rebuilt is a large fan project for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind which aims to add the mainland of Morrowind Province to the game.
  • Tamriel_Data (Modders Resources and Tutorials) - Culminating from a year of hard work, Tamriel_Data contains a data unified file structure spearheaded by Project Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt as the first adopter.
  • Tarhiel Journal Fix (Immersion) - This mod makes it so Tarhiel's Journal isn't sitting on the ground before he falls from the sky and also makes it so that Tarhiel doesn't stand in the air for 2 seconds before falling.
  • Tel Raloran (Player homes) - A Telvanni mushroom house with MWSE functions.
  • Tel Vos Overhaul XTREME (Overhauls) - This overhaul replaces and overhauls, The exterior of Tel Vos and its interiors, this also includes its Dungeon which has been extended by 10-11 cells and an extra dungeon of 5 cells.
  • The Bounty Hunter Bundle (Quests and Adventures) - Roleplay as a bounty hunter, and kill dangerous criminals and beasts for gold, all around Vvardenfell
  • The Demon of Knowledge (Quests and Adventures) - A mysterious book has fallen into your possession… How did it get there? Who does it belong to? Follow the clues, as you find yourself taken away by a detailed, multilayered story steeped in TES Lore.
  • The Fires of Orc (Quests and Adventures) - This mod lets you to join an Orcish clan, and do quests for them. Part of the May Modathon Month.
  • The Five Toes Guild (Quests and Adventures) - Quest mod about feet?
  • The Forgotten (Quests and Adventures) - Cursed death and decay riddle the streets of Vivec City. Rumors of an unearthly cult below the canals shake the citizens with fear and disgust.
  • The Great Love Pillow Hunt (Companions) - We all know Drarayne Thelas loves her pillows, but is it possible for her to take her love too far? Yes. No hints, only being aghast to learn how secretly desperate your favorite Morrowind characters are for a cuddle.
  • The Last Witness (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod allows you to kill all the witnesses of a crime to remove the bounty.
  • The Sanguine Rose (Quests and Adventures) - The Sanguine Rose adds a fully featured Daedric Quest for Sanguine, the prince of hedonistic revelry, debauchery, and passionate indulgences of darker natures. An Ordinator has been sniffing out Sanguine's shrine and he wants you to take care of the nosy do-gooder in an unconventional way.
  • Thieves' Guild in Gnaar Mok (Guilds/Factions) - This mod adds ten new Thieves' Guild quests to Gnaar Mok. Part of the May Modathon Month.
  • Thieves' Guild Stash (Factions) - This mod adds several "Thieves' Guild Stash" chests, similar to the Fighters' Guild Equipment Chests and Mages' Guild Supply Chests, next to some of the higher-ranking thieves.

    Mod needs cleaning (duplicate object)

  • Thunder and Lightning (Miscellaneous) - Generates thunders and lightnings in proper weather.
  • Treasure Maps (Gameplay) - Traders, smugglers and members of Thieves Guild or Camonna Tong may offer you to buy a treasure map when you talk to them. To read a treasure map drop it on your character paperdoll. You will have to do it a few times before you will find the treasure, so binding it to a hotkey is a good idea. A treasure chest can be detected with a "detect enchantment" spell even if there are no any enchanted items in it.
  • Tooltip (User Interface) - Displays Value/Weight Ratio of currently focused object/inventory item in tooltip. Display of Skilbook teached skill may also be enabled.
  • Tooltips Complete (Miscellaneous) - Tooltips Complete provides helpful and lore-friendly flavour texts for nearly every item in Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, the Official Plugins, and an expanding collection of mods.
  • Traders 300 (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - To each shop was added a crate which contained random items based onthe shop's type.
  • Traveling Merchants (NPCs) - NPCs that traveled scripted routes between towns, and added much needed live to the roads of western Vvardenfell.
  • TriangleTooth's Ecology Mod (Creatures) - Re-balances Morrowind's ecology, changing animal behaviour, adding new prey animals based in lore, and simulating predator-prey relationships between animals.
  • Tribunal Rebalance (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - This mod is intended to rebalance the Tribunal expansion in a variety of ways, most importantly by editing the stats of creatures and npcs.
  • UI Expansion (User Interface) - Expands UI functionality with searching, filtering, and more visual feedback.
  • Ultimate Icon Replacer (Miscellaneous) - Replaces all Morrowind object/inventory icons with better icons!
  • Umbra- Blademaster (NPCs) - Overhauls everyone's favorite, death-seeking Orsimer into a truly challenging opponent with scripted behavior and new equipment.
  • Undead - arise from death (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - The undead have all been remade, taking inspiration from the undead of the old classic Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Unique Corprus Stalkers (Creatures) - This mod adds a bit of variety/uniqueness to the models used for the various instances of the Corprus Stalker creature in game. Most of these occurances have been altered using a unique BB model ("Elven", a bit more human, and "Orcish", supporting both male and female counterparts)
  • Unique Faces Seyda Neen (Body, Face, and Hair) - This is the first part in a huge project I'm taking up to give every NPC in the game unique heads. This only effects Seyda Neen.
  • Unique Finery Replacer UFR (Models and Textures) - Gives most special and unique amulets, belts, rings, robes, shoes, and amulets new, unique models.
  • Unique Jewelry and Accessories UJA (Models and Textures) - New look for many enchanted items and new items to find.
  • Unique Jewelry Redone (Models and Textures) - Gives all magic rings and amulets in the game a unique model.
  • Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched (Patches) - An attempt to fix the many issues present in Bethesda's original Official Plugins. Includes fixes for all of the Official Plugins, and offers merged and compatibility options as well.
  • Useful Starting Spells (Magic and Spells) - 24 new spells that the Player Character can potentially start off with provided your magic skill in a given spell college is high enough.
  • V.A.G.W (Vvardenfell Ancestor Ghosts Weaponized) (Creatures) - Adds variant of ancestor ghost using weapons to tomb leveled lists.
  • Vality's Bitter Coast Mod v4.0 (Models and Textures) - This mod replaces all the 'leafy' Bitter Coast trees with my own "speedtree" like trees, a similar technique to what was used in Oblivion. The plugin adds many more trees to the Bitter Coast to give the region a more dense atmosphere.
  • Vampire Embrace v2.4 (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Embrace NPC's converting them into vampires who can follow and fight for you.
  • Vampiric Hunger III v1.2 (Miscellaneous) - -The Vampiric Hunger Extended mod contains all of the features that wasn't possible to do without modifying Vampire Embrace a little.
  • Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer (Models and Textures) - A West Gash tree replacer for players who desire a look closer to the vanilla game for the region.
  • Various tweaks and fixes - rat replacer (Models and Textures) - Small mods, tweaks and fixes.
  • Vegtabills Threads of the Webspinner (Quests and Adventures) - In a nutshell, this mod aims to give players what they need to figure out the locations of the Sanguine items without going on random killing sprees or exiting the game to search wikis and forums for answers. Existing topics have been more fleshed-out and completely new topics have been added, all with the purpose of getting the player to the right
  • Videl's Heels Redux (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - Gives heels to most vanilla boots
  • Visually Filled Soul Gems (Magic and Spells) - This mod makes in-world soulgems that are filled appear as enchanted items.
  • Vurt's Grazeland Trees II - Vanilla Friendly Edition (Models and Textures) - Makes Vurt's Grazeland Trees II more lore friendly by removing the fat trees.
  • Vurts Ashlands Overhaul (Models and Textures) - Drastically changes all the Ashland's with new trees and various graphical enhancements.
  • Vurts Groundcover( corals and reed only (Models and Textures) - MGE animated vegetation for most regions.
  • Vvardenfell and Solstheim Worldspace Remaster (New Lands) - The purpose of VSW is to integrate the graphics and worldspace of the vanilla gameworld with that of modern mods such as Project Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt. Being entirely cosmetic in nature, VSW makes no changes to gameplay, and is therefore compatible with absolutely everything that does not significantly alter the exterior worldspace.
  • Vvardenfell Brotherhood (Quests and Adventures) - A mod that allows you to join the Dark Brotherhood on Vvardenfell, in a semi lore-friendly (it expands lore) and enticing story, that stays true to the vanilla vision.
  • War Kagouti Companion - Mausi (Companions) - Travel to the Erabenimsun Camp in the Molag Amur region and talk to a warrior in chitin armor named Tinti. He is interested in selling a well trained war kagouti to a worthy companion.
  • Water Life (Miscellaneous) - Water Life is an attempt to mix the scripting techniques developed in the "Where are all bird going?" plugin with the best aquatic creature modding resources to bring more life into Morrowind waters.
  • Wealth Within Measure (Miscellaneous) - Adds bankers to the House vaults in Vivec, the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart, and the Indoril Vault in Bosmora (TR).
  • Weapon Sheathing (Immersion) - Makes unreadied weapons appear on the character's hip or back.
  • Westly FCOT clothes in Tamriel Rebuilt (Items, Objects, and Clothes) - This mod adds wonderful outfits from Westly's "Fine Clothiers of Tamriel" mod to some of Tamriel Rebuilt NPCs.
  • Westly Presents Aureals: TESIV Inspired Golden Saints (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - A new playable race, Aureals (inspired by the Golden Saints that were featured in TESIV ala the Shivering Isles expansion)
  • Westly Presents Half Races of Tamriel (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - Three new BB races based on the hybridization of other Morrowind  races
  • Westly Presents The Kheran (Races, Classes, and Birthsigns) - A new BB aquatic/marine/amphibious race, the Kheran (pretty much sea elves!)
  • Westly's Master head Pack (Miscellaneous) - This plugin adds 8 Female Breton Heads, 5 Male Breton Heads, 13 Female Dark Elf Heads, 6 Male Dark Elf Heads, 8 Female High Elf Heads, 6 Male High Elf Heads, 9 Female Imperial Heads, 8 Imperial Male Heads, 8 Nord Female Heads, 11 Nord Male Heads, 13 Redguard Female Heads, 8 Redguard Male Heads, 13 Wood Elf Female Heads, 11 Wood Elf Male Heads
  • Westly's Pluginless Head and Hair Replacer (Models and Textures) - This replaces the meshes for the original/stock/"vanilla" head and hair meshes (utilizing modder made meshes and new high-resolution textures) for the NPCs of Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon (excluding Argonian and Khajiit Races). The new look for these heads and hairs seeks to keep the appearance of the original versions with high-rez features and mostly photo realistic details.
  • Westly's Winged Twilight (Models and Textures) -
  • Where are all birds going (Miscellaneous) - This plugin adds to Morrowind peaceful flying animals based on the wonderful models & textures by Lady Eternity & Proudfoot, Cait Sith, Thaedyn Vyr & Kacper/Kagz, Daduke.
  • Wings of Will - Willpower based levitation speed (MWSE Lua) (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Levitation speed is now based on Willpower attribute instead of Speed. Calculations are otherwise the same.
  • Wolf Companion (Creatures) - Adds a companion wolf to Seyda Neen
  • Wolverine Hall Overhaul (Dungeons and Locations) - Completely overhauls the notoriously confusing Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora.
  • You are being robbed (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Be the highwatyman you always wanred to be.


Built-in MGE

  • Bloom Soft - comes with MGE
  • SSAO Fast - comes with MGE
  • Underwater Effects - comes with MGE
  • Sunshafts - Comes with MGE

Morrowind Modding Discord - shaders channel

  • EdgeAA
  • DoF_fogblur
  • gammavtLaya
  • OldPhoto

Currently disabled

  • 4NM_MAGIC (Magic and Spells) - The power of spells, enchantments, and potions is now scaled not only from resistance, but from many other factors (Skills, Attributes, Fatigue) + MANY spell effects
  • Service Refusal Expanded (Immersion) - This mod adds to the list of Service Refusals in three ways.
  • MWSE 2.1 Journal Search and Edit (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Adds journal search, edit, insert pages and book art capabilities. Made for Morrowind Modathon 2019 v1.1 added image insertion v1.11 added custom image folder support v1.12 fixed inserted pages conflict for topics and quests.
  • Scarcity (Gameplay Effects and Changes) -

    beta by Merlord that makes items fron levelled list rarer. Disabled until updated to differenciate containers from npcs.

  • Tooltip Notes (User Interface) - Add notes to tooltips

    beta version by Svengineer

  • HELLUVA Wicked Weapons (Weapons and Armour) - Massive collection of weapons made over the years.
  • Less Clairvoyant Gameplay (Gameplay Effects and Changes) - Names of npcs, doors and keys are hidden until discovered.

    beta by Sven. For something similar, see qqqbbb's Not Clairvoyant Nerevarine