Morrowind Challenge: Escaped Slave

Morrowind Challenge: Escaped Slave


Here's another role-playing challenge born of a (short-lived) permadeath character.
This challenge comes in two flavours: vanilla and modded

Chargen and handicaps

Race: Argonian or Khajiit

The vast majority of slaves are either Khajiit or Argonian with a few notable exceptions.

Class: Farmer, Miner, Pauper, Slave

Most slaves are either miners or farmers, some are sold as brides, try clothes on and die, work in kitchens, etc. Naturally, you have the ultimate choice when it comes to class, just try to stay away from anything too epic: years of slavery would have left your fighting and spell-casting pretty diminished. And you know, we want a challenge and a class you would not normally play ;)
Those classes exist in the game but are not playable without a mod. Create a custom class to re-create those. You could allow yourself one different skill to reflect your past prior to being a slave.


  • Your class
  • Racist against Dunmers: With the exception of House Hlaalu and the Thieves' Guild with whom you share common interests, you simple do not want anything to do with Dunmers (other than killing them, I guess). You do not trade with them, you do not take order from them, heck, you don't talk to them.
  • Cannot leave a cave unexplored: there might be slaves to free, and slavers to punish.

Better with mods!

If you have Tamriel Rebuilt, go for Playable NPC Classes by Atrayonis as it also unlocks all the classes from Tamriel Rebuilt.

  • Nerevarine Unchained by Gavrilo93 and Caeris: a mod that lets you start the game as a slave. You will need to find a way to escape before anything else.
  • Merlord's Character Background: Pick the escaped slave background, no perks, just a chance of being hunted down. Immersive!

Goal 1: Destroy the Camonna Tong


Join both House Hlaalu and the Thieves Guild. Their quest lines both culminate with the death of a certain Kingpin. Additionally, do talk to Larrius Varo in Fort Moon moth as soon you get hear about him in Balmora.

Quest details:

Hunting them down

There are 30 Camonna Tong members total and you will find them in these locations:

  • Balmora
  • Dren Plantation
  • Gnaar Mok
  • Hla Oad
  • Sadrith Mora
  • Vivec, Hlaalu Canton

Goal 2: Free the Slaves

From UESP:
Free at least 30 slaves (or 100+) to get the reward from Jobasha


In Vivec: Ilmeni Dren and Jobasha

In Hla Oad: Fatleg dropoff

In Suran:

In the middle of nowhere: Molag Amur Region:

Better with mods!

Strike At The Camonna Tong by ProfArmitage

Complete Larrius Varo's quest and then speak to Thieves’ Guild leaders: they will gladly point the way to heinous Camonna Tong members for you to kill.

Free The Slaves by Caeris

In Morrowind, not all slaves have a key, with this mod, you may either use the key, an open spell, or a lockpick to remove the slaves' bracers. Cherry on top, compatible with the following mod...

Twin Lamps Mod by Brother Juniper

The most fleshed out quest mod for the Twin Lamps, that even offers multiple paths.

Twin Lamps and Slave Hunters by Nevena, updated by l1lartur0

An excellent mod sadly not compatible with Caeris’ mod. It allows the player to free the slaves and bring them to safehouses. You can also choose to bring them to slavers for cash. The mod also adds a couple of classes, notably freedom fighter that fits nicely for this challenge.

GMST Menu by Merlord

fDispRaceMod from 5 to 15: npcs of your own race like you a lot more
fDispPersonalityBase from 50 to 25: You are a lot less likeable despite your personality