Khajiit Acrobat: modlist and RP

Khajiit Acrobat: modlist and RP


About a year ago, I published a modlist for the acrobat class. Let me take this a step further with a new RP challenge with an updated modlist because so much has happened in a year!
You will find mods that are suited for an Acrobat playthrough as well as some suggestions to role-play a Khajiit Acrobat.


Race: Khajiit

You can revamp the vanilla Khajiit with Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack...
...or the very popular MacKoms Khajiit
For a bit of a fresh take on the Khajiit, try Westly's Khajiit Diversity Revamped that lets you play as 3 new Khajiit races, the Cathay-Raht jaguar-men, the large Suthay-Rah and the Dagi-Raht.
If you prefer vanilla bodies and faces, try Rot's Tamriel Unlimited that lets you play as Cathay, Cathay-raht, Ohmes, and Ohmes-Raht. Needless to say you need to have Tamriel Rebuilt installed, or at least its bsa called Tamriel_Data. Cherry on top, install Diverse Khajiits by Charger24, many common Khajiits in the game have been given one of the sub-races. Diverse Khajiit has an additional mod requirement: MW Animkit.


Anything with Agility (The Lover) or Speed (The Steed).
I love this birthsign mod: Definitive Birthsign Pack and its patch Definitive Birthsigns Redux Patch
The Harlequin birthsign is a perfect fit:
The Wanderer is great too:

Equipment: Walking Stick: 2pt Restore Fatigue, constant effect
Golden Apples: 500pt Restore Fatigue/Health/Magicka
Ability: Wanderlust: 5pt Fortify Endurance

Gameplay and Gear

Movement: spring, jump, climb!

In vanilla Morrowind, any high-level player can jump off the roofs of Balmora with ease, jump off a cliff and survive... which is slightly OP. Let's make your jumps more realistic, shall we?

  • Vertical limit lets you climb walls. Because jumping can only take you so high. The success chance is based on your acrobatics.
  • Limited Leaping by NullCascade limits how often you can jump based on your fatigue.
  • Remiros's Speed and Movement Rebalanced overhauls jump height and fall damage, reducing both so it takes a real acrobat to be able to jump from rooftop to rooftop. If you are carrying a lot, you won't be able to jump quite as high. Cherry on top, this mod adds the ability to sprint (faster than run).
    -4NM_Combat or, for the bravest among you 4NM_Total Gameplay Overhaul that among hundreds of featured, let's you do jumping attack made deadlier by your Acrobatics skill. Read the mod description, this is a very comprehensive overhaul of combat.


Living and Making a living

The description says the acrobat is a polite way to in fact call the agile burglar but I would not want to basically play a thief without a dagger or an assassin with some alteration magic.
I see the acrobat as a performer who then uses his agility, speed, and precision in fights when he must, or in inns to make some coin.

First off, you will need some travelling gear:

  • My go-to mod is Ashfall: it has needs and cooking mechanics (optional), temperature mechanics (also optional), firecamps (you can make tea!), tents, bedroll, backpacks... Too many features to list here, honestly!
  • If you want something lighter, Tizzo's Sea Rover Tent is perfect: place it on the ground and enter! Inside, you even have some handy facilities such as ingredient sorter and desorter.
  • Want a more comfortable carriable tent? On the Move lets you buy a portable Ashlander Yurt with containers inside and ingredient sorter/desorter.

We also need someone to carry our burdens (those tents can get heavy).

  • The simple solution: Tetra the Pack Guar, also a mod by Tizzo. Tetra is the smartest non-MWSE beast companion in existence. She'll follow very well, carry heavy burdens, she can be fed to heal, she can shed some light and you can recall her at any time using a drum.
  • If you want the deluxe Guar companion: The Guar Whisperer by Merlord is for you. You can tame Guars you come across, train them, breed them. They will follow you better than any companion, PLAY fetch and ruin your boots.
  • If Guars are not your thing, why not try a Pack rat? Paxon the Pack Rat is as smart as Tetra the Pack Guar and by the same author.
  • Of course, the magical chest solution is Stuporstar's Travel Trunk, whenever you sleep at an inn or guild, your chest will appear by your bed.

Speaking of inns...

Performing is (officially, at least) how you make some coin. Install Entertainers Expanded to be able to perform in inns. For the Acrobat, I recommend juggling and doing the Dance.
Finally, nothing is more sad than travelling on the roads and seeing no one. Add some life to your roads:

I have a playlist on Youtube to showcase and compare NPC addition mods.

Handicaps and Goals

  • Only use the snowfall, jump, and shield spells from the alteration school of magic: keep burden and feather for the mage that has dominion of gravity.
  • Never WALK down the stairs. Parkour or nothing.
  • To bring your acrobatics and stunts to epic levels, you need a way to make copies of Tarhiel's Scrolls of Icarian Flight! MWSE 2.1 Enchantment Services by Sveng lets you (among other things) pay a mage to scribe copies of a scroll you own.
  • Alternatively LadyPhoenix Fire Rose's mod To Save A Falling Wizard lets you save Tarhiel and help him complete his research.
  • The acrobat pushes the limit of the body and a little help from skooma sounds about right, even more so when you play as a Khajiit. Create skooma by Merlord is simple and balanced, especially for a resourceful Khajiit that knows his moonsugar. Have some Skooma once a day!
  • If you are not using Ashfall, The Bare necessities also has optional needs mechanics as well as Skooma Addiction!
  • Restrict light armour to bracers, possibly greaves and helmet (think skateboard protective gear)
  • Perform (very well) in every town
  • Cross towns without actually touching the floor – that's right, the floor is lava.
  • Get creative with combat: jump to a great height and make daggers rain on your enemies, leap behind your target and backstab them (especially with Merlord's Brutal Backstabbing.

Final words

I hope you have fun playing an Acrobat! be sure to let me know how yours turned out ;)